Facial targeting ingrown hairs

Ingrown hair problem

Most women suffer from odd coarse facial hairs. Normally annoyingly on the chin! Sadly they don’t always grow back the way they should after being removed and can often ingrow. Sometimes even the soft fluffy hairs can become ingrown resulting in often red, raised spots on your face. Bringing even more attention to them and destroying your confidence.

ingrown hair on face NorwichFacial targeting ingrown hairs

At my Norwich beauty salon, I can give you a facial treatment targetting the prevention of ingrowing hairs and even remove them for you from out of sight places. It is near impossible to remove an ingrown hair from your chin if you can’t see it! The process includes warming the skin and lots of exfoliation. It is often a build-up of dry skin causing the hair to become ingrown. I will also remove the hair allowing the hair follicle to heal, I always use my LED magnifying light when doing anything tricky.


Products for ingrowing hairs

I recently met up with Toni from The Ruff Stuff. She has created her own coarse exfoliating scrub targetting ingrown hairs. It is a daily scrub and very coarse, so use with caution on the face. Its main area to target is the bikini line. Although I have been using it on my arms and legs. My dry elbows are now super smooth. In Toni’s words… “smooth as a dolphin”. The sugar gently removes the dry skin while the coconut oil leaves the skin super soft and moistured. I can’t recommend this scrub enough. It’s only made from 4 ingredients so very natural. Made in Lowestoft in our neighbour county Suffolk meaning no airmiles and supporting a local family business. All of the things I love!

If there is a demand for these I am more than happy to stock them. Email me or comment on the blog!

ingrowing hair treatment Norwich

Severe ingrown hairs

For very severe and infected ingrown hairs I will advise you to go to the doctors as you may need a course of antibiotics. Never ignore an infection on your body as it can soon become a massive problem and it really bad cases turn into septicaemia. In the worst case you might even need the area to be numbed by a local anesthetic. This would be done at your doctors or hospital, with a referral through the GP’s office. Read more about ingrowing hairs on the NHS website. 

Ideal world

If money is no object I would definitely recommend having electrolysis. Electrolysis targets one hair at a time killing it at the root. It isn’t cheap sadly.

If you would like regular facials to keep on top of your hair ingrowing please contact me to book in. Facials aren’t a quick fix you will need to exfoliate regularly at home and moisture to keep the skin clear for hair to grow through.


Live locally to Norwich and want to book in? Have a look at my price list and contact me by email.

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