Pinks & Pampering with Imagine Spa and Adnams Store Norwich

Last night me and my friend Emma had a lovely evening at the Adnams Store in Norwich hosted by Bonnie the store manager and the lovely Diane from Imagine Spa in Blofield.

It was an evening of trying various different pinks by Adnams. Bonnie the manager has a wealth of knowledge on her drinks and I would highly recommend speaking to her direct before purchasing anything from their store.

I was given a superb file and paint by Charlotte the spa manager of Imagine Spa. Imagine Spa in Blofield is definitely the first spa I recommend to friends and clients. They are extremely welcoming and friendly and always happy to customise packages etc to suit your needs.

The Adnams function room had been decorated by two ladies who had recently opened up in the business of decorating rooms for events such as a wedding, engagement parties, birthdays etc. They have a real passion for it!

I am very much looking forward to more nights hosted by Diane and Bonnie in the future. The Halloween one they have planned sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun!

Adnams Store Norwich
Adnams Store Norwich


manicure from Imagine Spa in Norwich


adnams-southwold imagine spa in norfolk


spa day in Norwich

“Glamour in the Garden with a Hint of Gin” at Imagine Spa

Who fancies joining me at this lovely event? Imagine Spa host lots of really lovely entertaining events at their Blofield Spa in Norfolk. The spa has a fabulous well cared for garden with two relaxing pods for people to chill out and chat in. Every time I have been to the spa the chefs have really gone to town with the food and it's always outstanding. I always look forward to going here. This event has the added bonus of gin! So what more could I ask for! Booking details below. Please book directly with Imagine Spa.


“Glamour in the Garden with a Hint of Gin” event at Imagine Spa in Blofield, Norfolk on Tuesday 7th June 6pm-8pm.

The evening will consist of an evening in and around the beautiful Garden and relax pods - Spa Tours – Therapists offering mini-taster treatments - file & paint and shoulder/hand massages – Adnams will have a pop-up Gin tasting and make a Gin cocktail bar also a bubbles tastings – Chefs will provide tasty nibbles.

Tickets £15 each telephone 01603 712550 to book –


imagine spa in norfolk

swap box Norwich

Beauty swap box in Norwich

UPDATE: Currently not available.

Beauty items to swap

It's January and I seem to be having a massive sort out! How much stuff do we have around our house that we just don't use any more or bought only to decide it's not really what we wanted?

Well at my Norwich beauty salon I have a swap box, which is designed for items you don't use, but don't want to waste them by putting them in the bin. The amount of creams I have used for my skin and actually they just don't suit my skin type, or Christmas presents that were well-intentioned, but just don't work for me.

The idea of the swap box is that you put something in and take something out! I often take things to a charity shop rather than just throwing them away, but they are understandably quite fussy on what they can and can't take, so this idea of a beauty swap box works well for half used bottles of lotions.

swap box Norwich

swap beauty items in Norwich
Current swap box. The contents of this basket changes every week!

I recently went to a clothes swapping party hosted by my friend Alice and it was fab! I came away with two new (for me) tops completely free of charge! I am thinking of hosting my own swap party soon. I hate the idea of things going to waste and it's a great way of getting new things without breaking the bank!

If you have clothes that aren't in good enough condition you can take them to your local H&M shop and they will give you a £5 off your next purchase voucher. Please never throw anything away just because it's ripped or out of fashion. There are people out there who can make use of them.

Old hats and warm coats I would get in contact with Norwich soup movement or the people's picnic they are always after items for homeless at this time of the year.

Norwich beauty items swap

Norwich bloggers

NRWBloggers: Halloween Event for Norwich bloggers

Norwich bloggers Halloween beauty event by Norwich bloggers.


bloggers event
@norwich_blogger #nrwbloggers

Norwich blogger Courteney, Hannah and Justine arranged a lovely Halloween themed beauty bloggers event this month. They invited Charlie Long Norwich make-up artist along to create two Halloween themed make overs on Courteney.

The first look was fab. Dark red eyes and deep red lipstick. Charlie is a Mac make-up lover like me.

Norwich photographer blogger
The first look being photographed by my husband Andy.

Norwich bloggers

Blogger in Norfolk

The second look 'poison ivy' was a lot more dramatic. Charlie brought along a fab wig and leaves to apply to the face to really finish the look. Charlie gave out loads of secrets while she was creating these looks. The two best secrets for me are to apply micro tape under the eyes while applying eyeliner and to place eyeshadow catchers under the eyes while applying glittery eyeshadows to catch all the excess glitter. I didn't even know they sold these! Which meant Charlie's finished make-up wasn't ruined by Courteney being covered in green glitter!Read more

imagine spa Norwich

Wine tasting at Imagine Spa in Blofield

This week I had a lovely wine tasting evening at Imagine Spa with my good friend Emma. I thought it was going to be a sales event to be honest to get me to buy wine, but it wasn't at all! The lovely Laura from Adnams wine along with Paul the director of Blue Sky Leisure and marketing manager Julie wanted to invite some of their members to help them choose their new wine menu.

imagine spa Norwich

It was an absolutely lovely evening. Starting with one hour in the thermal suite to unwind followed by the food and wine in the main area. The food as always was outstanding. The chefs there are clearly extremely passionate about their menu. There was a gorgeous beef dish, smoked on site salmon, flatbread stuffed with hummus, olives, homemade breads, soft cheeses ending with amazing homemade sorbet and fruit dessert. Honestly, I can't recommend their food enough. They actually do a restaurant service here too with a full menu of lovely dishes available to indulge in after your spa treatments. I can't stress enough how flexible Imagine Spa in Blofield is. There was a lady there who couldn't have gluten, so the chef had prepared and baked her her own gluten-free bread. When you do go to Imagine Spa in Blofield don't be worried about chatting to the chefs about your dietary needs as they will be more than happy to create you something special. You don't even need to use the spa here to be able to enjoy their menu.

food at spa Norwich

Laura from Adnams wine was fabulous and made the evening great fun! We had 9 wines to try. Laura knew each wine inside out. She recommends which piece of food on our places complimented each wine. My favourite was the Merlot, which is great with chicken at BBQs. It's a wine from Chile and surprisingly only £6.50 a bottle from Adnams Norwich. I actually enjoyed all the wines except one Rose, which Emma was more than happy to help me out with... no waste from us on a wine tasting event! I also liked the Pinot Gris white called Tattybogler, which is surprising as I am not normally a white wine person. However, my preference would still always be red.

imagine spa norwich

Thanks Imagine Spa for the invite, we both had an awesome night! Not sure how helpful we both were though in you choosing your new wine menu ;-)

day spa Norwich

Norwich Blogger - UK

Indian head massage

UPDATE: Currently not available at my Norwich beauty salon.

Indian Head Massage - add on at pamper parties

Indian head massage, also known as Champissage.

About Indian head massage

Working on the head, face, arms and shoulders this Indian head massage works on your muscles to open blocked energy channels and leaves you feeling invigorated. The benefits of Indian head massages are endless! Read more on wiki. An Indian head massage is done with all phones turned off, relaxing music on, which you can bring your own CD and dimmed lights. The Indian head massage is done over clothes and with or without oil.

Indian head massages are always extremely popular at pamper parties and I always insist on doing the treatment in a separate room, so the client gets the full benefit from it away from all the giggles. Fantastic for an evening pamper parties as you have an amazing nights sleep afterwards.

Benefits of Indian head massage

Reduce stress & tension, relaxing, ease tense muscles, toxins released from muscles, relieves tension, eye strain, headaches, increase oxygen supply, improves lymphatic/ blood circulation, joint movement aided, helps relieve sinusitis & many more.

Aftercare for Indian head massage

Reduce the amount of stimulants in your everyday life and diet, for example; tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes (where possible). Increase your water intake - ideally up to 2 litres a day. Eat a varied balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Practice deep breathing exercises. Find your own relaxation techniques and have (where possible) regular relaxation periods throughout the day. Make time to do a little exercise each day. Donʼt feel guilty about looking after yourself.

45-minute appointment

30 minute treatment time

relaxing, stress-reducing head massage

"Thank you so much for my lovely Indian head massage! It was very relaxing  See you after my holiday for some TLC for my nails!" - Annelise Taylor-Rushbrooke

"Thank you so much for a fabulous head massage, I yawned all the way home – sooo relaxing xxx see you soon xxx" - Sarah

Indian head massage - Norwich

Summer Norwich bloggers meet up

#NRWsummer (using this hashtag for the event on Twitter)

bloggers event

Last weekend I had an awesome meet up with some fellow bloggers in Norwich at The Garden House pub. Most of the blogger's blog about fashion and make-up, so my husband Andy who is a lifestyle/photography blogger felt a little out of place at times I think! He is a wedding photographer based in Norwich

The three ladies who organised @courtypeachJustinebblogger and @HMMUA planned out the whole afternoon.

bloggers meet up in Norwich

The yoga was by Helen Shepherd yoga. She was awesome and all the ladies who joined in did great in front of a beer garden full of people!

yoga in Norwich

Also, they did a social media talk. This didn't personally do a lot for me as it wasn't really aimed at bloggers, just mentioned Hootsuite and similar... which I think every social media person I have ever talked to goes on and on about! I am not really a fan of social media though as it wastes so much time. It is a good tool to drive traffic to your website, so shame this wasn't mentioned more. Although he was good, I am a social media grump! Too many companies spam it and it just ends up full of ads. I would have been interested in a chat aimed at blogging though and how to increase audience etc.Read more

Are you getting married this year and want to be on TV?

Email from Twofour:

We are currently casting for a new documentary about people getting married. We are keen to explore the week leading up to a wedding and the wedding itself so would focus on the bride and her family and the groom and his family as they prepare for their exciting and memorable day. We are keen for the tone to be genuine, warm and celebratory and reflect the breadth of different types of weddings in modern Britain.

To tell you a bit about Twofour, we were voted Best Independent Production Company in the country at the 2014 Broadcast Awards and we specialise in working with sensitive organisations and charities to produce ground breaking documentary series.  In the past we have worked with the Department of Education to produce multi-award winning series Educating Essex and Educating Yorkshire for Channel 4, the Navy to create Royal Marines Commando School (Channel 4) and Clarence House and the MOD on Harry’s South Pole Heroes (ITV).

It would be fantastic if you could forward this info, (or the flyer attached), on to your clients getting married between Aug-Oct 2015, in case they are potentially interested in being involved. There is no one particular type of wedding that we have in mind but we do like the idea of a big wedding that involves family as well as friends and we are interested in the way two families come together for a wedding.


Screenshot 2015-07-20 at 10.24.33

Getting married 2015 and want to be on TV

Post 3 on Victorian house renovation – Hallway and bedrooms

Previous posts are :

Our new house

Victorian house renovation – living rooms and starting hallway

It's been 6 months now since we moved in and we are slowly but surely getting there. I am now ready to take a bit of a break from DIY as it's now the builders turn to take over.

Middle room - dining room/ living area at the moment

The middle room has had a ceiling rose added and over the top fancy light fitting! Andy has had ongoing knee problems for the last 4 months or so, so this means the wooden floor in there is going to take a while till it's completed.



Too much stuff in this room at the moment to take a nice photo!
Slowly filling the floor boards with wedges... long boring job!


The blue old wallpaper had to go. It had peeled off in places and was looking very worn. The whole hallway ideally need to be plastered, however I feel the new extension might take up more funds than planned, so for now we have painted it with a coat of magnolia. It feels so much cleaner and fresher the instant you walk in now. The carpet on the stairs was extremely worn and dirty, so has now been removed and for now, I have painted the floorboards. It seems pointless laying carpet when I have builders coming in the next couple of months. However the floorboards look fab to me, so we might be keeping them now. It's a lot easier to keep clean with a 4-year-old and lots of people in and out of my house. The floor tiles have had a linseed oil and white spirit mix applied and scrubbed. I am not doing any skirting boards until the winter now until again I sound like a broken record the builders have gone. I don't want white gloss, so need to decide what I do want for these.



Jessica's bedroom Read more

Wedding make-up at Benefit counter in House of Fraser

Wedding make-up at Benefit counter in Norwich

My good friend Alice is getting married this year and doesn't believe in spending a fortune on their wedding. Alice is very similar to me on this one and as unromantic as it sounds it really is just one day. Marriage is for life, so I personally don't believe spending 15 grand or whatever the national average is now. Having your make-up done professionally can take a large portion of your budget.

From the #Norwichmeetup arranged last year on Twitter I got a voucher for a free makeover at the benefit counter. My other half Andy (Norwich wedding photographer) didn't want his voucher, so me and Alice went together!Read more