Fancy dress make-up and express lashes for Love boat – Norwich

I was asked this week by the lovely Maxine from the cottage pub to do her eyelash art and to transform her into a mermaid. She was off to Love boat run by Bo nanafana on Saturday night.

After some research, I decided on hexagon green/blue shaped glitter art on her forehead to look like scales, with a few sequins which matched her scallop bra. Along with rhinestones and fine white glitter under just one eye, I’m not a fan of symmetry!  I also applied a fab blue glitter eyeliner and curled her hair. Sadly we didn’t have any blue lipstick, so we made our own with Vaseline mixed with blue eye shadow.

I applied longer express lashes than Maxine would normally go for as it was for a special occasion. We picked C curl for a more glamorous look with 11mm/13mm length. 0.20 in thickness for the mascara look. I am really pleased with the finished look and Maxine looked fabulous with her mermaid outfit on, lots of positive feedback on my facebook page 🙂

Contact me if you need a similar look for a night out. I have a large section of different types of glitter, gems and art to create the desired look. Perfect for a themed hen party?



eyelash art norwich


eyelash art norwich


mermaid make-up


eyelash art