Damage from cluster lashes – NOT my work.

This client came to me after experiencing awful discomfort from wearing eyelash extensions. As you can see from the photos I removed her cluster lashes, which were applied by another eyelash technician in Norwich. The cluster lashes were extremely hard to remove and took over 30 minutes to get them off. I can only imagine that the person who applied these wasn’t correctly trained as it looked like she used an extremely strong glue. The client said the lashes felt painful and uncomfortable digging into her eyelids. I could see that she was unable to open and close her eyes with ease. When removing the cluster lashes I could see they had already pulled out lots of her own natural lashes leaving her with very sparse and thin natural eyelashes.

When picking an eyelash technician it’s important to find out if they are trained and insured. In my experience, if someone is willing to do your lashes the same day this indicates to me that they are not. When checking the photos of another eyelash technicians work look very carefully to see if they have used too much glue. I personally only recommend individual eyelash extensions and with these you can not see any glue at all. It should just be a thin coating on the natural lash, which definitely shouldn’t be visible on a photo. A lot of beauticians use ‘stock images’, which are normally purchased from i-stock.com. If the eyelash technician doesn’t have their own photos I would personally question why. Also check their gallery photos that the lashes are individual and not all stuck together as they will cause you a great deal of pain when they begin to grow out.

The idea of these cluster lashes are that they are quick and easy to apply lasting up 3-7 days. Cluster lashes are groups of lashes normally attached together with a knot at the end. Like these below. However some eyelash technicians use stronger glue, so they stay in longer. Cluster lashes are now available for the general public at shops like Boots and Primark. Personally, I never recommend anyone try to apply these themselves.




cluster lashes Norwich
Damaged lashes from cluster lashes
damage from cluster lashes
After removing badly done cluster lashes
cluster lashes done in Norwich
Sparse lashes after having eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions done correctly don’t cause damage.
poorly done cluster lashes
Left eye after having poorly done cluster lashes.
pain from eyelash extensions
Right eye after having done cluster eyelash extensions
cluster lashes removed
Removed cluster lashes. You can see where they pulled out the ladies natural lashes with them

IMG_1668 IMG_1667 IMG_1665 IMG_1663

The healthy eyelash extensions are the individual eyelash extensions as these are one eyelash extension on one natural eyelash. They are extremely lightweight and allow your natural lashes to fall out as part of your natural eyelash cycle.

Cluster lashes in Norwich

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