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Caroline's wedding pamper party

Bridal pampering

This week I received some lovely photos from Caroline who I did a pamper party for just before she got married in June.

On the night the boys headed down the pub and us girls stayed at Caroline's Mum house to prepare the ladies for the big day ahead. I had Sarah-Lou helping me on the night and we painted nails with gel polish to ensure they were perfect on the day. To save on place I brought a large oilcloth to protect the table and we did the nails on Caroline's Mum dining table. Gel polish takes up to 15 days no chip or peel. Shellac polish is extremely easy to remove and I give my clients full details on how to do this at home. Alternatively, you can buff off the colour and allow the base gel coat to grow out naturally reducing the contact with acetone (gel remover). The best practice is to get a beauty salon to remove the gel polish for you after the 2 weeks. Read more

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Short nails are in at Norwich beauty salon!

Short Nails Manicure


This year short nails are the new long nails for manicures, so Gellux gel polish is ideal! It's 15 days no chip or peel on average on your nails. Also, you can add some nail art to make them look really special. I have lots of glitter and nail pens to create some really exciting designs too.

I love having gel polish on my toenails as it lasts around 1-2 months on me without chipping. It gives a high gloss tidy finish which I love. I have over 30 colours available to pick from. I adore this pale pink in the photo for hands and love red on my toes. I would highly recommend having these if you are a nail biter as it prevents many of my clients from picking and biting their nails.

This gel is porous, so can be soaked off with acetone. I charge slightly less for my gel polish application as I give people the option of removing them at home. To remove them simply follow the instructions on my previous blog post on how to remove Gellux gel polish.

Gel nails aren't suitable for anyone with extremely damaged nails, as the gel bonds better to strong healthy nails. If your nails are peeling and flaky it's unlikely to last the full 15 days. If your nails aren't in great condition try OPI file and paint manicure instead.

Gel polish nails are very popular for pamper parties. I have done loads of these around peoples homes especially just before a wedding when a large group of ladies all need their nails doing. These are great fun as the host normally provides her guests with lovely food and drink. Also works well for celebrating a birthday, baby showers, proms etc.

There are many gel polishes out on the market like Shellac, Gelish, Orly, OPI and they all work in very similar ways.

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nails Norwich

Mummy & daughter manicure in Norwich

Manicure in Norwich

Mummy Gellux gel polish manicure and daughter can get a mini sparkly manicure at my Norwich beauty salon. Extra for nail art.

This is a great package for Mum's to treat her their daughter to and great one-to-one time if you have lots of kids. I have lots of toys and colouring in pictures in the salon room to keep the little ones interested and lots of nail art for them to look through including glitter and flower nail art for their mini manicure. Also ideal if you want a treat for yourself and are unable to get childcare.

I use OPI polish for Children's manicures as it doesn't contain any scary chemicals, which are banned in most countries. I also advise not to use non-acetone based nail polish removers, which you can buy from my Norwich beauty salon. I also have lots of bright colourful nail files for retail too and Gellux gel polish remover, so you can remove your gel nails at home. Including instructions on how to remove them.

This package can be done just before Christmas parties and both the Mum and daughter can have matching glittery nails.

I don't do any cuticle work on the children it's just simply a quick paint as having a little girl myself I understand that they won't sit still for very long!

I can also offer Princess parties for your daughter and her friends for birthday parties. I can team up with other beauticians to offer you a bespoke package for the whole party. Including hair ups and glitter tattoos too! Contact me for more information on what I can offer for birthday parties or Christmas parties.

Gift vouchers available for Christmas, birthdays, a special treat, the reward for good behaviour, etc

(December 2012 offer)

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