Geisha’s Fan style of eyelash extensions

This week one of my regular ladies wanted a different look to the classic Audrey Hepburn look of the sweeping eyelash extensions, which are longer on the outside. Normally 7mm/9mm/11mm.

It was described as a Geisha’s Fan, which is longer in the middle section of the eyelash extensions. She chose C curl, which is a stunning glamorous curl in 0.15 mm thickness and 9mm, 11mm and 9mm lengths. I personally only really stock odd numbers when it comes to length of eyelash extensions, however my eyelash extension collection is forever growing! So please never be frightened to ask for a new style.

I love that I have educated my client enough that she could do her own research to find out which eyelash extension style was completely perfect for her. These photographs have been edited extra close for religious reasons as they lady removed her scarf, but I think they give you a great close up of what the lashes look like.

The eyelash technique I used for these lashes is 1:1.  Also described as 1D. It’s one individual eyelash extension per natural lash. So when you naturally lose your eyelashes there will only be only eyelash extension attached. If your eyelashes come out in clumps, then they have not been applied correctly and can cause damage. When eyelash extensions are done correctly there is no damage what-so-ever to your natural eyelashes.

Each of my client’s is given an aftercare sheet at their consultation appointment giving them clear instructions on how to care for their lashes. I have also written a blog post on caring for your eyelash extensions. It’s extremely important to me that all my clients are aware of how to care for their lashes.

eyalash extensions style

eyelash extensions style


Sketch of eyelash extensions lengths. Please excuse my awful drawing skills.
Sketch of eyelash extensions lengths. Please excuse my awful drawing skills.























Geisha’s Fan eyelash extensions – longer lashes in the middle