I strongly believe eyelash extensions can suit you at any age, you just need to get the right choice of eyelash extensions.

I get many people say to me that they don’t want to look like “mutton dressed as lamb”, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all if you get the right choice of eyelash extensions.

I had a long consultation with this lady and we decided that B curl would suit her eye shape and age well with 0.20 in thickness, which is the mascara look. I love using B curl as they bond really nicely to the client’s natural lashes. It’s always tricky picking which length of eyelash extensions to go for. She decided to go with the same as I wear which is 9mm closest to the middle and 11mm on the edges and middle of the eyes.

These eyelash extensions are individually bonded, so when you lose one of your natural eyelashes only one extension which is attached. Your natural eyelashes fall out every 90 days, so need infilling every 2-3 weeks ideally. Most of my clients last 3 weeks. However, this client decided she would like to come fortnightly as she enjoys the relaxation. I always book a long appointment for infills of one hour to allow me plenty of time to infill and clean them whilst checking the eyelashes are healthy. I believe it’s very important to have a good consultation first to cover all the aftercare and give the client plenty of choice/ advice on choosing a look which is right for them.


eyelash extensions norwich norfolk
Eyelash extensions Norwich



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