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When to use Y lashes during eyelash extensions application

UPDATE: Ideal way nowadays is to create volume fan and never use pre-made.


When to use Y lashes for eyelash extensions.

I personally only use Y lash extensions when repairing the damage from previously poorly done eyelash extensions applications. Sadly there are a few eyelash technicians in Norwich at the moment who aren't isolating the individual eyelashes when applying extensions and just applying the extensions in the express lashes technique. This is very damaging to your natural lashes. However, they can also be used in a normal application to healthy lashes to create amazing volume.

This lady recently came to me after having a few infills with her previous eyelash technician who did her full set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. She found the set she had on very itchy and uncomfortable because of the way they were bonded. The eyelash technician didn't even try to isolate the lashes when she applied them. By simply placing extensions on top of the existing extensions you can get a fuller look. However, this is extremely damaging to your natural lashes in the long run. The eyelash technician will often advise you to have a break from your lashes with this way of applying them. If the eyelash extensions are placed correctly you won't need a break from the extensions as there is hardly any weight on each of your natural lashes. I place my eyelash extensions by isolating one lash at a time leaving them 2mm from the eyelid to avoid any irritation. I believe less is more when it comes to glue and always dab the excess glue off on the eyepad, which is protecting the bottom lashes and preventing them from sticking to the upper lashes during application. When you lose one natural eyelash they should only be one extension attached. They should never fall out in clumps!

The Y lashes look like split lashes and the ones I buy don't have a knot in the end, so can simply be applied where natural lashes are sparse from previous damage. These are great for creating a fuller look and only applied to one of your natural lashes.  They create volume until the client's natural lashes have recovered and grown back.

Y lashes
Y lashes in eyelash extensions


sparse eyelashes


Y lash

eyelash extensions norwich

Bridal eyelash extensions - trial before the big day

This lady came in wanting to try out the eyelash extensions before her wedding in September. I am really pleased with the results and they suit her fantastically.

After a consultation, we decided on C curl for the glamorous look, 0.20 in thickness which is the mascara look and 11mm/13mm. I pre-warned her these will touch her sunglasses! I highly recommend having the eyelash extensions applied a few months before your wedding, so you have plenty of time to get used to them. You can subtly change between lengths and curls at your next eyelash extension infills appointment, so you don't have to stick with your original decision. These are a great idea for a wedding as you don't have to worry about your mascara running and ending up with the 'panda look' on your wedding day! Also, they last on average of 3 weeks before they need infilling, so if you are off on honeymoon straight after your wedding you won't have to worry about having no mascara on while on the beach and wake up with perfect eyelashes!

As you can see from the photographs these eyelash extensions have been individually bonded to the ladies natural eyelashes, so when her own eyelash falls out naturally it will have only one eyelash extensions attached to it. Your own eyelashes naturally fall out on average of every 90 days, hence why they need infilling around 2-3 weeks. The eyelash extensions are kept 2mm from your eyelid, so they won't irritate your eyes.

Everyone strictly needs a consultation/ test patch appointment prior to having eyelash extensions applied.


eyelash extensions norwich
Eyelash extensions Norwich



eyelash extensions norwich
Eyelash extensions Norwich

after photo of eyelash extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions - Before and After

Due to popular request, I am taking more before photographs of the eyelash extensions I do.

I'm regularly asked, "what did they look like before fake lashes were applied?" This is a set of  Semi-permanent eyelash extensions using J curl, 0.25 thickness and 11mm/13mm in length.

This lady wanted the full false look with really thick lashes. I normally use 0.20 thickness, which is the mascara look. However I stock 0.07, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30 thickness lashes. However, the longer and thicker you go with your lashes though they harder they are to bond onto your natural lashes. For the best results, you need the ratio of contact with false eyelash extension and natural lash to be similar. The longer you go the less contact with the fake eyelash has with your natural eyelash.

The glue I use is extremely strong, so this length will last. We had a consultation to decide on the right style for her, we decided on J curl as it's very close to the natural curl of her own lashes, so would bond easier and give them the long length she wanted.  She was over the moon with the results :)


before eyelash extensions



after photo eyelash extensions



after photo of eyelash extensions



Eyelash extension special offers

A regular client of mine was chatting to me today about eyelash extension special offers which a friend of hers has bought through an online special offers company for a salon in Norwich.

I do a very detailed consultation for my clients first appointment, so she was able to pass on information to her friend. The eyelash extension special offer she purchased through the online company was for 50% off a full set of extensions, so only £25 instead of £50. However, when they looked at the offer more closely the first appointment was only for one hour, not the normal two hours which is required to individually bond each eyelash extension.

After a phone call to the salon, it turns out the offer was only for a half set not full set as advertised, so not such good value for money as the offer suggested please bear this in mind when purchasing eyelash extension special offers online.

After my client left I decided to do some research into this. A quick google for eyelash extension special offers on this money off websites and I could see why there was so much confusion. I can see many offers which are sold as ‘Full Set of Eyelash Extensions’, when reading the small print these are actually express lashes which only last up to 2 weeks,  but implied that they are semi-permanent ones. They are marketed as having a huge percentage off the sale price, but cleverly advertised as just ‘eyelash extensions’, only once you read the small print do you notice that a lot of the deals are half sets or express lashes. Express lashes aren’t individually bonded, so don’t last.

At my beauty salon in Norwich, I book long appointments for applying the lashes, so there is plenty of time to get every lash. I always have a full consultation and everyone is required to have a test patch done at least 48 hours before. At this appointment, I go through all the different options available and find out exactly what look is desired. The glue I use means my clients usually only need infills every 3 weeks. My infills and tidy up appointments are one hour long, allowing me time to clean them thoroughly and get every lash. Each client is clearly given aftercare instructions, both verbally and in writing, to ensure they maintain and care for their eyelash extensions properly.


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New Gellux colour in - Silver Crystal Glitter

New Gellux gel polish in for gel nails treatment.


Gellux - Silver Crystal Glitter - Norwich

Uneven lash growth update

Well, a while ago I posted about my client who had uneven lash growth. She came into the beauty salon for her regular 3 weekly infills and I thought you all might be interested in seeing what her eyelashes were like before I started the infills on her lashes. It really is outstanding how many natural eyelashes she has for me to individually place extensions onto now.  We both believe this is down to over curling her eyelashes in the past. Extremely happy with the outcome :-)


Eyelash extensions Norwich - before infills


Eyelash extensions Norwich

Are you getting married soon or know someone who is? I can do eyelash extension at my Norwich salon for the big day. People often find that on their wedding photos their make-up needs to be slightly more than what they would normally wear, but still feel like themselves for the camera. I can do eyelash extensions as subtle or dramatic as the client requires. On the photo below I have used a J curl which is a very natural curl and a length that this client felt happy with for her big day. The eyelash extensions come in various curls, thickness and lengths. I always do a very detailed consultation prior to your appointment explaining everything clearly and answering any questions. Also, give clear aftercare advice on how to care for your eyelash extensions.

I use a variety of brands for my eyelash extensions depending on what the client requests. For example Marvellash and ah francis

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