Skincare tip - bags under your eyes

Dark shadows under your eyes is such a common problem. It can really dent peoples confidence and can often result in people wearing too much make-up to cover it.

I am a strong believer in beauty is more about what you eat then what you apply to your skin. I know we all want the easy answer - take this one pill or apply this cream, but mostly it's about how much nutrients our bodies are getting from the foods we eat. I am educating my daughter every day that you need to "eat a rainbow" of coloured vegetables and drink enough water for her body to stay healthy.  


  1. It can often be a sign of low iron in your diet. If you are feeling unusually tired I would recommend booking an appointment with your GP to take a blood test. Iron plays an important part in carrying oxygen around your body hence why you feel tired when you are low on it. I personally do not get on with the tablets GPs often give you, so instead use liquid iron as it's far gentler on my stomach. It's very important with skincare to really look at your diet and make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet. Make sure you have protein, carbs and veg in every meal. I take multi-vits as well as a balanced diet and have personally seen a great improvement in my skin's condition. I would go as far as to say it's worth booking an appointment with a nutritional adviser.
  2. Another common cause is dehydration. I would say very few of us actually drink enough drink each day. My tip would be always carrying a water bottle with you. I personally don't recommend adding lemon or citrus fruits to your water as it messes the ph in your mouth making you prone to tooth decay. It takes the mouth around 20 mins for the ph to re-balance after eating food or drinking citrus drinks.
  3. Always remove your make-up at night and follow a daily facial routine.

I am always wanting to learn new things, so please feel free to comment on this blog with your own ideas.

Dark bags under eyes

blackheads Norwich

Blackhead removal in Norwich

Blackhead removal in Norwich


Blackheads (also called comedones) are extremely common on the face and are a sign of an oily complexion. Blackheads are clogged up pores with debris and oil from your skin. When applying pressure with a comedone tool the blackhead comes out almost worm-like. It's extremely important to warm up the skin prior to removing blackheads as trying to remove them without steam, hot towels or similar to open the pores you can risk scarring the skin by damaging the surrounding skin during blackhead removal. Blackheads are caused by an increase in oil production from sebaceous glands, especially during teenage years. It's the oxidation which causes the blackheads to have the black appearance.Read more

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Milia removal in Norwich

Milia removal in Norwich

As part of my deluxe facial treatment I can offer very basic milia removal. During my deluxe facial treatment the skin is warmed to open the pores making milia removal safe without leaving scarring. Never attempt to do milia removal without warming the skin first. My deluxe facial treatment can be customised to suit the needs of everyone. If you have more milia or condones (blackheads) I can simply do less massage and concentrate more time on warming the skin with professional steamer and milia extraction. I don't charge extra for removing milia it's all part of the deluxe facial treatment. Facial treatments are by far my favourite treatment to receive. It's so important to have healthy skin as it's the first thing people often notice. Poor skin like acne and blackheads can really affect your confidence. I can give advice on how to create your own daily facial routine. It's very important to do this alongside a healthy diet. Many people drink less water than they should.Read more