Free online beautician training and advice

I have selected some blogs aimed at online education for fellow beauticians. Here you should hopefully find blogs aimed at improving your eyelash extension skills and increasing your knowledge on skincare. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge. I have written blogs for years and love sharing tips. I also have a few blogs aimed at the management side of your beauty business. Don’t underestimate how much admin is involved in starting up your own home-based beauty salon.

This page isn’t strictly for beauticians. Many of my clients will get a lot from reading blog posts on caring for their eyelash extensions. I always say to my clients their eyelash extensions will last longer, if they follow my advice.

Guest bloggers are more than welcome.

This page will develop over time. All helpful suggestions welcome.

Starting up

Link to my blog on tips for starting up your own home-based beauty salon.

H&S Risk Assessment

Link to my blog post on risk assessment policy for my home-based beauty salon.

Cross infection control policy

Link to my cross infection control policy for my beauty salon.

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