How to stop biting your nails?

I feel this blog post might be a work in progress! My daughter Jessica just won't stop biting her nails and they are getting extremely sore. Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments

nail biting
Nail biting.

Things I've either tried, or had suggest so far have been:

  1. Treat! Reward chart with a nail polish as a treat at the end of the week
  2. Chewable jewerelly.
  3. Nasty tasting nail polish
  4. Keep hands occupied while watching telly etc. Fidget tools are great for this.
  5. Squeezable ball, mini puzzle or similar
  6. Promise to paint their nails once they are beautiful or treat them to a manicure.
  7. Make sure school is aware and other care givers
  8. Is it a learnt behaviour? Is someone else biting their nails around them? If yes this might need to be addressed first.
  9. Is anything causing child to be anxious? Starting new school?
  10. Buy books on keeping good hygiene to help educate young children. Children who bite their nails often get worms. Eggs get stuck under their nails.
  11. Hynoposis

Why am I so worried about nail biting?

Nail and cuticle biting can damage the fingers and leave permanent scars. It can also leave the skin open to infections. I have personally known a friend of mine to got blood poisoning (septicaemia) and ended up on an antibiotic drip in hospital. I think it's really important to try and stop your toddler/ children to stop doing this at a young age before the habit lies too deep.

Please feel free to comment on this blog with your own ideas.

Ways to stop biting nails

ingrowing toe nail

Very little natural toe nail left after ingrowing toe nail treatment

This client came to me in a panic just before her holiday as she is desperate to wear flip flops on her sunny holiday. She has had pretty much all her natural toe nail removed. What she has left is thin and very damaged. I never make any promises with this treatment as I can't guarantee how long the false toe nail glue will hold the full false nail in place. I do this treatment as more of an educational one to show my client how they can do this at home. I use a gel nail file to shape the full false toe nail and to take down short, so it's not catching on the shoes. The full false toe nail is applied with nail glue and held in place with a cuticle pusher until the glue has set. As the natural toe nail was so thin I didn't dare buff it flat, so only 1/3 of the full false toe nail was attached. I have shown the client how to stick the nail back on and advised to wear open shoes, so they don't catch on the inside of her shoes. It will be interesting to know how long they stayed in place.Read more

Are you looking after your staff enough?

Me and Leigh-Ann (trusted beautician friend also in Norwich) spent the morning at Kaplan accounting training , who offer accounting and business training in Norwich. They are a great group of people and we could tell that they really look after each other as a team.

Kaplan really strive to be an excellent and caring company. Their real drive is to be on the Top times 100 wellbeing list! What a wonderful list to be on as an employer. They are now on the 'watch' list, so I wish them all the best in achieving this goal. They very much deserve it! Number one on the list at the moment is Simply business. It's a really interesting list to read. I think job seekers should definitely check this out before going on interviews!

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Mixing Shellac gel polish to make new colours

Shellac gel polish is fab! It sets under a UV light and is no chip or peel for around 15 days. It's an American gel polish and they were the first company to create this product. I have lots of their colours in, but it would cost small fortune to stock every shade! Which is why I love Shellac because it gives you the option to create new colours by mixing two or more colours together. Today I mixed a deep purple (grape gum) and white (studio white) together to create a lovely light purple. It reminded us of parma violets as a kid! They came in every single child's goody bag. This colour is a great Summer colour. I personally tend to have lighter colours in the Summer and darker colours come Autumn.

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Toe nail damaged by high heels in nightclub

Damage from high heel shoes to toe nail.

Toes today! Previous damage from being stood on by high heel shoes in nightclub. Full false toe nails applied to big toes and shown how to do this at home. The full false nails aren't made as one size fits all. You need to shape them to your own toe nail shape. Doctors have given the all clear on infections, but advised to keep really clean today. I am slightly concerned by the lifting of her right toe. However like I said the doctors have send away samples and it's clear of any infections. I have told her to do vinegar soaks and apply creams given to her by her doctor. Read more

Vinegar foot soak as part of a pedicure?

Vinegar foot soak as part of a deluxe pedicure

"Before and after soaking my clients feet in vinegar! I used 50% vinegar and 50% water soaking for about 30 mins. The hard skin just fell off her feet with the foot file!"

This is a two hour treatment to remove the hard build up of dry skin on your skin.

This may sound crazy, but vinegar is amazing at naturally removing dry skin from your feet. I use a vinegar soak for 30 minutes to soften your feet. Vinegar is amazing on your feet and I recommend my clients to soak their feet regularly in vinegar to maintain removal of dry skin. After the vinegar soak I use a foot file to gently remove all the dry skin, which has been softened by the vinegar soak. It's amazing how easy the dry skin comes away. Following this I use a sugar exfoliation on your feet to remove any excess dry skin not removed previously. If there is time I can do a paraffin wax dip depending on how much dry skin there was to remove. A deep foot massage with almond oil and moisturiser is applied after treatment. Finally I finish with a polish on the toe nails. This is the ultimate treatment for people who suffer with pain and discomfort with their feet. Build up of hard skin on your feet can be extremely painful when walking, so it's very important not to allow it to get to this stage.Read more

wedding pamper party

Caroline's wedding pamper party

Bridal pampering

This week I received some lovely photos from Caroline who I did a pamper party for just before she got married in June.

On the night the boys headed down the pub and us girls stays at Caroline's Mum house to prepare the ladies for the big day ahead. I had Sarah-Lou helping me on the night and we painted nails with gel polish to ensure they were perfect on the day. To save on place I brought a large oil cloth to protect the table and we done the nails on Caroline's Mum dining table. Gel polish takes up to 15 days no chip or peel. Shellac polish is extremely easy to remove and I give my clients full details on how to do this at home. Alternatively you can buff off the colour and allow the base gel coat to grow out naturally reducing the contact with acetone (gel remover). Best practice is to get a beauty salon to remove the gel polish for you after the 2 weeks. Read more

Gellux hard gel nail extensions

Gellux hard gel nail extensions

I no longer offer this treatment due to low demand and shelf life of the product, but have put a blog post together on how to use it including the manufacturing instructions. It's a great product I just don't have the demand for it at my beauty salon. I personally prefer offering the gel polish nails, which go over your natural nail length.

The UV Gellux hard gel nail extensions treatment is done by sculpting the gel over foil forms to shape the extension to the desired look. You can also use pre-made tips. I personally don't use the white stick on tips like some nail technicians do, I believe in creating a more natural look from scratch. The hard gel is non-porous, so they can't be removed by soaking them in acetone. They need to be buffered down leaving a thin layer of gel to naturally grow out. These nail extensions are a long term solution and need infilling where the gel has grown out every 2-3 weeks. The advantage of them being non-porous is that you don't have to worry about other chemicals penetrating the gels and causing them to lift or discolouring them. An ideal solution if you want to wear nail extensions permanently.

Gellux hard gel infills 2-3 weeks

Infills are needed to fill in the gap where your natural nail has grown. This is recommended every 2-3 weeks.

Gellux hard gel extension repair

After 48 hours there is a small charge for repairing broken nail extensions. After this time it's seen to be not a bonding problem.

Gellux hard gel removal

Removal of UV hard gel by buffering leaving behind a very thin layer to naturally grow out.

Nail art available

form nail extensions


gel nail extensions






gel extensions



nail extensions norwich








nail extensions norwich


Gellux hard gel nail extensions

nail extensions norwich

Gellux hard gel







Pedicure norwich

Pedicure- hard skin removal - callus peel in Norwich

Pedicure Norwich

Pedicure treatments involve: callus removal, cuticle work and file / paint. Choose from paraffin wax / spa bath / pedicure mask / massage / callus filing / exfoliations / Gellux gel polish / OPI file and paint. You can pick your own bespoke pedicure to suit your needs!

Callus is the thickening of hard skin due to repeated friction. This can build up on your feet and become extremely nasty looking. I recommend regular pedicures to keep on top of this problem.

I offer a one and a half hour pedicure to remove this hard skin. The pedicure can offer a variety options from callus peel style treatment, which is a softening pedicure mask, paraffin wax bath pedicure, spa bath and gentle filing. I am pretty flexible on this appointment, I book you in for a one and a half hour pedicure so that you can pick and choose what you want in that time. If you have minimal hard skin you may choose to have Gellux gel polish on the nails. However if you have a large amount of build up I would recommend having more callus removal treatments on your feet.

The foot softening mask I use to remove the callus contains tea tree oil, which is well known for its anti-fungal properties. This mask softens and soothes the skin, before I use a callus file to remove the dry skin.

You could also choose the spa bath to soak your feet. This is a wonderful treatment as the spa bath has a vibrating setting, which massages your feet during the pedicure.

Paraffin wax treatment has some amazing medical benefits. Check out more on wiki.

If you have severe callus build up and corns. I would personally recommend you see a chiropodist.  They are specialized in removing the hard build up and have some very effective tools for removing callus and corns.

There are many callus peel treatments on the market and they make amazing promises! Please note a lot of their promo photos take up to 6 weeks to get the results they are promising, it's not as instant as the marketing might have you believe. The pedicure mask I use is very effective and I give you lots of tips on how to carry up softening your feet at home.

Pedicure norwich
pedicure norwich
pedicure norwich
pedicure norwich

Pedicure treatment in Norwich by Elizabeth Smith Beauty.


manicure norwich

Short nails are in at Norwich beauty salon!

This year short nails are the new long nails for manicures, so Gellux gel polish is ideal! It's 15 days no chip or peel on average on your nails. Also you can add some nail art to make them look really special. I have lots of glitter and nail pens to create some really exciting designs too.

I love having gel polish on my toe nails as it lasts around 1-2 months on me without chipping. It gives a high gloss tidy finish which I love. I have over 30 colours available to pick from. I adore this pale pink in the photo for hands and love red on my toes. I would highly recommend having these if you are a nail biter as it prevents many of my clients from picking and biting their nails.

This gel is porous, so can be soaked off with acetone. I charge slightly less for my gel polish application as I give people the option of removing them at home. To remove them simply follow the instructions on my previous blog post on how to remove Gellux gel polish.

Gel nails aren't suitable for anyone with extremely damaged nails, as the gel bonds better to strong healthy nails. If you nails are peeling and flaky it's unlikely to last the full 15 days. If you nails aren't in great condition try OPI file and paint manicure instead.

Gel polish nails are very popular for pamper parties. I have done loads of these around peoples homes especially just before a wedding when a large group of ladies all need their nails doing. These are great fun as the host normally provides her guests with lovely food and drink. Also works well for celebrating birthday, baby showers, proms etc.

There are many gel polishes out on the market like Shellac, Gelish, Orly, OPI and they all work in very similar ways.

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nails Norwich
nails Norwich

Nails Norwich