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New year, better habits - Do you date your beauty products?

If you work in the beauty business then dating your beauty products is an absolute must.  Personally, I simply use a black marker pen and write the date I opened the product on the bottom. However, on some products, I have to use micro tape and then write on that.

  • Products like tint perform less efficiently every time they are exposed by opening the lid. After 6 months of opening and closing the screw lid the tint will hardly have an impact on dyeing hairs.  You will often then find yourself googling: Why is my tint not dyeing the hair? or What is the best tint for brows? Also bearing this in mind the first client once you have opened the tube reduce the timings!


date products

  • Products are containing less nasty ingredients now, which is great! However, a lot of the ingredients such as alcohol were used to preserve them and give them longer shelf life once opened. I have recently found one of my lovely cream moisturisers turning into a watery consistency making it no longer usable. On this note try and reduce the contents of your bathroom cupboard! You don't need six open bottles at once!hand cream
  • Another great reason to date the products you use is for working out if the treatment is cost-effective? For example, I used to offer express lashes, which aren't individually isolated they are just placed on top of your lashes for a night out and then removed a couple of weeks later as a temporary option to eyelash extensions. However, after dating my eyelash glue I realised that I had done two sets of express lashes within the 3 months which is the recommended lifespan of their glue. At £30 a bottle it was meaning the cost for each treatment was costing me at least £15 plus meaning I was working pretty much for nothing.
    product life span
    Find this logo on your beauty products.


  • Products like mascara and eyeliner sadly can come into contact with bacteria from your body when you use them.  Therefore these products have a shorter lifespan. Tips to reduce this are to never use your finger in cream pots and use a spatula every time. Wash brushes very regularly. Keep products in a cool/ dry place.

Life span and dating your beauty products.

Skincare tip - bags under your eyes

Dark shadows under your eyes is such a common problem. It can really dent peoples confidence and can often result in people wearing too much make-up to cover it.

I am a strong believer in beauty is more about what you eat then what you apply to your skin. I know we all want the easy answer - take this one pill or apply this cream, but mostly it's about how much nutrients our bodies are getting from the foods we eat. I am educating my daughter everyday that you need to "eat a rainbow" of coloured vegetables and drink enough water for her body to stay healthy. 


  1. It can often be a sign of low iron in your diet. If you are feeling unusually tired I would recommend booking an appointment with your GP to take a blood test. Iron plays an important part in carrying oxygen around your body hence why you feel tired when you are low on it. I personally do not get on with the tablets GPs often give you, so instead use liquid iron as it's far gentler on my stomach. It's very important with skincare to really look at your diet and make sure you are eating a well balanced diet. Make sure you have protein, carbs and veg in every meal. I take mulit-vits as well as a balanced diet and have personally seen a great improvement in my skin's condition. I would go as far as to say it's worth booking an appointment with a nutritional adviser.
  2. Another common cause is dehydration. I would say very few of us actually drink enough drink each day. My tip would be always carry a water bottle with you. I personally don't recommend adding lemon or citrus fruits to your water as it messes the ph in your mouth making you prone to tooth decay. It takes the mouth around 20 mins for the ph to re-balance after eating food or drinking citrus drinks.
  3. Always remove your make-up at night and follow a daily facial routine.

I am always wanting to learn new things, so please feel free to comment on this blog with your own ideas.

Dark bags under eyes


NN Surgical company in Pakistan were kind enough to post me some samples this month to trial out and I am extremely happy with their products.

The tweezers have a great point contact, so ideal for eyelash extension application. The 'volume tweezers', which are curved are ideal for applying multiple lashes to one natural lash as the surface area of the contact point of tweezers is greater. They are very nicely crafted.

They also posted me some other items brow tweezers, scissors, cuticle clippers. All of these items are well crafted and perfect for their intended job. The brow tweezers are perfect for selling and come in a varity of designs. Again the contact point on the brow tweezers is perfect and great at pulling out small stubborn hairs.

All the items are fully metal so can be sterilized in an autoclave. The painted brow tweezers can't be sterilized as the paint will come off, but ideal for retail.

I would recommend these products to any beauty salon.


20151229_171739 20151229_172128

Mubeen Talat 
MRALA ROAD Malkay Kalan 
Sialkot 51310 PAKISTAN.

"We Don't Speak Our Product Speak"

Blogger - Product reviewer

Extra income jobs... also known as direct selling companies

What are Direct Selling Companies?

Direct Selling Companies are a great flexible way to earn a little bit of extra income, but you will need to do the hours in to get a return. These are great for stay at home Mums and their target audience is generally 'stay at home Mum's'. The average commission seems to be around 20-30%. However lots of these companies then add postage, so if it's a small order you won't be getting that commission because the profit will be eaten up with postage costs.

Ethics of these companies seems to be better now, as they actively encourage you not to hold stock as they don't want anyone to have any financial risk or at least very little risk. Most of the start up costs are under £100. If any of these companies actively encourage you to hold stock I would avoid them. Normally you receive products at a discount when you start up with any of these companies. So for example if the start up cost is £100 you get £200 RRP of products.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages. I personally would hate to have to hand deliver each order as I feel that once you've factored in the time for delivering products it would make your hourly rate is very low.

Before signing up for any of these companies... ask the following questions!

  • Is there a monthly fee?
  • Are there monthly targets?
  • How many sales do you need to do to stay registered?
  • Sign up fee?
  • Postage cost?
  • Are there extra fees for an online shop etc?
  • How much admin time/ delivery time of products is needed from you? (Might mean you end up working for £2 a hour!)
  • Does it fit in with what you already offer? So if you are always talking about an organic way of life, stay within the same lines.
  • Is your local area flooded with reps already?

List of some of the direct selling companies in the UK are:

  • Avon. No self hosted online shop at the moment. So you need to directly deliver these to your clients door.
  • Bodyshop.
  • Actiderm.
  • Forever living. Start up cost of around £200! £10 a month to have online shop.
  • Ann Summers.
  • Stella and Dot. Start up cost £169.
  • Arbonne.
  • Partylite.
  • Usborne books.
  • The Pampered Chef.
  • Phoenix Trading.
  • Barefoot books.
  • Herbalife UK LTD.

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fix broken makeup

Recovering broken make-up powder

Make-up hack

How to recover your broken powder pot.

How often does this happen to you? It drives me crazy. I hate waste.

one way to recover your broken eye shadow or face powder after it's been accidentally smashed into little pieces is to mix a little bit of isopropyl alcohol in with it. You will need to keep stirring it until it's smooth and all the lumps have gone and then simply leave it to dry. Don't be tempted to touch it like I did before it's dry! Read more

subscription beauty boxes

Subscription boxes for beauty in the UK

Subscription boxes to your front door! What a fabulous idea! Subscription boxes for random beauty products inside to encourage you to try new and exciting beauty products on the market. I know I am guilty of always buying the same old familiar beauty brands every time. They all currently seem around the £15 a month mark and all varity slightly on what you get. Some subscription companies just send out samples and others are full size products. It's definitely worth shopping around to see what suits you. I just really love the idea of it being a 'mini Christmas' every month with a surprise gift!

Subscription boxes

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What to look for when choosing Russian volume tweezers

What to look for when choosing Russian volume tweezers:

  • Weight of the tweezers
  • Grip when closed - is the surface area increased? Are there any gaps? Do they meet correctly? Light pressure is better.
  • Angle of tip and length of tip/ foot. I find the shorter the easier to place for me as it gives me a more precious placement on eyelash fan without damaging the fine eyelash extensions.
  • Can they be autoclaved? What are they made of?
  • Where is the pressure point on tweezers? Sometimes this is just getting used to a new pair of tweezers. I prefer the pressure point on the tip, but sometimes it's in the middle.
  • Is the angle of tip of volume tweezers going to give you Repetitive strain injury? I perfer 45'.

Having the correct tweezers for doing volume lashes is a must. It is a real skill to be able to fan the eyelash extensions. Fanning lashes takes time to master. I have recently purchased Noir 45 volume tweezers from TPS beauty - lash art direct. Their website is under construction, but their ebay shop is very active. I have tried many tweezers that describe themselves as volume tweezers, but they don't have the surface area to pick up more than one eyelash extension. The Noir 45 have been fabulous as volume tweezers and have made doing 2D/ 3D lashes a lot more easy. I can't stress enough how important it is to have the correct equipment when doing lashes. I personally never buy tweezers with pretty patterns on them as they soon wear off when being autoclaved.

Grip of volume tweezers
Grip of volume tweezers


Also please do note the difference in angle of these tweezers 90' tweezers are extremely uncomfortable to work with when placing volume eyelash extensions. 45' angles are a lot more natural angle. I personally didn't like the Ventus 6ASA tweezers. Noir 45 is by far a better quality product and light weight.


volume eyelash tweezers
Noir 45 - volume eyelash tweezers
volume tweezers
Comparing different angle of volume tweezers


Curved tweezers from . Also work well for volume lashes, but heavier.
volume tweezers for eyelash extensions
Volume lashes are picking up 2 or more individual lashes and placing on one natural eyelash.


I am always on the look out for new products, so please do add links to this blog of eyelash extension equipment you can't be without!

What are your favourite volume tweezers?

Volume tweezers for 2D/ 3D lashes

Products from

Pre-made toddler birthday party bags, cups, plates and all!

Pre-made party bags

I recently got posted some children's party items to review and blog about from party bags and supplies. I had no idea you could buy the party bags pre-filled! This is amazing for people like me who don't have time to go to Poundland to search high and low for party fillers for the appropriate age range. To be honest even the idea of this makes me cringe. Party bags and supplies do themed packs already filled with toys and a treat all extremely carefully parcelled up. It was nice to see that the items hadn't just been thrown in the box. The party bags were nicely wrapped in brown paper.

The parcel included cups, plates, table cloth, banner, a sign for the party, balloons and the pre-filled party bags. There were loads of themes to pick from as well including the all so popular Frozen, Peppa Pig, Batman, Finding Nemo and Tinkerbell. Also they have some discounted at the moment. On there website they have cake toppers and so much more, so it's a perfect place to get everything you need for planning a party. I normally get someone else to make Jessica's birthday cake, but this year I might actually try and give it ago! Although I am sure it will probably end in tears and me at Tescos at 11pm at night the day before lol.Read more

Lisa Angel Owl Cushion

Lisa Angel order - I won the raffle at the bloggers event!

At the recent blogger meet up in Norwich, I won the raffle for Lisa angel. Well, I got to pick the item off the table! I instantly recongized their logo from the edp earlier that day. David Cameron had visited their shop as part of a small business start up thing. I always try and support local companies when I can, so it seemed like the perfect item for me to pick for the raffle and I am really pleased I did.

Their online store is fab! I am also told they have shops in Norwich, but I tend to avoid shopping with a 3 year old as much as possible as there are more exciting things for her I can be doing! Lisa angel does free delivery and also included a stamped address sticker inside with the parcel, so it's so easy to send things back if you make an incorrect order or something isn't what you expected. Their online shop is verified by google, which adds to the extra safe online shopping. I was very impressed with the email updates and the delivery came before it was promised, which was a lovely surprise.

I ordered lots of things which were in the sale. I got a lovely fox scarf, earrings, badger and owl cushions. The cushions go fab in Jessica's playroom! Everything is great quality. There could possibly be more stuffing in the badger, but for £7 who can complain! Also not sure how well it would stand up if it had more, so they probably do have it right. There were some many lovely things on their website that I will definitely be ordering again. I had a 10% my next order also included in the parcel :-)

I see on Twitter they are looking for a permanent photographer's assistant, which will be great as I found not all the pictures of the earrings have people wearing them so makes it hard to know the sizes. I'm always having this problem with online shopping. Last month I bought a bag from Debenham's and it turned out to be the size of a house!

Great company with awesome stuff! I am quite annoyed no-one told me about them earlier!

Lisa Angel Owl Cushion
Lisa Angel Owl Cushion
Lisa Angel Badger Cushion
Lisa Angel Badger Cushion
Lisa Angel Fox Scarf
Lisa Angel Fox Scarf
Lisa Angel Packaging
Lisa Angel Packaging
Lisa Angel Earrings
Lisa Angel Earrings


 Online and store based gifts, jewerelly and homewear in Norwich






Bump eraiser product review

I have recently been asked to product review this product called bump eraiser by Waxxpress .

Bump eraiser cool splash - 125ml - ingrown treatment

RRP £10 exc VAT

The cool splash is used after shaving and smells similar to TCP. This can be used after shaving, laser hair removal or similar. This works fantastically to help soothe skin after hair removal. It contains fruit acids and chamomile. Personally I think it takes a good week or so to start seeing the results, but I can now say that it has really decreased the amount of ingrowing hairs I used to get. I believe if you regularly use your  exfoliating brush and moisturise, it could prevent them even more. Ingrowing hairs are often caused by dry skin, so keeping the skin soft is essential. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers with ingrowing hairs.

Bump eraiser medi paste - 30 ml

RRP £10 exc VAT

The medi paste is to use on the bump once the hair has started to get infected. It says to apply twice a day or as needed. For best results apply under a plaster (band aid, if you are Australian or American) to the problem area. I did still sadly get some ingrowing hairs even with using cool splash, but the medi paste has quickly taken away any redness caused by them without having to try and remove the hair. It is never a good idea to pick at ingrowing hairs as this can leave awful scarring. The bump eraiser paste is really thick and smells of tea tree.


I have left the product in the bathroom for my husband to try after shaving and he can confirm there is no stinging what-so-ever after using cool splash directly after shaving. These products are suitable for any part of the body. This is a product I will continue to use.

If you would like to purchase this product from me I can place an order for you and collect will be from my Norwich beauty salon.

Test patch advised before using this product.

Australian brand.

Ingrowing hair treatment