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Colin Jeffrey, the co-owner of Iceni magazine, asked me to write a number of beauty and networking related articles for his free local magazine called Iceni. I have written four articles in total for the Iceni magazine. Three on beauty and one on networking. It's a free monthly lifestyle magazine available around Norwich. You can find out where you can pick up one of these magazines up from their website. It's also available to read online. It's a very popular magazine, so it's worth advertising in if you are a local company.

I chose the networking one to write about how hard it is to network with a small children. I help admin on a group called mum2mum business networking, which is designed for busy self-employed Mums who find it hard to make it to networking events. At our networking events the kids are welcome. We meet up regularly and swap business cards and ideas.

The three beauty articles I wrote were on pamper parties, eyelash extensions and over plucked eyebrows. The eyelash extensions article was to raise awareness for poorly done lashes in Norwich. Sadly there are a lot of ladies doing eyelash extensions incorrectly to purely make a profit as they can be done in less time if not done properly. The technique they use isn't isolating the natural eyelashes and can end up causing damage to ladies lashes. If someone is willing to do eyelash extensions on you without a test patch this normally indicates that they are not trained or insured. Also they will frequently have offers on as the technique they use is impossible to infill correctly and causes pain (which should never happen with eyelash extensions), so they are always looking for new clients and bringing them in with silly offers.

I love writing articles for local magazines, so if you need contents for a magazine please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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Article for Norwich's Bump, Baby & Toddler Magazine

Media article on beauty

Lucy Stone recently asked me to write her an article on beauty for her first ever addition of The Bump, Baby and Toddler Magazine. I met Lucy as a client of mine and through Mum2mum business networking group, which I help admin. We have a very active facebook chat group. Lucy asked me to write some top tips about how finding 'me time' is important as a Mum and tips on how to make yourself feel good with little time on your hands.

It's a very stressful time when you first have a baby and your hormones are all over the place, so it's vital to find time for yourself. I recommend a good skincare routine and semi-permanent eyelash extensions as they make you feel great when you have no time to apply makeup. To get great skin I recommend regular facials and a good healthy diet, along side your daily water intake. A good healthy diet isn't easy when you have a newborn baby as you have very little time to prepare food. I used my slowcooker daily pretty much when my daughter Jessica was under 6 months old.

If you would like to know more about the Bump, baby and toddler magazine contact Lucy directly from her website. Lucy Stone is the owner of Events in the East and has now run three baby shows in Norwich at the UEA sports park and the magazine goes nicely along side it. I am looking forward to seeing more magazines from Lucy in the future.

I am always happy to write articles for magazine and papers, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

baby magazine
Since article I wrote for Norwich' number 1 bump, baby and toddler magazine.

Beauty article for Bump, baby and toddler magazine in Norwich

Iceni Magazine

Magazine article on pamper parties and uneven eyelash growth

I have written an article for a new up and coming free Norwich based publication called Iceni Magazine. This is the sample magazine and I'm pleased to say that I will be contributing to their first official edition next month. It's going to be a free monthly lifestyle magazine in the Norwich area, available online and from key locations in the city.

For more information and the full sample magazine check out their website , I am on page 10 :-)


Article in Iceni magazine March 2013