Sugaring for hair removal by Toni at Waxed Works in Norwich

What is sugaring?

sugaring Norwich

Sugaring is one of the oldest recorded methods of hair removal, dating back to the Egyptian times and it appears that it may be about to have a revival!

Hair removal sugar is simply sugar, water and lemon juice, cooked together until the perfect consistency has been achieved, it is then left to cool and is ready to use. It can be made at home but is so affordable from sugaring manufacturers and specialist salons that I wouldn’t bother risking sugar burns and mess, and that’s before you consider what an incredibly hard technique it is to master.

The benefits of sugaring is that it is 100% natural so is perfect for clients with allergies (although these are fairly uncommon), it is used at body temperature so there is no risk of client discomfort due to skin sensitivity; from our experience, it appears to be less uncomfortable than other forms of hair removal and finally sugar is water soluble, so it is easier to keep your client and salon clean.Read more

Solution for Scars

solution for scars


World First: New Studies Shows Effectiveness of Natural Substance Scientifically Verified to SHRINK Scars

Manchester, UK – XX June 2015It would be unusual to encounter surgeons; whose tools to help our skin recover from wounds and incisions have long involved high-tech sutures, pristine needlework, lasers and topical silicone gels; waxing lyrical about the properties of ancient medicinal treatments going back millennia. Yet one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and an internationally acclaimed wound healing scientist are doing just that: having proven for the first time ever the unique power of one particular natural ingredient in reducing the appearance of scars. This is significant as most of the currently available gels and oils that have been prescribed for decades, have limited scientific basis for their use.

By thoroughly investigating the properties of an ancient remedy, one of Britain’s foremost plastic surgeons alongside one of the world’s most published wound healing scientists have revealed a scientifically proven product for treating scars – and surprisingly, it’s completely natural. Whilst green tea has been consumed in the Far East for generations and is traditionally recommended for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, a specific active green tea extract identified by their study has been proven to actually shrink scars. It is now one of the active ingredients in Solution for Scars ( a brand new over-the-counter product launching this month.

The ground breaking research led by scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat, in collaboration with Mr Douglas McGeorge, a former President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), has demonstrated that this particular active form of green tea extract allows a completely different approach to scar management. Rather than using the usual products available to coat and protect an already-formed scar, the team identified that active green tea’s unique properties start working effectively from early on. Thereby, the active extract addresses both the initial redness and irritation, as well as helping radically change the course of scar development.

Once a wound is closed, the body naturally enters into an inflammatory phase. The skin can become dry, itchy and uncomfortable. Available scar treatments have historically provided mainly inert silicone-based formulations, with little scientifically proven data behind them. They only offer temporary relief, by sitting on the upper layer of the skin, acting as a barrier and trapping moisture. Most contain no active ingredients. A new evidence-based study, published this month in the Archives of Dermatological Research on the role of topical treatments and dressings in the management of scarring,* has reviewed the lack of data, and summarised concisely the ineffectiveness of some of these current treatments.

Designed to be applied as soon as the wound is closed, Solution for Scars starts actively reducing irritable skin by immediately controlling the irritation and redness, enhancing the skin’s reparative response and thus already minimising the appearance of the scar as it begins to develop. It has a direct effect on the progression of the scar and promotes healthier recovery as the skin can heal without interference from constant itching and uncomfortable symptoms, resulting in a scar that appears smoother and less visible.

As an international expert in Keloid scarring (an invasive, aggressive and recurrent scar type) and one of the most published clinician scientists worldwide on the topic of wound healing in human skin, Dr

Ardeshir Bayat wanted to find a solution that combined the best that science and nature could offer. He explains:

Although the inclusion of green tea may seem common, it’s an ingredient made up of many different compounds. We’ve been developing the research into various individual components of green tea and, following exhaustive experimentation; we identified a particular extract, which is the key active ingredient in our effective formula Solution for ScarsTM. In contrast to the treatment options on the market, our formula induces a completely new outcome for the appearance of scars. This promotion of early intervention has been proven to change the course of scar formation, a concept that has not been contemplated previously.”

Douglas McGeorge, one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeons in the UK and who worked in close collaboration with Dr Bayat in this research, had also noticed a lack of effective products on offer to patients after surgery. He explains:

“Patients could be treated by the world’s best surgeon yet most will focus on the visible aspect of lasting scars. Marketing constantly bombards people with the dream of having ‘perfect skin’ and the look of conspicuous scars is undesirable. As well as producing the must-have product for the bathroom cabinet, our research has been directed to help surgeons provide the best aftercare treatments possible; to enhance the effects of their work! Solution for Scars™ provides a better outcome both symptomatically and visibly. As it’s based on naturally occurring actives, it’s affordable to everyone – as suitable to breast augmentation or facelift patients, as it is to children’s scraped knees.”

Dr Ardeshir Bayat, who has given more than 450 presentations worldwide on the topic of wound repair and regeneration and published in excess of 390 original papers, reviews, scientific abstracts and book chapters, is an active member of the American Wound Healing and the European Tissue Repair Societies. He concludes:

“Our research has broken the mould when it comes to effective products to make a significant difference in the successful management of scarring. Solution for Scars™ works differently and far more effectively than some of the existing products on the market. Solid scientific research and harnessing the very best that nature can offer underpins all of our product development – and we now have the scientific evidence to back it up.”

The product, which is fragrance and paraben free, also includes microalgae and seawater minerals to keep skin hydrated and moisturised.

Solution for Scars is available via priced at £18.99 for 30ml. For press enquiries please contact Kate Chaundy on 0207 250 4750 /



About Science of Skin

Science of Skin Ltd ( was founded by consultant plastic surgeon Douglas McGeorge and academic skin biologist Dr Ardeshir Bayat in order to provide innovative solutions for family skin health. Combining the most ground-breaking ingredients from science and nature into effective skin treatments that safely helping to heal, soothe and repair skin.


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Massage in North Norfolk - Holt, Cromer area by Gem Fisher

Hi there I’m Gem Fisher from Natural Way Therapies in North Norfolk - Elizabeth has kindly allowed me to be a guest blogger on her site so I can introduce myself to all you lovely ladies, I live in Cromer with my husband, our four children and our two dogs, Cromer is a lovely place to live this time of year as you can imagine with a lot of time spent enjoying the lovely beach with children and dogs a like, I find the water really fills me with a sense of peace and balance.

I’m a Clinical Aromatherapist and I also teach Hypnosis for childbirth, I generally work in north Norfolk around the Holt and Cromer area, I like to be flexible and work both in therapy rooms around the area or travel to ladies homes, I also enjoy doing the odd pamper party ( I generally don’t have male clients as I work alone). I love making people happy and it’s really rewarding when I can literally see the stress fall off them as I work with them, it always makes me smile when I come away from giving a treatment just as relaxed as the person receiving it. I work in a very holistic way taking into consideration my clients life as a whole,  the environment, our thinking and the very way we use  our body eg. posture, breathing techniques and even our thought processes can really influences our health and can have either a positive or negative effect, both physically and mentally, so I really try and take all factors into account when I’m treating people.

I use Aromatherapy to help people with many stress related health issues, Anxiety being a prime example as this causes so much stress on the body it creates a whole host of illnesses. I have been thinking lately I’d like to extend my reach to the Norwich area, I have looked into the possibility of seeing clients at the complementary health clinic and Elizabeth has asked me if I’d like to come and massage at one of her pamper parties, which I’d be delighted to as soon as we can sync up some dates, I can offer 1/2 hr neck & shoulder, aromatherapy facials, face & scalp massage, 1 hr full body or even a nice foot and leg massage as a treat. I charge £20 for a half hour or £40 for the full.

If you would like to contact me to book a treatment or discuss any queries you can do so on 07826595011. I look forward to speaking to you all soon.

massage Norfolk

Massage in North Norfolk

Natural Eyelashes with Latisse from Medica Depot

Natural Eyelashes with Latisse

Every woman cherishes her natural appearance. In search for beauty and extravagance, we are always prepared to go a step further and do whatever it needs to remain attractive. As strange as it sounds, it is something that defines us. Our appearance and looks are something that gives us confidence in tough situations, allowing us to overcome even the biggest obstacles in our way. So, it comes as a no surprise that we will feel bad if that beauty is disturbed in any way. As hard as we try, there are certain situations that we can’t control. There are certain diseases and conditions that can negatively affect us. One such issue is Hypotrichosis.

This disease affects our hair and especially eyelashes. It can make it brittle and thin and it can eventually lead to complete loss of hair. Hypotrichosis appears after childhood. In this period of life, lighter, vellus hair cannot be replaced by darker, terminal hair because of this disease. In some cases, it can even lead to baldness. Sometimes, this condition can be caused by HallermannStreiff syndrome.Read more

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What is Semi-permanent make-up and what to expect at your appointments by Kendall Jarrett

Semi Permanent Make Up for brows

Semi Permanent Make Up is an up and coming treatment in the UK which has been around for many years but has most recently been made public with celebrities such as TOWIE members and bigger celebs alike.
It is a process of implanting pigment which is hypo-allergenic which the body can break down over time, hence the 'semi permanent' part.
The treatment consists of two stages. The first stage is where we discuss your medical history, consultation of what you are looking to achieve and the desired shape is discussed and drawn out with a brow pencil. We measure where your brow should start, arch and finish. Which is measured in detail to the shape and size of your face.
Once you are happy with the drawing we then discuss colours and end goal.
I specialise in a 'natural hair stroke' so that is many small and precise strokes with a needle to look like a natural hair flow.
Once the drawing, size, shape and colour is agreed the first past begins.
It only takes around 20-30 minutes for the first session with the tattooing.
It is only implanted 2mm into the layer of the skin so there isn't a much pain as a normal tattoo.
I can use topical anaesthetics to relive some of the discomfort before and during the procedure.

Once the first session is complete you then have to wait for the healing to being. Which takes up to 4-6 weeks. So you can not have your second session before this time.
In the photos I have put some before, immediately after, 4 weeks later ready for the top up and finished brow photos so you can understand why you need two sessions.
The second session is booked in after the first session and is to 'top up' the pigment colour, perfect any colour loss of change in shape due to scabbing and pigment loss.
The second procedure only takes 10-15 minutes. Once this is completed you are then left with beautiful defined brows for 12-18 months. As we recommend to come back annually to keep the brows looking dark and defined.

After care depends individually, it is advised to keep the brows dry, and only moisturise with a Vaseline once a day to keep hard scabs at bay.

brow tattoo Norwich hair stroke tattoo brows Norwich semi-permanent brows Norwich bond brows tattoo Norwich

Kendall Jarrett brow tattoos

146 St Benedicts Street




01603 465728

Guest Blog - Honeymoon in Vietnam Week 3

Our third and final week started with us flying to Hanoi from Hue. We flew with Vietnam Air and it only cost £100 for the three of us, seemed so cheap that we couldn't refuse really, not when the alternative was £40 for a 14-hour train journey anyway!

Hue airport is tiny, but everything ran perfectly on time and the planes were similar to what you'd expect from one of the budget airlines back home, it was comfortable enough and a short enough flight that there was no time to get bored!

Hanoi airport is quite a way outside of the city though, so it's quite a pricey taxi ride from the airport to the old quarter (cost us around £14) and takes around an hour with all the traffic. We were staying in a hotel in the Old Quarter of Vietnam, it's a quaint little part of the city full of old buildings and a catholic cathedral, all surrounding a big lake. It's as pretty as it is busy, people everywhere, street sellers everywhere and a pavement is just somewhere to park a motorcycle!

Read more

waxing in Norwich

Everyone else is doing it so why aren’t you? by Waxed Works

Everyone else is doing it so why aren’t you?

waxing in Norwich

So, you’ve talked to your friends and inevitably watched the dreaded You-Tube clips!

You’re only one step away from finally getting your first Hollywood wax! But how much do you really know about intimate waxing and how do you find the best salon and therapist?

Firstly, know what you want. Terminology can vary from salon to salon but generally, a Hollywood wax is all hair removed from the intimate area and should include between the bum cheeks. A Brazilian is the same but a small amount of hair is left on the pubic mound, usually a thin strip or small triangle.

Secondly, find a salon. Personal recommendation is one of the best ways to find a good salon so ask your friends or colleagues. If this is a little too awkward, google reviews can be very useful to help sort the good from the bad, also the quality and content of the salons website can speak volumes. If you can, find a salon or therapist that specialises in intimate waxing as they will be more experienced and practised in that specific treatment, after all, you don’t want to put your most delicate bits in the hands of just anyone!

Read more

Hot Flushes…don’t sweat it!! Guest blog by Colette Ogle

Hot Flushes…don’t sweat it!!


So many women (up to 50%) suffer with hot flushes, these are usually attributed to the changes that our bodies go thru when we reach menopausal age.

What causes them?

Changes in hormone levels (increased Gonadotropins) can cause night sweats and day time hot flushes in addition to other unwanted side effects such as disturbed sleep, depression and headaches. Not much is actually understood about the aetiology of hot flushes, Western medicine believes that an increase in Gonadotropins is to blame. These are vital to the normal function of our endocrine system which is responsible for growth, sexual development and our reproduction functions.

There are other explanations which involve the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that controls temperature. It is thought that when hormone levels drop, as part of the menopause, the hypothalamus wrongly thinks you are too hot sending more blood to the skin and causing the body to sweat to cool the skin down!!Read more

All about skin - guest blog from Up Town Spa

All about skin


Skin is the biggest organ of our body. It represents a layer which protects us from outside influence but at the same time, it has some internal functions as well. Although it serves to protect us, it is very gentle and it reacts to most of the changes in our environment. Through skin, we are able to tell if something is good or bad for us. Like any other part of our body, it needs to be regularly checked and treated with utmost care.

There are three main layers of skin: epidermis, dermis and fat layer.

Epidermis is the thinnest layer of our skin and it represents our first line of defense. Its main role is to protect our body from various microbes and foreign agents which would harm our organism. At the same time, this layer prevents water from flowing out of our body while it allows some other liquids to flow in. One of the most important functions of the skin is absorption of the sunlight. Melanin which is part of epidermis helps us absorb quality sunlight turning it into vitamin D while it prevents ultraviolet radiation to our skin. Epidermis also serves to improve our immunity.

Dermis is lower layer of skin and its main role is production. It creates hair follicles, sweat and sebum, which is important oil used for follicles. At the same time, nerve endings are positioned here, allowing us to feel things on touch. There are many blood vessels in this part of the skin allowing us to regulate temperature and efficiently use minerals and vitamins.

Last layer of skin or fat layer, has mainly protective role. As you can presume, it is the fattest part of skin and it provides our body with isolation from temperature.

If you follow a few, relatively easy rules, you will be able to have healthy and nurtured skin. Have in mind that skin is same like any other organ in our body and same set of rules applies for it. First, you will need to have healthy diet filled with various minerals and vitamins. This way, you will be able to provide your skin with all the nutritive components which it needs. Some bad habits such as smoking or drinking are disastrous for it. Smoking makes your skin yellow while drinking dehydrates it. You need to drink at least two liters of water per day to keep it moist. Also, avoid some conditions such as extreme heat or cold and don’t expose yourself to sun during middle of the day.

Furthermore, it is best if you seek assistance and help from professionals. Your dermatologist is always the safest choice if you notice some surface changes on your skin. However, when it comes to daily treatment, the best choice is your local beauty salon. Even if you are a guy, it is recommended visiting it from time to time. Here, you can get best advices how to treat your skin on daily basis. Toronto has one of the best Canadian beauty salons, which takes extra care of your skin. This place is called Uptown Spa – massage salon in Toronto and it can provide you a great assistance in nurturing your skin.

How can you have younger and healthy looking skin? Guest blog: Colette Ogle owns East Norwich Acupuncture

How can you have younger and healthy looking skin?

We know there are many good face creams out there and having regular cleansing facials have a beneficial effect on the skin, we also know that eating a sensible diet with fresh fruit, veg and fish, avoiding too much sun and getting plenty of sleep will help to ensure your skin looks younger for longer.  But what other options are there if you want to try something more permanent to change the way you look now and to retain that youthful appearance?

Chemical Peels – chemicals such as gycolic acid, salicylic acid or carbolic acid (phenol), are applied to small areas on the skin. This is said to reduce fine lines, treat wrinkles caused by sun damage, certain types of acne and reduce age spots.

After the treatment you may experience swelling and blisters. The skin will peel and regenerate itself in 7 – 14 days.  It is advisable to have a program of superficial peels using alpha hydroxyacids, this would be 4 to 6 peels at monthly intervals.  The effect can last up to a year, as long as adequate sun protection is used.

Cost from approx. £60 - £300


Botox Injections – use botulinum toxin to paralyze the facial muscles. This gives the appearance of reducing wrinkles and smoothing out frown lines etc. Good for deep lines and wrinkles. However the effects are temporary and will need topping up regularly.

After the treatment you may have some bruising, swelling or discomfort. The general advise given to clients is not to lay down for 4 hours after treatment (no bending forward either), no vigorous activity/exercise for 12 hours, and no rubbing, massaging or pressure on the treated areas for the first day. Lasts approx. 3 – 4 months.

Cost from approx. £150 per area



One Stitch Face Lift – your consultant will begin by discussing with you the problem areas of excess skin which you feel need addressing.  Once marked out on the face some local anaesthetic is then injected to make the procedure a pain free experience. The stitches themselves contain small cones along their length and are inserted using long needles. After the stitches are in place they are then pulled back to re-suspend the skin and soft tissues, whilst the small cones along their length anchor the tissues in their new position. Good for those that may feel they need a full face lift but are restricted by cost or put off by surgery. Beneficial for lifting the jowl area and for general sagging.

Costs from approx.. £800 - £1500 per stich

When considering any type of plastic surgery or intervention, it is important you take every care to ensure your health & safety. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons offer some good advice.


OK, if none of these appeal to you then what’s the more natural alternative?

Did you know acupuncture is recorded to have been used to enhance beauty as early as the days of the royal court of the Emperor in ancient China. With no chemicals or artificial substances being introduced into the body, Acupuncture is growing as an alternative to potentially harmful fillers and injections.

At EAST Norwich Acupuncture I offer a unique Facial Rejuvenation program, comprising of three elements;

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Facial Gua Sha
  • Facial Cupping

These three elements together give the best overall results.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Many studies have confirmed acupuncture as a proven method of collagen induction and regeneration of the superficial levels to the skin, without the risk of some of the other modern treatments

Needles are placed around problem areas, such as along scar or wrinkle lines and underneath the jaw line, depending on the individual’s needs. In addition at EAST Norwich Acupuncture I use traditional established acupuncture points on the face and body to further benefit the final result by increasing well-being from the inside.


Facial Gua Sha

First, organic oils are applied using facial massage strokes and techniques, I use Botanicals Organic Facial Serum. Then using the specialised Gua sha tool, sweeping motions are used over the entire face in either a linear or circular motion.  The tool is swept along specific channels, collateral’s and acupuncture points on face.

The benefits of Facial Gua sha are many but include increased blood circulation, reducing the look of wrinkles or baggy eyes, removing blood stagnation and promoting normal circulation which in turn helps the body to eliminate toxins.

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, they is no dragging or pressure, it is a gentle massage. This helps to tone your facial muscles, ‘fill’ and tighten your skin, and reduce the amount of puffiness you may have under your eyes.

Small, specialised suction cups are used in the procedure to lift your facial tissue. It is completely painless and leaves no marks.

This Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture program is unique in the world of beauty, as it not only works on the external appearance of the skin, by improving wrinkles, scars and acne for example, but by using needles on specific points around the body it can improve general health too!  Clients often report reduced stress and improved sleep.

Cost £55 per session -  it is recommended that a course of least 6 sessions are completed to ensure the best results, but improvements can be seen after only 1 or 2 sessions

So how good is it really?   I wanted to test it out for myself so that I felt confident in recommending to my clients, I have treated myself once a week for the last 6 weeks and here’s some before and after selfies I took! (excuse the quality and the fact that selfies always make you look a bit weird?!)  The areas I was particularly interested in improving were the jowl area, but also though nasal area and under my eyes could be improved!

Both these pics were taken in my bathroom when I was wearing make up,.



What Difference has it made?

Well, I think at the very least my skin looks better, it looks smoother and feels firmer/plumper.  What do you think?  I’m pleased with the jowl area which is the bit I really hate the most!!


But therein lies the real answer to all these ‘beauty’ treatments, its about how you feel, not necessarily what someone else is going to notice!  I feel more confident and that makes me happy, and therefore I feel more attractive ☺

This is an important point and I think the first thing to think about before embarking on any beauty treatment which will require a financial commitment, is that you need to set expectations and goals. Do you want to reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture or just gain an overall younger look? You need to then judge where you are starting from, if you have very deep wrinkles or have badly sun damaged skin, it maybe that you wont be able to fully realise your goals!  But if you understand this and set your expectation accordingly you won’t be disappointed.

I’m 50 this year by the way and I’m feeling ok about this !


Pic (not a selfie) taken on a recent night out (06/03/15)


Author Bio: Colette Ogle owns East Norwich Acupuncture which operates from Oasis Sports & Leisure Club.  Colette opened her acupuncture clinic in January 2015 after qualifying from The College of Chinese Medicine, London.  She is passionate about bringing the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicinal therapies to Norwich and the surrounding area.