Are you getting married this year and want to be on TV?

Email from Twofour:

We are currently casting for a new documentary about people getting married. We are keen to explore the week leading up to a wedding and the wedding itself so would focus on the bride and her family and the groom and his family as they prepare for their exciting and memorable day. We are keen for the tone to be genuine, warm and celebratory and reflect the breadth of different types of weddings in modern Britain.

To tell you a bit about Twofour, we were voted Best Independent Production Company in the country at the 2014 Broadcast Awards and we specialise in working with sensitive organisations and charities to produce ground breaking documentary series.  In the past we have worked with the Department of Education to produce multi-award winning series Educating Essex and Educating Yorkshire for Channel 4, the Navy to create Royal Marines Commando School (Channel 4) and Clarence House and the MOD on Harry’s South Pole Heroes (ITV).

It would be fantastic if you could forward this info, (or the flyer attached), on to your clients getting married between Aug-Oct 2015, in case they are potentially interested in being involved. There is no one particular type of wedding that we have in mind but we do like the idea of a big wedding that involves family as well as friends and we are interested in the way two families come together for a wedding.


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Getting married 2015 and want to be on TV

Wedding make-up at Benefit counter in House of Fraser

Wedding make-up at Benefit counter in Norwich

My good friend Alice is getting married this year and doesn't believe in spending a fortune on their wedding. Alice is very similar to me on this one and as unromantic as it sounds it really is just one day. Marriage is for life, so I personally don't believe spending 15 grand or whatever the national average is now. Having your make-up done professionally can take a large portion of your budget.

From the #Norwichmeetup arranged last year on Twitter I got a voucher for a free make over at the benefit counter. My other half Andy (Norwich wedding photographer) didn't want his voucher, so me and Alice went together!Read more

Guest Blog - Honeymoon in Vietnam - Week 1

Cai Rang Floating Market
Cai Rang Floating Market

Original post my husband, Andy Smith-Dane at Andy Dane Photography


We got married on 8th June and then jetted off to Vietnam for three weeks. We flew into Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and then out of Hanoi, so we got to see a lot of the country.

We saw so much, and I took so many photos, that putting it all in one blog just seemed a bit silly. So I'll be splitting it up into three blogs covering each week.

Vietnam is amazing, the people are incredibly friendly and the scenery is just stunning. Although parts of it are slightly insane, crossing the road will never be the same again!

We spent the first couple of days just wandering around Ho Chi Minh City and getting acclimatised to the weather, it was *hot*, high 30's degree C, combined with a humidity of around 90% and there was just no escape from it unless you were in an air-conditioned room. The streets were constantly buzzing with life, from street sellers and motorbike-taxi's to just people going about their everyday business, the streets just hummed.

Crossing the road was interesting, nobody stops, you just have to walk through the sea of motorbikes as they dodge and weave around you. You soon get the hang of it though, and by the second day, we were hardly hesitating at all.

We found a lovely little playground for Jessica to have some fun in and burn off some energy, and she quickly made friends with some of the Vietnamese kids. Language barriers just don't exist when you're 3.

DSC_6824 DSC_6830 DSC_6885 DSC_6925 DSC_6931


Then after a couple of nights in the city, we were picked up by our tour guide for a 3 day tour of the Mekong Delta.

The Mekong Delta covers a huge area of southern Vietnam, there are masses of paddy fields between the rivers and a thriving fishing community. We spent a couple of days alternating between buses and river boats to explore the area. We saw them making sweets from coconuts, husking rice and making rice cakes and several fishing farms (which are just under people's houses!)

Cai Rang Floating Market
Cai Rang Floating Market
Rowing down the Mekong
Rowing down the Mekong
Elizabeth in her Vietnamese hat
Elizabeth in her Vietnamese hat

The Cai Rang Floating Market was amazing, mainly wholesalers selling on to shopkeepers and the like, all of the big boats gather together in the river and the smaller vessels approach you with their wares as you circle around them. Loads of fresh fruit, hot noodles soup and cold drinks on offer, be prepared to haggle though, as the initial price you're offered is probably far over the market value. While it might still seem cheap to us, paying over the odds damages the economy of Vietnam. It was a great experience seeing all of the different generations of people working together on the floating markets, and the fruit they were selling was all lovely.

Fresh Coconut at the Cai Rang Floating Market
Fresh Coconut at the Cai Rang Floating Market

DSC_7144 DSC_7231

Jessica coped with it all remarkably well considering the heat and change in diet. She made a few friends on the tour of the Mekong Delta and I think she was a little sad when we went our separate ways.

After the tour, we had a few hours to grab some dinner in Ho Chi Minh before we got our first train of the honeymoon. An overnight soft-sleeper train from Saigon to Nha Trang. Booking the tickets was simple enough and the train was really comfortable, nice soft beds and air conditioning.

But that was the end of our first week, so I'll leave it there and continue in another blog for the second week of the honeymoon - Nha Trang, Whale Island, Hoi An and Hue.



Should I get eyelash extensions for my wedding?

I personally think wearing eyelash extensions on your wedding day is a must as they make you feel sexy and confident on your wedding day. I personally found that I needed all the confidence I could get on my wedding day as I am not great at standing up in front of people.

Renee chose eyelash extensions on her wedding day as she wanted the super glamorous look and as you can see she clearly got it! She looks fabulous in these photos. Renee's eyelash extensions were curl C, 0.20 thickness and 9mm/11mm/9mm in length. 9mm at corners of the eyes with 11mm only in the middle. I love this geisha fan look. We had a long consultation first to discuss the look she was after. Renee didn't want the natural look as it was a very special occasion and one off event! Like me she goes for the natural look most days.

"Renee Jeffery

Just had my eyebrows threaded with Liz, love them, can't wait to get my pedi and eyelashes done now!"


Renee runs the local Norwich sling library where baby slings and carriers can be tried out and hired before purchasing them. I loved the baby sling I had for Jessica, so think this is a awesome business to run. Renee is an active blogger, so head over and check out her website.

Jon Clifton took these lovely photos of Renee and Colin (co-owner of Iceni Norwich lifestyle magazine) and as you can guess Renee and Colin was over the moon with them. These photos are low res for my blog. Minion cupcakes are by Ellie's cakes. She has some amazing cakes on her website. Very talented person.
Renee from Norwich sling library on her wedding day.
Renee and Colin. Colin runs the local free magazine Iceni.


Bride and groom
Cutting the cake. Lashes look great in this pic. Minion cupcakes by Ellie's cake.

Wedding lashes for Norwich wedding.

wedding pamper party

Caroline's wedding pamper party

Bridal pampering

This week I received some lovely photos from Caroline who I did a pamper party for just before she got married in June.

On the night the boys headed down the pub and us girls stays at Caroline's Mum house to prepare the ladies for the big day ahead. I had Sarah-Lou helping me on the night and we painted nails with gel polish to ensure they were perfect on the day. To save on place I brought a large oil cloth to protect the table and we done the nails on Caroline's Mum dining table. Gel polish takes up to 15 days no chip or peel. Shellac polish is extremely easy to remove and I give my clients full details on how to do this at home. Alternatively you can buff off the colour and allow the base gel coat to grow out naturally reducing the contact with acetone (gel remover). Best practice is to get a beauty salon to remove the gel polish for you after the 2 weeks. Read more

My wedding photos at St.Giles hotel

Wedding photography in Norwich

A small collection of my favourite wedding photos from our wedding last month. There were many more, but I'll save those for showing people in a printed album. These were taken by my very talented friend Jess Wilkins at St Giles Hotel early June. Jess specialises in maternity, newborn and Toddlers, but as you can see she isn't just extremely talented in that one field. Love the photos so much and very pleased to have such great friends to help make our day special.

Danielle - wedding hair and make-up

Danielle my hair and makeup artist. Truly amazing on the day.
Danielle my hair and makeup artist. Truly amazing on the day at St.Giles Hotel in Norwich.
Danielle is amazing and made me feel very calm. Highly recommend.
Danielle is amazing and made me feel very calm. Highly recommend.
Jessica's outfit
Jessica's outfit
The dress from Phase Eight online! Picked in just 2 days due to disaster in getting a dress made! I wouldn't recommend anyone get a dress made from scratch. Turned out to be a very stressful event and very time consuming.
Pimms to calm the nerves!
Pimms to calm the nerves!
Me and oldest friends.
Me and oldest friends.
Getting ready for the big day.
Jessica having her nails painted for the first time.
Jessica having her nails painted for the first time.

Read more

Out of office - getting married!

I am going to be 'out of the office' until 7th July, so unable to reply to emails, text, calls and social media messages. However I will reply ASAP when I am back. At the moment the next available appointment with me is the middle of July. I will occasionally check my messages, so please do email me and I will try to reply to anything urgent.

I am getting married tomorrow at St Giles hotel. Below are some of our engagement shoot photos by Jess Wilkins Photography.



Sunset at Mousehold heath in Norwich.
Mousehold heath in Norwich
Mousehold heath in Norwich.
Mousehold heath in Norwich
Mousehold heath in Norwich.

What happens at a trial makeup appointment?

Trial wedding makeup - only 4 weeks left now!

Last month I had my wedding makeup trial done by Danielle. Danielle is fab and the whole thing was very relaxed. She arrived on time at my house with loads of cases of makeup and hair accessories. She listened carefully to what me and Emma (Bridesmaid) said and created the perfect look for each of us. Emma doesn't wear much makeup, so Danielle did her makeup very subtly and Emma was thrilled with the results. I wear more eye makeup and wanted a more defined look, so Danielle concentrated more on my eye makeup to bring out my blue eyes. I was really pleased with the finish look and wish Danielle could do my makeup everyday. I personally highly recommend Danielle to anyone getting married and thinking about getting their makeup done professionally.

My very talented partner Andy Dane took a couple of photographs just as we were finishing up with our trial and as you can see he has a real eye for photography.

andy dane photography

"Emma Muttitt

Say a massive thank you to Danielle for me. I really like what's she's done. The girls thought I looked really pretty and Matt liked it too & you know he's a fussy one."

trial wedding makeup

"My name is Danielle and I am a freelance, mobile make-up artist and hair stylist specialising in bridal hair and make-up. My interest in hair styling and make up artistry started at a young age and in 2000 I was offered a place on the make-up artistry diploma course at City College Norwich where I trained in theatrical and media make-up, cosmetic make-up and fashion and photographic make-up. I then completed an NVQ in hairdressing at City College Norwich.

During my training I quickly discovered my passion for bridal hair and make-up and I have been working with brides throughout East Anglia ever since.

I offer a no obligation, relaxed trial at your home or mine where we can discuss and try out your hair and make-up ideas. I am also happy to give you suggestions and examples from my portfolio of bridal hair and make-up styles. Trials last approximately 2 hours for bridal make up or hair trials and 2-4 hours for both hair and make-up. I also offer trials for bridesmaids and other bridal party members requiring hair and make-up although this is optional. The cost is £30 which is deducted from the price of your hair and make-up on your wedding day should you book my services. I am happy to travel to your chosen venue on your wedding day.

Prices for the day are as follows:

Bridal make-up £80

Bridal Hair £90

Bridal hair and make-up £120

Bridesmaid/bridal party hair £35

Bridesmaid /bridal party make-up £35

I use only the best quality, professional products including: MAC, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Clinique & Laura Mercier.

Please feel free to browse my website at

If you would like to arrange a trial you can contact me via email at

Alternatively you can call me on 07954349110"

Prices as of 2014













Wedding makeup trial in Norwich

wedding cake Norwich

Who makes the best wedding cake in Norwich?

We are getting married this June and trying to decide on the wedding cake. I don't want anything too posh, so debating on making the cake ourselves. No sure if this is a bit too brave though.

I am finding it quite hard to google for good wedding cake companies in Norfolk, so please do comment below with some to add to this list:

I am on a quest to find out who makes amazing wedding cakes in Norwich? Please do feel free to share your business below, if you aren't on the list

However, I am still having a browse of some local companies that provide cakes and there is a list below. They seem to start from £150 upwards. 

Nicola from Vanilla Chilli has made some amazing cupcakes for a pre-wedding pamper party hosted at mine in the pass and they tasted amazing. Nicola is extremely flexible on what she can make for wedding cakes as you can see from her Vanilla chilli website. Here are a few examples below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I personally know Tory from 'and eat it' and Nicola from 'Vanilla Chilli' and they're both lovely. I met them both at a local Mum2mum networking group set up for self-employed Mums in the Norwich area. Tory made the cake for my little girl Jessica's cake smash for her 2nd birthday by Jess Wilkins photography.

Here are two examples of Tory's recent cakes!


wedding cake Norwich
Wedding cake made by Tory at 'and eat it' in Norwich



Norfolk wedding cake
Norfolk based cake maker Tory's latest creation


ALWAYS check out their reviews on their website/ facebook and if they are on the Norwich food hygiene rating. As a self-employed tax payer it really does winds me up when so many local cake makers do work cash-in-hand and don't follow the rules. The food hygiene is extremely important and I highly recommend you avoid anyone who can't provide you with this information. In Norfolk (the rules vary from council to council) it is mandatory for anyone who provides food that is made or heated up to be on the food hygiene list and have a visit from the food hygiene inspector. The hygiene ratings are available on the council website above, however, it can take some time for a new business to get added, so just because they aren't on this list, doesn't mean they're not following the rules. Just make sure you ask if unsure.

A good cake baker will always have a consultation with you before quoting a price, so be wary of people coming up with a price off the top of their head and sometimes you really do get what you pay for, cheaper isn't always better when it comes to cakes.

I was thinking about a supermarket wedding cake like Marks and Spencer, but they are around £250 for a three tier cake.

I am loving pinterest for ideas on wedding cakes. I have found this cake which is done with buttercream and decorated with flowers. The cake was made by Cotton and crumbs in Coventry. I love this wedding cake. I think what I love most is that the buttercream icing isn't perfect and that it has extra tall thin tiers to the cake. There is no way in a million years that I would ever be able to make the flowers on this cake out of icing, so for my wedding I am thinking of putting real flowers on there. I need to research this more! The soft pink of the flowers is perfect for the colours I am thinking for the wedding.

wedding cakes

Cakes by Amber Briggs-

Little A Business card back

pink rose, lace, pearl cake detail
Little A's Cakery
Edible gold and sequin cake
Little A's Cakery
pink cupcakes
Little A's Cakery
Daisy Lego Wedding Cake
Little A's Cakery

If you’re also looking for a wedding photographer, please check out my husband’s website to see if his style suits your needs. Andy Dane – Norwich Wedding Photographer

Andy Dane wedding photography

Wedding cakes Norwich

Wedding flowers in Norwich? Where to start looking

Wedding flowers - where to start?!

We are getting married later in the year at St Giles hotel in Norwich and we are both slowly planning things. The Walnut Suite is pretty amazing and finished to an excellent standard, so we aren't going to need hundreds of wedding flowers to make it look pretty as it's already stunning.

I am thinking one bouquet, one button hole and two sets of flowers for the tables for our wedding.

I have really mixed ideas on what to have for the bouquet of flowers for my wedding flowers. I quite like the pomander flowers, which are generally made of silk flowers and can be kept. I have seen some lovely pomanders on Etsy for wedding flowers. However do I really need hundreds of things to keep after my wedding day? That sounds incredibly unromantic! Or do I go for a more traditional looking bouquet for my wedding flowers? Or even a vintage style one?!

I am going to put another list of Norwich florists together for bridal flowers and google lots of images. Ideally I would love to go with a local firm for my wedding flowers.

I originally liked the idea of picking up the flowers myself from a local wholesalers like the Sweet Briar Wholesale Flowers and creating them myself.... but now I'm not feeling quite so brave to create my own wedding flowers.

Also need to decide on colours for the wedding, so I can choose flowers to match. Currently thinking a blush pink with a silvery grey. I am starting to see how planning a wedding drives some people slightly nuts hehe.

I also have that horror that I will pick the wrong florist and they will get the order hideously wrong resulting in no flowers for my wedding as they have messed up the delivery date!  Ideally I would love to go with local and recommendation, so please do comment on my blog with suggestions and tips.

The little flower shop St Williams Way in Norwich.

Elizabeths in Norwich and chains around UK.

Oops a daisy in Drayton. They do online delivery.

Margaret's flowers Reepham Rd in Hellesdon.

Libby Ferris in Norwich and already heard lots of good things.

Ellen's florist Waterloo Rd in Norwich.

The rose garden in Cromer, Norfolk.

If you offer flowers for weddings in Norfolk please do get in touch and I will happily add you to this blog post. Ideally with your logo if you can send me the image file.

Also past brides and grooms if you have any tips on roughly how much wedding flowers cost in Norwich and tips on how far to book them up in advance, then please do comment below.

the little flower shop

wedding flowers norwich

libby ferris wedding flowers in norwich

If you’re also looking for a wedding photographer, please check out my husband’s website to see if his style suits your needs. Andy Dane – Norwich Wedding Photographer

Andy Dane wedding photography

Wedding flowers in Norwich