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A eyeash lift is a procedure where you lift your own eyelashes and then set them with a perming solution from the root. The lift has evolved from the eyelash perm. They both use the same chemicals to change your natural lashes, however, where a perm would use a roller, a lift uses a silicon shield, that doesn’t curl your lashes, simply lifts them. The eyelash lift is a more modern look from the over curled perm that used to be very popular, and there are different shields available depending on how dramatic a look you would like. In my opinion, the lash lift grows out nicer than the perm as with the perm you often get curly hairs and straight hairs mixed in together. With the lift you are simply lifting the lashes and not curling them, so the growing out phase is subtle.

This gives your lashes a longer, thicker, fuller look emphasizing this from the front as it makes your eyelashes more visible from that angle. The eyelash lift lasts around 4-6 weeks before your natural lashes grow out and fall out as normal. Your natural eyelashes grow for on average 3 to 6 weeks with resting stage of 3-4 months. This is a faster life-cycle than the hairs on your head, which is around 3-5 years. The treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks because not all the growth cycles are in synchronization.

Test patch needed at my Norwich, Norfolk salon.

lash lift in Norwich similar brand to LVL lashes
Eyelash lift- This client’s natural eyelash are 13mm, so they look amazing with a lash lift. I used medium shields. Results will vary depending on your natural eyelashes. Freya – From Norfolk

Is an eyelash lift damaging to your natural lashes?

I often get asked if it’s damaging to repeatedly perm your eyelashes or repeatedly tinting your lashes at my Norfolk beauty salon. I believe this is because people compare the hairs on your eyelids to the hair on your head. With your eyelashes you are not repeating the treatment continuously on your lashes because it’s a lot shorter life cycle. You probably only repeat the treatment twice before you have a whole new growth of eyelashes. The hairs on your head (if you dye them), if shoulder length could be around 5 years old. Meaning that those hairs could have been dyed up to 6 times a year, which does make them brittle and snap off. This will not happen to your eyelash hairs or brows.

lash lift in Norwich

Who is this treatment ideal for?

This is ideal for swimmers or people who don’t want eyelash extensions or wear mascara daily. However, repeat exposure to chemicals such as chlorine in the pool water or heat for spa treatments might cause the lift to drop prematurely.

For some clients with fair natural eyelashes, I would recommend booking an eyelash tint as well. This isn’t needed for everyone. The tint is available in black or brown depending on what look you are going for. To read more about tinting go to the tinting page on the menu.

What brands do you use?

I use the brand salon system in my Norfolk beauty salon. There are loads of different brands available including LVL Lashes, Lash fx, Flirties and Lashbase. All the brands work on the same system of perming, setting and nurturing eyelashes. A test patch is needed ideally 48 hours at least before treatment to ensure you aren’t allergic or sensitive to the perming solution. All of these products are the same procedure, just different company packaging them.

What is the difference between LVL lashes and lashlift?

LVL stands for length, volume, lift it’s the product branding by Nouveau. Nouveau offers training for lash lift called ‘LVL lash lift’, which is the same method as what Salon System or Lashbase offers. Nouvenau has copyrighted “LVL LENGTH VOLUME LIFT” to prevent anyone else from using it in their advertising. The method for this treatment is the same. It’s lift, perm, set, tint, nourish. Each training company just calls it something different. Lots of beauty salons will advertise it differently depending on who they trained with. Hope this clears that up!

Brands available – All these brands use the same technique pretty much just a different company name. Some people include tint. The current guidance is that it’s fine to tint and perm on the same appointment.

LVL lash lift – LVL lashes
salon systems – (brand I use in my Norfolk salon)


Are there different ways you can lift them?

A have a mix of different silicone eyelid shields available to create various lifts/ curls. The small shields give the highest lift meaning, if you do it too much the hairs can tickle your eyelids! The large shields give a more subtle/ natural lift. There are also more rounded shields giving a curl similar to the ones you get with eyelash curlers. Be careful when picking a shield type it’s not a great look when the lashes almost fold back on themselves and then takes time to correct.

Shields and rods

Your lashes are lifted using a plastic shield placed and secured on your eyelid. The shields I personally stock are Large, extra large, medium, small and extra small. Small giving the most lift and dramatic look. Your natural lashes are secured onto the shield and then set using perming and setting solutions. Just like you would perm the hair on your head. There are also rods available, to curl your lashes around, which give a curved appearance. However, it’s a lot more modern to have an eyelash lift now.


Before the appointment

Please arrive for this treatment with no eye make-up on as any make-up left on like mascara can interfere with the treatment. Also, it’s very timely for me to remove your make-up for you and I would hate to rush the procedure.


I can’t decide on whether to book in for lash lift or lash extensions?

They both have the advance of giving a semi-permanent look. They can both make your lashes black or dark brown, giving a fuller look (if tint is included in lift appointment). The only real difference is a lash lift won’t thicken your natural lashes, it simply lifts them. The extensions can have curly lashes applied to give them the lifted look. Most people find they want to apply a little bit of mascara still with the eyelash lift.

A lash lift is better for people with less time. It’s a one-hour appointment every 6 weeks. The extensions are normally infill appointments every 2-3 wks for one hour.

The eyelash lift is cheaper long term as it’s only one appointment every 6 weeks at my Norfolk salon. This might not be the same at other salons.

The lash lift has no real aftercare after the first day. Just keep away from water as it can cause the lashes to drop for the first 12 hours. However, it is advised to apply castor oil daily to your lashes to nourish them. I personally use an old cleaned out mascara tube and pour castor oil into it, applying nightly before bed on both my lashes and brow hairs. You can wash your lashes as normal with the lash lift.

Eyelash extensions need to be cleaned and kept away from oils. Oils from sweat as well of creams in oils can cause the glue to come away from the natural lash. This needs to be done gently with oil-free cleaning solution.

Suited for:
A lash lift is ideal for sporty people who are very active and have little time.


  • Avoid mascara for 8 hours
  • Avoid steam or hot shower for 24 hours (relaxes perm and could drop)
  • Don’t rub eyes
  • Use nourishing lotion on your lashes after perm like caster oil.
  • Rebook for 4-6 weeks for your next eyelash lift.

Eyelash lift in Norfolk

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