Fake tan salons in Norwich

What is fake tan?

Fake tan is the application of chemicals to the skin to produce an effect similar in appearance to a suntan. Application can be done by hand or spray.

A spray tan isn’t something I personally offer but have put together a list of people who do. Fake tan pamper parties are extremely popular prior to special occasions like weddings. If you would like a fake tan party I can put you in contact with people who offer them.

Fake tan Brands:

  • Sienna X
  • Fake bake
  • st tropez
  • Crazy angel
  • nouvtan
  • Sunless Solutions

Places to get spray tan in Norwich:

  • Leigh-Ann at Bella Angels in Hellesdon – Sienna X
  • B dazzle – fake bake
  • Urban Angel Beauty – Crazy Angel

If you would like to be added to this list, just simply comment below.

st tropez fake tan Norwich Sienna Norwich fakebake fake tan in Norwich



When going for a fake tan remember the following:

  • wear dark loose fitting clothing.
  • leave jewellery at home.
  • remove all makeup, deodorant, and do not apply moisturiser.
  • Disposable underwear is provided but you may wear a bikini/black strapless bra.
  • fully exfoliate the night before.
  • Never use wax, shave your legs or use cream hair remover in the 12 hours before the application.

Aftercare for fake tan

  • Don’t moisturise until after your first shower, which should be at least 8 hours after having spray tan.
  • If you don’t follow the aftercare given by beautician you could be left with a streaky uneven tan.
  • Try not to exfoliate too much after application of fake tan and be gentle with your skin.
  • Pat your skin dry after having shower.
  • Moisturise morning & night following your fake tan.
  • Don’t exercise to the point of causing excessive sweat as this could affect the fake tan while it’s developing.
  • No swimming and avoid hot baths/ showers.
  • It’s normal to see some of the colour wash off in the shower after fake tan
  • Avoid harsh soaps

Fake Tan Removal

Should your fake tan go terribly wrong and you hate it the best way to remove it is to moisturise with lots of baby oil leaving it on the skin for a few hours. Follow this by a hot bath and exfoliating with a mitten or similar using exfoliating gel.

Live locally to Norwich and want to book in? Have a look at my price list and contact me by email.

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