There are lots of different curls available with eyelash extensions. J, B, C, D, O…. but what difference does it actually mean to your eyelash extensions? The curl is most noticeable from the front as the more curly the eyelash extension the more that will be seen.  At the moment I stock J, B and C curls at my Norwich based beauty salon. So therefore the most dramatic one I stock is C curl as it shows the most from the front view. The length of the extension is its length pulled out straight, so D curls actually look slightly shorter.

I believe this is best shown in photos, so I have taken a photo below of both J and C curls to compare them. They are both 0.20 in thickness and 11mm long. As I said before the length is the curl pulled out straight, so the real difference here is how much more extension is shown from the front view. The J curl is a lot more natural curl and closer to what we have naturally. The C curl is the same effect you would get to perming or curling your natural eyelashes.

Myself personally I love the B curl, which is in the middle between J and C. It’s a great everyday curl. I love the C curl, but it takes quite a strong personality to pull this off. Choosing which style eyelash extensions you want to create really is just down to your own personality and what image you are trying to achieve. If you just want the easiness of eyelash extensions, the no fuss with mascara etc, then I would recommend J curl. However, if you want the eyelash extensions to be the first thing people notice, then you are best going for a C curl. I do love both looks depending on what my diary is like at the time! C curls are awesome for weddings and fancy parties.

Comparing curls in eyelash extensions
These are both 0.20 in thickness and 11mm long.



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Comparing eyelash extension curls

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