Guest Author: How to Deal with Pre-Birth Nerves

How to Deal with Pre-Birth Nerves

It is understandable that whilst you are pregnant, you will have some nerves and anxiety about the impending birth.

For some women, this can be a paralysing fear leading to them having medical intervention at the birth in order to help them through it.

In the main, however, nerves about the birth are usually able to be laid to rest but if you can feel your anxiety building, take action now. You can enjoy the birth of your baby!

Step 1 - Get Informed

The first step is to get clued about what happens during pregnancy, what to expect as you near the birth and the birth itself.

This means understanding the changes your body will go through, as well as some of the signs of impending labour. It means understanding the current thinking on giving birth and what you can expect when you arrive at the hospital.

For some women, it means getting clued up about home births too and how this works.

Step 2 - Talk to Trusted Friends and Family

You will find that most other women are incredibly supportive of you during pregnancy. So much so that during the birth, many women are now turning to trusted female friends and relatives to be birth partners.

They will understand your anxiety and rather than belittling it with ‘you will all right’, they will help you understand what could happen and how you can choose to deal with it.

Step 3 - Limit Horror Stories!

On one hand, you have friends and relatives who will be just as excited and anxious about the birth as you.

But on the other, you will have many friends and relatives who will seem to go out of their way to give you a horror story or two about giving birth.

Your own mum might want to share the story of how you were born. In some ways, this is to be expected but have you noticed how the majority of these stories centre around the ‘horror’ of this fantastic happening?

You need to limit these horror stories but firmly asking people not to ‘over share’ but also understand that everyone’s experience is different.

Step 4 - Talk to Your Midwife and Have a Plan

As you near the birth, your midwife will spend more time with you explaining what will happen and what to look for as you start labour and so on.

An important aspect of decreasing the nerves related to giving birth is that you have a plan for what you would like to happen. Although some people will have you think that once labour starts you will be in so much pain that you won’t care what happens, it could be that this is not the case.

Discuss with your midwife your fears and concerns. You will find that they have heard many of these concerns before and will be able to lay some, if not all your fears to rest.

Be clear about what you would like to happen and at one point you want the medical team to take over your care. Having this plan can make you feel less anxious because for some women, it is about feeling ‘out of control’ or feeling you have to agree to things that you don’t want.

Step 5 – Talk to Your Partner

You may be surprised to find that your partner is just as wary and anxious as you are able the birth. Quite often, they are unsure what their role is, how to become involved and what you want them to do in order to support you.

Your midwife will also help to allay their fears. Both of you should be involved in creating a birthing plan that suits you both.

Step 6 - Join an Ante-Natal Class

There is no substitution for talking to other women and their partners. Joining an ante-natal class is a great way of getting a support system around you that works.

You can share concerns – you will be amazed at how similar these concerns and worries are! And don’t forget, once your little bundle of joy has arrived, you can share your experiences with other expectant parents at ante-natal classes.

Share your concerns

There is a campaign that encourages us to share our concerns. #OKtosay is the hashtag for the mental health charity Head Together and the same goes when it comes to pregnant women sharing their concerns, anxieties and worries about giving birth.

If you feel anxious or nervous, and can feel it spiralling out of control, reach out – talk to your partner, friends or midwife, someone you can trust to give you both the information and support you need.

HARTMANN Direct offer a range of products suitable for use by pregnant women. Their incontinence products are also designed with the new mum in mind too.

Guest Author

A Reason to eat Chocolate by Nikita Hoskin

A Reason to eat Chocolate

I am a mum of one little girl and no I have no desire for anymore 4 years of no sleep so far is quite enough but I do have a desire for chocolate. Some days because I want it and then there are the days like today. You know the kind of day where you have worked 12 hours the day before to make not that much, where your boiler is broken so you are cold and quite frankly gross and you have a child who has a radar that goes off as soon as you either sit down to eat or your head hits the pillow. All these joyful series of events left me sat on my sofa after finally wrestling her into school where I’m sure other mums gave me knowing looks as if to say I know you have your pj’s on under your coat blocking out the beautiful sun and contemplating hiding for the next six hours.

It was a good thought I had been up most of the night I had unsuccessfully bled a radiator in the hope of hot water so the thought of shutting the beautiful spring day out seemed quite reasonable. Then I looked in the mirror and saw my tired dehydrated red skin. It had not enjoyed a 5 hour drive and my skin has not enjoyed the fact that it is never going to sleep again so I decided to not waste the day and make myself some chocolate and a beautiful face mask in the hope of not doing the school pick up in the tragic state as this morning.

Now as you may have gathered I am not in the most energetic or organised mood today so these 2 recipes I am about to give you are all about having the maximum effects with the least amount of effort possible.

The first is for my dark chocolate, green tea and goji berry truffles. They are dairy free truffles that are delicious and contain only ingredients that give your skin a beautiful healthy glow so you can have something in your life that doesn’t feel you with guilt.

So in the interest in being a simple as possible put all the ingredients in a Bain Marie together and stir until it reaches 50’c (this is what will give you truffles a beautiful shine. Decant the combined mix into silicone moulds and chill. If you do not have a mould you can half chill the mix, then you or your little one can roll into balls or whatever shape they decide to go for chill and then eat.


226g Dark Chocolate

¼ Cup Coconut Oil

½ vanilla pod (seeds only)

2 tablespoons of Match Green Tea Powder (I love T2 Tea!!)

A handful of Goji Berries chopped

Pinch of sea salt

3 tablespoons of water

As I said just chuck it all in together and stir in a Baine Marie until glossy and combined. Chill and enjoy a treat for your skin.


Whilst I was waiting for my truffle to cool I realised I had not done anything about my increasingly irritated skin so I decided to throw together a little green tea mask to sooth and soften I am not going to lie I didn’t measure it as you can see from the picture but let’s just go with a fireman sam teaspoon of each

Green Tea and Manuka Honey Mask

1 tsp Matcha Green Tea

1tsp Manuka Honey (normal honey will be fine I must have just been feeling fancy at the supermarket)

1 tsp of pro biotic plain yoghurt

¼ tsp of bicarb

Stir all together and leave for 3 minutes stir again and apply to your face leave for enough time to drink the cup of green tea eat lots of your truffles and remove with a warm flannel if you have hot water if not cold seemed to work fine for me.

So I still haven’t managed to face the beautiful spring day but it is ten past 2 and now my skin feels so soft and glowing I really don’t think I have to bother to put on makeup for the school run and I now feel ready to face the wonderful tea and bedtime battles.

Hope you get to enjoy these skin treats

The Skin Chef


Guest blogger - Nikita Hoskin

5 Tips for Landing a Job in the Beauty Industry by Hanna Johnson

5 Tips for Landing a Job in the Beauty Industry

A lot of people dream of working in the beauty industry. With all the gorgeous-looking models endorsing beauty products, the beauty industry seems to be an ideal place to build a successful career in. There is the strong pull to work in the middle of all the glitz and the glamour, to be able to be a part of the force that makes people look good and feel good. However, landing a job in this sector necessitates much more than just having an interest in makeup.  With the right background, skills, strategies and eye for style, hopeful applicants can find their way into the industry. Here are some tips to help.

Know What Truly Interests You

If you do have a passion to work in the beauty industry, it is important to know what part of it that makes you feel excited to deal with. The industry is made up of various sectors which include makeup, fragrance, skincare and hair. What exactly is your interest? Would you like to be a makeup artist? Or do you prefer hair styling? Some also work for nail art. For example, if you would like to be a makeup artist, there are many job opportunities that range from prosthetics, film, theatre, modelling, remedial camouflage…etc.. Or, you can also be working in the laboratory doing all the scientific things that create those beauty products. There are so many possibilities and one just needs to have the patience and to know where to look. Online tools, such as the site and app, can be a convenient source of offers when looking for a job – allowing you to filter your search according to industry, geographical area, or company.

Go to School

Having the right and ample educational background makes you an attractive applicant to beauty companies who are always on the lookout for individuals who have the passion, the drive, the skills and the right education to be an asset to the company. Courses can be taken up in a school or in an accredited program. Moreover, choosing where to study is also an important factor. Some schools include training or apprenticeships in well-known beauty companies as part of their course program.

Choose Companies Well

There are so many beauty companies that continuously hire people who can contribute to the development and advancement of the business. Target the right companies by choosing those that you believe can help you develop as an individual and can provide you the right setting to sharpen and polish your skills. When you have a list of businesses which you would want to work for, always be on the lookout for job openings in the particular sectors you are interested in.

Continue Learning and Being Informed

It is essential to always stay on top of your beauty game. New products, strategies and styles continue to be introduced and adapted. If you are always updated with your skills as well as with information, companies will be very interested to hire you. Companies prefer to hire people who show that they are well-informed and know the latest developments in the industry. You can join short courses or even browsing the Internet for new developments can increase your knowledge.

Apply, Apply, Apply

Certainly, you are not going to immediately land a top job in a big beauty company after your schooling. Most of the time, people find themselves climbing the ladder to achieve their dream job. You can get there as well by starting somewhere. Send in your applications (constantly) even to big companies. If you have to start as a salesperson in the cosmetics department of a shopping mall, for as long as you like the job and you know it will help build your resume and training, then go for it.

The beauty industry presents an exciting platform and opportunities for career growth. Don’t expect to immediately land a position in the top tier. Work your way from the bottom and you will even find more satisfaction with all the hard work and sacrifices. If at first you don’t get hired, don’t despair. Soon enough, a job will land right at your door.


How Massage got rid of my stubborn Cellulite by Nikita Hoskin

How Massage got rid of my stubborn Cellulite

I am lucky myself my mum gave me good genes where I have pretty much been a size 10 my entire adult life without having to put much effort into it. Yes, being a massage therapist means I am on my feet all day and if I tempt you into trying one my Cellulite Busting massages you will find out I get some exercise but I have always suffered with cellulite.

Many people believe that if you are slim that you do not have to worry about such problems but cellulite can hit anyone no matter of their size and shape as it is caused by a toxin build up in the body. I know from experience the knock on someone’s confidence having cellulite can cause so I decided in my early 20’s to get rid of it.

First thing I tried was every cream under the sun and although most did absolutely nothing no matter how religious I was with my application the Bliss cream lovingly named “Fat Girl Sleep” was the best of the bunch for me.


So, the easy route of creams was not working for me but I was 23 and wanted to wear short dresses to go out and dance the night away in so I looked for my next solution. It was pointed out to me that perhaps my caffeine and alcohol intake was slightly too high back then and that could be the cause of those annoying dimples appearing in my thighs. I decided to detox full blown clean eating cellulite busting diet began straight away. I drew up a 2-week detox plan with plenty of green vegetables and food rich in lecithin such as kale, eggs, peanuts and apples. I added in only essential fatty acid foods such as linseed, hempseed and oily fish which all improve tissue hydration and made sure to eat lots of diuretics which I learnt are great for fighting cellulite. Great diuretic foods are cucumbers, celery, asparagus and onions. Finally, I of cause cut out caffeine, alcohol and any other toxins. Back then I didn’t realise the affect that gluten and dairy had on my body although I am not allergic to it in any way I always cut these two food sources out of my diet whenever I do a detox now.Read more

Physiotherapy Supports Your Body’s Natural Healing Process

Physiotherapy Supports Your Body’s Natural Healing Process

The body is a marvel. Its ability to heal itself is just one example of just how wonderful it is.

However, sometimes you may need to provide your body with additional support. This is particularly the case if you have been involved in an accident or have been seriously ill. In those situations, seeking the help of a physiotherapist could greatly speed up your recovery and rehabilitation.

An example of how physiotherapy reduces recovery time

Numerous case studies demonstrate this fact. For example, a recent study carried out in Glasgow showed that stroke patients recovered faster when given more access to physiotherapy sessions.

During the study, the recovery of two groups of patients was compared. The first group received 35minutes of treatment five times a week. Whist, the other patients underwent 62 minutes of physiotherapy each day.

The group that had access to more treatment was able to recover the ability to stand and walk faster. They were also able to stand for longer, and walk further. You can find out more about this study here.

Numerous other medical studies show that physiotherapy supports the natural healing process. The fact that this type of treatment is effective is why professional athletes and sports men and women employ physiotherapists.

The exercises used by practitioners are designed to move the limbs in the right way. This gentle movement helps to build muscle and improve circulation.

Treatment is tailored to the needs of each patient to make sure that they are as effective as possible. Importantly, these exercises are gentle enough to make sure that the body is not put under too much stress, which ensures that patients do not experience injuries.

Moving the body in this way increases the flow of blood throughout the body. This speeds up the rate at which nutrients are delivered to the organs, muscles and bones. It also increases the speed at which toxins are picked up and expelled from the body.

Physical therapy has been practiced for nearly 2,500 years, and practitioners are continually working to improve the way they treat patient. The way they practice is continually evolving and improving.

A holistic approach

Increasingly, physiotherapists are opting to continue their training even after they have qualified and have started treating patients. They are increasingly choosing to study other complimentarily treatment methods, so that they can better support to their patients.

A good example is this physiotherapist in Northwich. He offers acupuncture alongside traditional physiotherapy treatments. In addition, the clinic that he works in offers clinical reflexology, podiatry, biomechanical assessments and low-level laser therapy. By taking a holistic approach, this physiotherapist is able to help more people and get better results.

New treatments

Practitioners are continuing to innovate. They are taking treatment techniques from other disciplines and adapting them, when possible, for use in physiotherapy. A recent example of this is the introduction of low-level laser therapy, which stimulates the cells in the body to enhance the healing process. This technique is still being developed and honed, but it is already proving effective for some patients.

If you want to maintain a strong and healthy body, a visit to a physiotherapist can prove helpful. They will identify any existing weaknesses and explain which exercises you need to do to address them.

This is collaborative post

5 Wrinkle Fighting Foods you must try - guest blog

5 Wrinkle Fighting Foods you must try


Every human being wants to maintain a young and smooth face free from wrinkles. To attain this goal, one has to feed on plenty of fruits and take about two liters of water every day. The skin being the largest part of the body gives a reflection of whom a person is. No one is comfortable with age spots and facial wrinkles, yet you have not reached that age. Eating healthy diets and avoiding junk foods is the main secret to a wrinkle-free and smooth skin. Fish is also an amazing diet that can enhance your skin to look beautiful. Causes of wrinkles on the skin may be due to age, chronic stress, lack of enough nutrients and excessive exposure to the sun, dust and impurities.

1. Berries

These sweet fruits pack more antioxidant punch than any other fruit or vegetable. Plenty of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries work well to help protect skin from damage that leads to wrinkles. 250ml of berries juice daily works the best. These fruits contain vitamin C, which helps to boost collagen formation to fight facial wrinkles. Blueberries are also loaded with vitamin E and also have the high concentration of anthocyanins and neutralizing enzymes that destroy connective tissue and by scavenging free radicals triggering age spots.

2. Green Tea

It is high on the list of skin-friendly beverages. Four cups before lunch can help in reduction of facial wrinkles. Green tea has a powerful compound called catching that is known to have extremely powerful antioxidants that essential for skin care regimen. Intake of green tea helps the skin pores to open, such that it can extract dirt and breathe in oxygen. This helps prevent skin cancer and reduce damages triggered by harmful UV rays to prevent the formation of age spots or wrinkles. Considering their well-documented antioxidant and ant-inflammatory activities, green tea is likely to slow down the development of premature aging signs. It is useful to incorporate green tea to your skin maintenance routine to possibly slow down skin aging process.

3. Tomatoes

Tomato is the most commonly used ingredient during food preparation. It is widely known for the sweet taste and aroma in food. It also has additional benefits not known by many since it has a skin care compound that fights facial wrinkles and age spots. Tomatoes contain lycopene that can neutralize the harmful effects of UV light which damage the skim. Daily intake of 5 spoons of tomato mixed with olive oil protects sunburn by 33%. They help towards the achievement of a youthful age spot free skin. Your daily intake of tomatoes can increase your natural skin protection and maintain a skin free from wrinkles. Good skin free from age spots and facial wrinkles rely on an adequate supply of nutrients found in tomato. Tomato mixed with cucumber come with a natural sunscreen that soothes the skin and reduces the facial wrinkles.

Read more

Forever living by Julie-Ann Hunter in Norfolk

The many benefits of Aloe Vera



Until recently when I joined Forever Living, I hadn’t realised the many versatilities that the Aloe Vera plant has and that it’s a member of the lily and onion family. I’ve used it in many different ways over the years and even taking it in Forever Living products. But there’s so much more to know about this marvellous plant and how it can affect not only us humans, but can indeed help our four-legged friends.

Many of us will have the Aloe Vera plant in our houses and would maybe know it as ‘the miracle plant’. It’s not what I would call a particularly pretty plant, almost cactus like with fleshy thorny leaves, but it is very hardly and will stay moist where other plants will eventually wither and die.

It’s incredible to think that there are around 400 species of Aloe but the true Aloe Vera is Aloe Barbadensis Miller which is widely used for its medicinal properties.

This plant when it is fully grown stands between 60–90cm high with the mature leaf weighing 1.5-2kg and measuring 7-10cm across at its base.

It is the lower leaf that is used for medicinal purposes. When the leaf is sliced open the gel can be applied directly onto any affected areas of skin. The leaves and the seeds are the two edible parts of the Aloe Vera plant.

It’s so versatile it can be used in and for anything. I love the Forever Living products for this very reason. They may be a bit more expensive than some other products, but with Forever Living, because of its long-standing reputation and for the length of time this company has been in business you know that you can guarantee that you will be purchasing the best product that money can buy.

Forever Living is all about the health and wellbeing of our family, friends and our four-legged friends as there is something for everyone to keep us healthy, fit and looking good.

Although Forever Living has been trading for over 35 years it’s still an expanding business with lots of growth potential. The beauty of this company is that it enables you to start your own profitable business and it

gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose where and when you want to work, no overheads and very minimal costs. You can even run it alongside an existing business, which is what I am doing, and it’s proving to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

It’s basically a win win business opportunity, with scope to earn as much as you desire. You can even take it one step further and recruit others into your team, you will be able to mentor them and help them achieve success and encourage them to grow their own business.

Written by Julie-Ann Hunter at Professional beauty academy 

5 Juicy Fruits for Clear and Fresh Skin guest blog by Vaileria Dennis

5 Juicy Fruits for Clear and Fresh Skin



Drinking juices from fruits or vegetables is a great investment for people with the dull complexion to get a natural clear skin. Other than leaving you with a natural glow, juicy fruits can help alleviate symptoms of chronic skin conditions and eliminate toxins from your body. If you are prone to acne and other aggravated skin issues, you should learn how to detox your body using powerful, juicy fruits. It’s worth noting that veggies combined with fruits serve as potent detoxifiers that can help you succeed in your quest for a flawless skin.

Here are 5 juicy fruit ingredients you should incorporate into your daily diet to boost your beauty:

1. Carrots

Carrots are loaded with vitamin A, which comes in the form of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that prevents degeneration of cells, helping to slow aging and maintain a youthful look. Vitamin A contributes to support tissue growth while improving the health of your eyesight, bones and teeth. Carrots also contain a healthy amount of vitamin C, which is essential in the production of collagen. Collagen levels in your skin determine elasticity, prevent wrinkles and slow aging signs. Potassium in carrots plays a significant role in the growth of new skin cells and helps in the maintenance of electrolyte balance to reduce acne and blemishes while curing scars and dark spots on your skin. Lastly, carrots have detoxifying properties that assist in the elimination of toxins from your liver that can cause dull complexion or acne formation on your face.

2. Beets

Beets come with essential nutrients that have been scientifically proven to be useful for a naturally glowing skin. Beets help to cleanse your liver and blood. Due to their powerful and potent properties, it is never advisable to use an entire beet in a single juice formula. You shouldn’t drink liquids containing beets if you have kidney stones. Beets are anti-inflammatory veggies loaded with niacin, iron, potassium, copper, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc and folic acid. All these ingredients are essential in giving you a natural clearer skin.

3. Lemons

Lemons fall under the citrus fruit family that has been in use since the tradition as food as well as medicine. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, B vitamins, and citric acid. To reduce dull complexion and yield a clearer and healthier skin, lemon juice helps to purify your blood, cleanses kidneys and assists elimination of toxic compounds from your body. Vitamin C in lemons has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that fight free radicals that contribute to cell damage.

4. Apples

Looking for a fantastic juice for a natural glowing skin? Think of apple juice. Apples are rich in antioxidants that help slow early signs of aging, including under eye fine lines and wrinkles. Also, drinking apple juice on a regular basis is an excellent way to get your skin soft and radiant. Other than making your skin clearer, apple juice also improves your immune system, which is essential in fighting common health problems. There is mounting evidence that juices from apples and other fruits contain compounds that have the potential to prevent various types of cancers including skin cancer.

5. Grapes

Grapes come with many health benefits for your body, skin and hair. They are high in nutritional value as well as in beauty. Grape juice promotes the production of nitric oxide that ensures flexibility of blood vessels essential for the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all body parts including your skin. Grapes are also loaded with antioxidants for fighting free radicals that cause cell damage. These antioxidants also ensure that your skin remains youthful and healthy while delaying the signs of aging. Also, grape juice acts as a natural solution for children and infants experiencing digestion related issues or constipation. By improving the function of internal organs, grape juices results to a natural clearer skin.


If you have tried various means to brighten your complexion without success, you should turn to fruit juices, and you will be amazed by the outcome. The good thing about juicing for clearer skin is that you will also reap a host of other benefits for your overall wellbeing. They are natural and free of toxic compounds that can exacerbate your already compromised skin condition. The above 5 fruit juices will ensure that your skin stays radiant and well-nourished for a brighter complexion. Drink them along with your meals and your skin will forever be thankful!


Author Bio:

Vaileria Dennis is a Beauty writer. She has written various articles on Beauty and Skincare. She is an independent researcher on Solvaderm daily routine. Vaileria has a bachelor’s in Health and Skin care from California State University. Connect with Vaileria on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


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Sugaring for hair removal by Toni at Waxed Works in Norwich

What is sugaring?

sugaring Norwich

Sugaring is one of the oldest recorded methods of hair removal, dating back to the Egyptian times and it appears that it may be about to have a revival!

Hair removal sugar is simply sugar, water and lemon juice, cooked together until the perfect consistency has been achieved, it is then left to cool and is ready to use. It can be made at home but is so affordable from sugaring manufacturers and specialist salons that I wouldn’t bother risking sugar burns and mess, and that’s before you consider what an incredibly hard technique it is to master.

The benefits of sugaring is that it is 100% natural so is perfect for clients with allergies (although these are fairly uncommon), it is used at body temperature so there is no risk of client discomfort due to skin sensitivity; from our experience, it appears to be less uncomfortable than other forms of hair removal and finally sugar is water soluble, so it is easier to keep your client and salon clean.Read more

Solution for Scars

solution for scars


World First: New Studies Shows Effectiveness of Natural Substance Scientifically Verified to SHRINK Scars

Manchester, UK – XX June 2015It would be unusual to encounter surgeons; whose tools to help our skin recover from wounds and incisions have long involved high-tech sutures, pristine needlework, lasers and topical silicone gels; waxing lyrical about the properties of ancient medicinal treatments going back millennia. Yet one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and an internationally acclaimed wound healing scientist are doing just that: having proven for the first time ever the unique power of one particular natural ingredient in reducing the appearance of scars. This is significant as most of the currently available gels and oils that have been prescribed for decades, have limited scientific basis for their use.

By thoroughly investigating the properties of an ancient remedy, one of Britain’s foremost plastic surgeons alongside one of the world’s most published wound healing scientists have revealed a scientifically proven product for treating scars – and surprisingly, it’s completely natural. Whilst green tea has been consumed in the Far East for generations and is traditionally recommended for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, a specific active green tea extract identified by their study has been proven to actually shrink scars. It is now one of the active ingredients in Solution for Scars ( a brand new over-the-counter product launching this month.

The ground breaking research led by scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat, in collaboration with Mr Douglas McGeorge, a former President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), has demonstrated that this particular active form of green tea extract allows a completely different approach to scar management. Rather than using the usual products available to coat and protect an already-formed scar, the team identified that active green tea’s unique properties start working effectively from early on. Thereby, the active extract addresses both the initial redness and irritation, as well as helping radically change the course of scar development.

Once a wound is closed, the body naturally enters into an inflammatory phase. The skin can become dry, itchy and uncomfortable. Available scar treatments have historically provided mainly inert silicone-based formulations, with little scientifically proven data behind them. They only offer temporary relief, by sitting on the upper layer of the skin, acting as a barrier and trapping moisture. Most contain no active ingredients. A new evidence-based study, published this month in the Archives of Dermatological Research on the role of topical treatments and dressings in the management of scarring,* has reviewed the lack of data, and summarised concisely the ineffectiveness of some of these current treatments.

Designed to be applied as soon as the wound is closed, Solution for Scars starts actively reducing irritable skin by immediately controlling the irritation and redness, enhancing the skin’s reparative response and thus already minimising the appearance of the scar as it begins to develop. It has a direct effect on the progression of the scar and promotes healthier recovery as the skin can heal without interference from constant itching and uncomfortable symptoms, resulting in a scar that appears smoother and less visible.

As an international expert in Keloid scarring (an invasive, aggressive and recurrent scar type) and one of the most published clinician scientists worldwide on the topic of wound healing in human skin, Dr

Ardeshir Bayat wanted to find a solution that combined the best that science and nature could offer. He explains:

Although the inclusion of green tea may seem common, it’s an ingredient made up of many different compounds. We’ve been developing the research into various individual components of green tea and, following exhaustive experimentation; we identified a particular extract, which is the key active ingredient in our effective formula Solution for ScarsTM. In contrast to the treatment options on the market, our formula induces a completely new outcome for the appearance of scars. This promotion of early intervention has been proven to change the course of scar formation, a concept that has not been contemplated previously.”

Douglas McGeorge, one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeons in the UK and who worked in close collaboration with Dr Bayat in this research, had also noticed a lack of effective products on offer to patients after surgery. He explains:

“Patients could be treated by the world’s best surgeon yet most will focus on the visible aspect of lasting scars. Marketing constantly bombards people with the dream of having ‘perfect skin’ and the look of conspicuous scars is undesirable. As well as producing the must-have product for the bathroom cabinet, our research has been directed to help surgeons provide the best aftercare treatments possible; to enhance the effects of their work! Solution for Scars™ provides a better outcome both symptomatically and visibly. As it’s based on naturally occurring actives, it’s affordable to everyone – as suitable to breast augmentation or facelift patients, as it is to children’s scraped knees.”

Dr Ardeshir Bayat, who has given more than 450 presentations worldwide on the topic of wound repair and regeneration and published in excess of 390 original papers, reviews, scientific abstracts and book chapters, is an active member of the American Wound Healing and the European Tissue Repair Societies. He concludes:

“Our research has broken the mould when it comes to effective products to make a significant difference in the successful management of scarring. Solution for Scars™ works differently and far more effectively than some of the existing products on the market. Solid scientific research and harnessing the very best that nature can offer underpins all of our product development – and we now have the scientific evidence to back it up.”

The product, which is fragrance and paraben free, also includes microalgae and seawater minerals to keep skin hydrated and moisturised.

Solution for Scars is available via priced at £18.99 for 30ml. For press enquiries please contact Kate Chaundy on 0207 250 4750 /



About Science of Skin

Science of Skin Ltd ( was founded by consultant plastic surgeon Douglas McGeorge and academic skin biologist Dr Ardeshir Bayat in order to provide innovative solutions for family skin health. Combining the most ground-breaking ingredients from science and nature into effective skin treatments that safely helping to heal, soothe and repair skin.