I often get asked in my Norwich Beauty Salon “what does a half set of eyelashes look like?” So it’s now my mission to remember to take more photographs!

Below are some photographs of a lady who is getting married at the weekend and came into my salon with her best friend. They both had full sets done on the day, but swapped over after one hour to have a break giving me a perfect opportunity to take photos halfway through each set!

I love doing bridal eyelash extensions as there is always a great buzz in my salon room that day. She was getting married at Dunston Hall in Norfolk and sounds like the whole day is perfectly planned, followed by a lovely honeymoon in Paris.

I understand two hours to have eyelash extensions appointment is often too much around a busy career or bringing up children, so I offer a half set of eyelash extensions, which is only an hour long appointment. In one hour I can create quite a full look. This is also great if you want the more subtle look. However, if you book your in-fills appointment sooner than 3 weeks (which most of my regular clients book), then I can often get them up to the same as a full set.

These eyelash extensions are individually placed on each of your natural eyelashes, keeping them 2 mm from your eyelid. Isolating one by one. Your natural eyelashes fall out after 90 days, so to up-keep them you need to have in-fills every 2-3 weeks. Some of my clients even manage to go 4 weeks between in-fill appointments.

A test patch and consultation is needed 48 hours before the application of eyelash extensions. The consultation appointment is really important as it gives me an opportunity to explain the different curls, lengths and thickness prior to the application appointment. I have lots of photographs of previous eyelash extensions I have done to help with this decision.

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