A typical day off from my beauty salon in Norwich. So I start the day with about 10 cm of bed left as Jessica after she sneaks into my bed at 3 am with her bunny, which is fast becoming her favourite comfort toy and very grubby!

The morning is spent doing painting and generally making a mess of my living room. I think she is becoming quite the artist. What do you think?

Finally weights 9kg, so she can go into her next size car seat! Most babies in the UK do this at 9months and she is now 16 months lol.
The afternoon is spent with some of her little friends who we meet at baby yoga when she was 3 months old at Wroxham Barns. We love that place. It’s great for her to burn off lots of energy in the soft play area. Finally starting to realise that not every animal is a dog as well lol!

An evening of spaghetti bolognese which has been cooking away in the slow cooker all day.