Self-Care Beauty Tips for Better Health 

Finding the time to practice self-care can seem impossible at times. However, it should be a vital part of your daily routine so that you can be left feeling refreshed and revitalized. Self-care can help improve your confidence, but it can also protect your skin and help you look younger for longer. What’s more, the right self-care beauty tips do not have to be as time-consuming as you are led to believe. Once you know your skin type and the best products for you, ten minutes after the shower and before bed can be enough to keep you looking and feeling radiant. 

Look After Your Skin

Your skin protects your body and battles the elements each and every day. However, it is also put under a lot of distress each time you shower, bathe and shave. Be sure to invest in lotions and balms that can help soothe your skin and keep it nourished and moisturized. For instance, Aesop is a luxurious Australian self-care label renowned for creating products that are rich in aromatics and ingredients that will care for your body.  You can explore their latest beauty range at SSENSE and see their vast array of products that were designed to care for your skin, such as the Geranium Leaf Body Balm Moisturizer and Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion. Your body is sure to thank you for caring for it with such wonderful products.

Deep Condition Your Hair

We put our hair through a lot of stress each time we wash, brush, dry, straighten and/or curl it. So, it comes as no surprise that our hair will tend to get dry and brittle from time to time. The best way to counter this dryness and to bring your hair back from the dead is to deep condition it so that you can reclaim any moisture it may have lost. Deep conditioning your hair can also protect it from any further breakages for a while. However, deep conditioning your hair can only work for so long. A trip to the hairdressers and having the dead ends cut off is a must when it comes to caring for your locks.

Go Through Your Makeup

Do you tend to forget about the makeup products you have? If so, you’re most likely using products that may be out of date and in need of being thrown away. Out of date makeup can become dry and crumbly; the colors may also lose their pigments, making it look dull and less vibrant. What’s more, expired makeup can become a breeding ground for bacteria that can damage your skin. 

Once a month, be sure to go through your makeup and throw away any products that are out of date. Makeup that has expired can be the cause of acne and an increase in oily skin. You should also remember to clean your makeup brushes regularly. 

Finding the time to care for yourself doesn’t have to be as difficult as you are led to believe. Spend the time looking for the right products and remember to set a time in the morning at night to pamper yourself. You could also schedule an hour of pure relaxation every Sunday if that works out better for you. 

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