Gellux hard gel nail extensions

I no longer offer this treatment due to low demand and shelf life of the product but have put a blog post together on how to use it including the manufacturing instructions. It’s a great product I just don’t have the demand for it at my beauty salon. I personally prefer offering the gel polish nails, which go over your natural nail length.

The UV Gellux hard gel nail extensions treatment is done by sculpting the gel over foil forms to shape the extension to the desired look. You can also use pre-made tips. I personally don’t use the white stick on tips as some nail technicians do, I believe in creating a more natural look from scratch. The hard gel is non-porous, so they can’t be removed by soaking them in acetone. They need to be buffered down leaving a thin layer of gel to naturally grow out. These nail extensions are a long term solution and need infilling where the gel has grown out every 2-3 weeks. The advantage of them being non-porous is that you don’t have to worry about other chemicals penetrating the gels and causing them to lift or discolouring them. An ideal solution if you want to wear nail extensions permanently.

Gellux hard gel infills 2-3 weeks

Infills are needed to fill in the gap where your natural nail has grown. This is recommended every 2-3 weeks.

Gellux hard gel extension repair

After 48 hours there is a small charge for repairing broken nail extensions. After this time it’s seen to be not a bonding problem.

Gellux hard gel removal

Removal of UV hard gel by buffering leaving behind a very thin layer to naturally grow out.

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nail extensions norwich


Gellux hard gel nail extensions

nail extensions norwich

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