Eyelash extension glue.

The secret to placing eyelash extensions is using minimal amount of glue. Any excess glue won’t dry and will need to be held in place for 20-30 seconds. If you use the correct amount of the glue it will dry in 2-3 seconds. When using too much glue the lashes will still be tacky and stick to the neighbouring eyelash when you release the isolation. I believe this is one number one mistake when eyelash technicians first start out. If excessive glue is used it can cause the extensions to come out in clumps causing damage natural eyelashes in the process.

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The glue I use contains cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate is the same ingredient used in the hospital glue when someone has a accident to stick the wound closed. The chemical cyanoacrylate is very interesting as it’s a extremely fast setting glue and cures with moisture. Oxygen doesn’t have an effect on it. Which is why it should be stored in a dark/ dry place. The glue becomes unusable after around 3 months due to exposure of moisture every time you open the lid and should no longer be used. I personally write the date on the bottom of any product I use in my beauty salon. Every beautician should have a printed folder with all the MSDA sheets for each product she/he uses. If you would like a copy of any of these for more information on what is in each of the products I use please do ask.

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There is no mention of formaldehyde in lashbase extreme glue, which I use and the glue is latex free, so fine to use if you have a latex allergy.  The chemical for the glue is ethyl-2 cyanoacrylate. If someone is offering eyelash extensions for an extremely cheap price I would question where they are purchasing their glue from. A good eyelash technician will never place the glue on the eyelid and leave a 2mm gap when placing eyelash extensions, so the only contact with the glue is at the test patch appointment and the small amount of exposure from fumes during application. You should never feel any pain with having eyelash extension applied.

Most beauty products have this logo on them, which means it’s not recommended to be used after 12 months from opening the product.

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Clients should avoid putting excess water anywhere near their eyelash extensions for 12- 24 hours after application. However by gently misting the eyelash extensions after application this can actually speed up the curing process and seal the lashes, reducing any irritation to the eyes after opening them. The fumes from the glue can be quite strong. However,I never have this problem with the lashbase glue I use . I also leave my clients with their eyes closed for 3-5 minutes after finishing the eyelash extensions. Working with the window open to reduce the fumes. The eyelash technician should always work wearing a mask ( FFP3 mask) as you can becomes allergic over time. Also working with a fan behind you to encourage fumes away from your airways is a good idea. Humidifier helps provide relief to eyelash technicians who suffer from airborne allergies.

Should I be using a nano mister for eyelash extensions application?

Yes, nano-misters are a great tool for any eyelash technician. I strongly recommend buying one. If you live in a country with high humidly I would strongly recommend using a dehumidifier during eyelash application as the presence of moisture causes the glue to set before you are ready for it and reduces your working time.

nano mister for eyelash extensions
Nano mister gently mists eyelash extensions directly after application.

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Eyelash extension glue and use of nano mister.

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