A regular client of mine was chatting to me today about eyelash extension special offers which a friend of hers has bought through an online special offers company for a salon in Norwich.

I do a very detailed consultation for my clients first appointment, so she was able to pass on information to her friend. The eyelash extension special offer she purchased through the online company was for 50% off a full set of extensions, so only £25 instead of £50. However, when they looked at the offer more closely the first appointment was only for one hour, not the normal two hours which is required to individually bond each eyelash extension.

After a phone call to the salon, it turns out the offer was only for a half set not full set as advertised, so not such good value for money as the offer suggested please bear this in mind when purchasing eyelash extension special offers online.

After my client left I decided to do some research into this. A quick google for eyelash extension special offers on this money off websites and I could see why there was so much confusion. I can see many offers which are sold as ‘Full Set of Eyelash Extensions’, when reading the small print these are actually express lashes which only last up to 2 weeks,  but implied that they are semi-permanent ones. They are marketed as having a huge percentage off the sale price, but cleverly advertised as just ‘eyelash extensions’, only once you read the small print do you notice that a lot of the deals are half sets or express lashes. Express lashes aren’t individually bonded, so don’t last.

At my beauty salon in Norwich, I book long appointments for applying the lashes, so there is plenty of time to get every lash. I always have a full consultation and everyone is required to have a test patch done at least 48 hours before. At this appointment, I go through all the different options available and find out exactly what look is desired. The glue I use means my clients usually only need infills every 3 weeks. My infills and tidy up appointments are one hour long, allowing me time to clean them thoroughly and get every lash. Each client is clearly given aftercare instructions, both verbally and in writing, to ensure they maintain and care for their eyelash extensions properly.


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