How to prevent eyes twitching during eyelash extensions application?

This week I had a very excited client come in to have her eyelash extensions infilled. She was super hyped up as her eyelash extensions she had in were over 4 weeks old and desperately needed topping up. She had them done in London at the beauty show and now wants to continue wearing them. She decided to come to me as I am local to her.

I am part of quite a few facebook support groups for eyelash extensions and had ‘banked’ a few ideas, but never needed to use them before as I can normally calm the client down before starting. I normally slowly rub the temples on the side of the head and get them to concentrate on their breathing. However, I could feel nothing was going to calm this lady down that quickly. Note to clients: avoid caffeine before your appointment hehe!

The idea I had read and never tried out was to stick 5p coins or similar to the eyelids of the client!! Please use microtape, which is designed to be applied to our delicate skin. The results were unbelievable. I thought it would help, but it actually stopped it altogether and the client wasn’t uncomfortable at all. If anything the client felt more relaxed as she wasn’t worrying about moving during the eyelash extensions application.

moving/ twitching eyes with eyelash extensions
How to prevent the client from moving/ twitching/ flickering their eyes during eyelash extensions application

This is the after video on how well this technique worked on applying coins to the eyelids of your client’s eyes helped in preventing them from moving during eyelash extensions. It’s very important that the client keeps as still as possible during eyelash extensions application as the technician needs to hold the isolation for a few seconds while the glue cures.

Eyes twitching during eyelash extension application