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There has been a huge increase in people doing cheap acrylic extensions in Norwich.

Sadly I know many of these people haven’t been trained and aren’t insured to be able to offer them at that price. They are buying products from China via eBay, which don’t pass UK testing and often contain Methyl methacrylate (MMA) which can lead to permanent damage to the nail plate. However, it’s very cheap to buy and many untrained nail technicians don’t understand the dangers of using it.  If you Google ‘MMA acrylic nails’  you can quickly see why it’s so dangerous to use.

Damage from acrylic manicure

One of my clients had acrylics done by someone in Norwich who didn’t know how to use the buffing drill correctly and caused permanent damage to the base of her nail while doing nail extensions. When having any beauty treatment always check the person carrying out the work is fully trained, insured and registered with HMRC.

cheap nails norwich


You also have the added risk of possible poor infection control – check you my infection control policy for more information. If the nail technician doesn’t use an autoclave or follow strict cross-infection control policies you take the risk of catching an infection from the previous client. Nail infections can be extremely painful and you could end up with blood poisoning.

It’s really not worth the risk of picking a nail technician just because they are cheap.

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