I thought it’s about time I emailed everyone on my mailing list to try and enlighten you when I will be opening again. I hope everyone is well. What is happening all over the world is incredibly scary and so much uncertainty on the future.

Following last night’s speech from Boris Johnson and clarity from Dominic Raab this morning we should be aiming to reopen 4th July 2020 onwards. I am happy for people to book in for then. We can simply rebook if we feel it’s not safe nearer time. Obviously, this isn’t set in stone!

This year I have decided not to increase my prices due to everything going on.

My daughter won’t be going back to school until September, so my hours will be limited to accommodate her homeschooling. Thankfully she loves reading! So she can bury her head in a book while I work. I will adjust my Google calendar this week.

To keep busy I am currently working on creating websites with my husband. I recently added an online shop to my website. I’ll be adding more items over the next month. Any product requests welcome!

If you know any local businesses that would benefit from an e-commerce addition to their website, please pass our details on. Andy was a software engineer at Aviva for over 15 years, so creating websites has been great alongside his photography business over the last couple of years. To stay up to date on what I am doing I do post the odd bit on social media.

website design

A few people have asked how they can help us small businesses. A Google review goes a long way with me!

Hope everyone is well. Please keep in touch and don’t be shy if you need anything,



Beauty salon closed due to Covid-19 in the UK