Eyebrow extensions have now finally made it to Norwich and are becoming a big hit. I don’t personally offer this treatment at the moment because I am weighing up the demand for them. The glue used for eyebrow extensions is very expensive and only lasts 3 months once opened, so for any beautician  to offer this treatment you really do need to weigh up whether there is the demand just yet in Norwich and if you think you could make some profit from offering eyebrow extensions in Norwich.

I personally know of two ladies who offer eyebrow extensions and they are getting great results from it. Julie-Ann in Brooke is a beauty trainer and offers this treatment to her clients. Also Michelle out in Stalham.

The eyebrow extensions are applied directly to the skin where people have sparse or no hairs. They are attached with a specially designed glue which is safe to use on the skin. As we naturally lose cells of our skin the eyebrow extensions won’t last forever and will slowly fall out. Results last anything from 7 to 14 days. Price for these average at £25.

Daily Mail have written an article on Cara Delevingne’s eyebrow extensions to find out more about this new bold beauty treatment hitting Norwich and read the full article click on the image below. Products from lash perfectbrow perfect on be purchased from their website for professional only.


Daily mail eyebrow extensions full article
Click on image to take you to full article at Daily mail

Daily mail eyebrow extensions

If you are thinking of having eyebrow extensions done permanently I would consider chatting to a cosmetic surgeon about having hair implants on your eyebrow.


Eyebrow extensions Norwich

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