Everyone else is doing it so why aren’t you?

waxing in Norwich

So, you’ve talked to your friends and inevitably watched the dreaded You-Tube clips!

You’re only one step away from finally getting your first Hollywood wax! But how much do you really know about intimate waxing and how do you find the best salon and therapist?

Firstly, know what you want. Terminology can vary from salon to salon but generally, a Hollywood wax is all hair removed from the intimate area and should include between the bum cheeks. A Brazilian is the same but a small amount of hair is left on the pubic mound, usually a thin strip or small triangle.

Secondly, find a salon. Personal recommendation is one of the best ways to find a good salon so ask your friends or colleagues. If this is a little too awkward, google reviews can be very useful to help sort the good from the bad, also the quality and content of the salons website can speak volumes. If you can, find a salon or therapist that specialises in intimate waxing as they will be more experienced and practised in that specific treatment, after all, you don’t want to put your most delicate bits in the hands of just anyone!

Look for a salon that uses hard/peelable wax. This is a more gentle wax that has been specifically designed for use on sensitive areas, it’s not sticky like strip wax and doesn’t stick to skin, therefore will not leave you sore or tender down below. Also check that your salon of choice doesn’t ‘double dip’ their spatulas. This is when the same spatula is used over and over again for a treatment, therefore risking contaminating the wax pot with hair, skin cells or bacteria ready for the next client.

So the day of your appointment looms. Make sure you lay off your morning coffee as caffeine is thought to cause your body to be a little more sensitive, if your pain threshold is low, you could take a couple of gentle pain killers an hour before your appointment, just to take the edge off. Done properly by an experienced therapist, intimate waxing shouldn’t be too uncomfortable but your first appointment will always be the worst as the hair will be deeper rooted than in any following appointments and you’re naturally going to be more tense. Once you become a seasoned waxer and are having regular monthly appointments, it really is a breeze. Consistency is key to achieving great results and long lasting hair refinement.

Arrive at the salon 10 minutes before your appointment as you will need to fill in a consultation form. If you don’t get given one…..leave! Any professional worth their weight wouldn’t dream of waxing a new client without a consultation form. It’s also a good sign if the therapist has their certificates proudly displayed on the wall.

When you get shown into the treatment room, check everything looks clean and tidy, you also want your therapist to be wearing a fresh pair of gloves before they start. The treatment itself should take between 30-40 minutes from start to finish. The therapist should fully explain any aftercare procedures to you before you leave and make sure you are completely satisfied. The most important thing to remember is to keep the area cool and calm for the next 24 hours. After that it’s a simple case of moisturising every day and exfoliating regularly to prevent in grown hairs.

By the time you return home and examine your newly waxed nether regions, you’ll be completely hooked and wondering why you didn’t do this years ago!

By Toni Keable

Area manager at Waxed Works.