3 cute accessory trends to try this spring

3 cute accessory trends to try this spring

Do you fancy refreshing your look this Spring but you’re not sure you have the time? Fortunately, injecting a bit of life back into your outfits after those chilly winter months doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your wardrobe entirely. With just a few simple pieces you can easily make your look sparkle again as we head into those warm summer months. 

Personalised jewellery

While plenty of statement jewellery pieces will come in and out of style, nothing will stand the test of time quite like a personalised bracelet. A small and sophisticated addition to any wardrobe, these bracelets — made up of your favourite links and charms — will not only give your outfit an elegant edge but become a treasured possession you’ll never want to take off. What’s more, Nomination’s selection of personalised bracelets offers a huge range of stunning link designs in both stainless steel and gold, so you can create something that suits your taste perfectly. 

Headwear is back

Seen on catwalks from Prada to Celine, head wear has made a comeback in a big way. Whether it’s big and bold headbands or sophisticated slides, make sure you add a piece to your wardrobe this spring. If you’re not sure where to begin with this trend, we’d recommend a simple satin headband in your favourite shade or a strategically placed beaded hair slide or two.

Enormous eyewear

While tiny frames took over catwalks this time last year, the opposite has to be said for the latest eyewear styles to hit the runway. From Gucci and Mui Mui to Tom Ford, it was all about mega-sized lenses and futuristic finishes. It’s not a look for the faint hearted but if you’re set on giving it a go, why not stick to a classic black pair for an easy transition into your existing wardrobe. 


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lady on beach

Beautiful, Young Skin: How to get most out of dermarolling?

Beautiful, Young Skin: How to get most out of dermarolling?

Dermarolling, a form of mircorneedling, is a simple procedure to get beautiful, young skin. The process needs a dermaplaning kit to treat different areas of your face for scarring, acne, and other issues. Make sure to choose the right needle to treat various skin conditions. Beginners should stay away from long needles with 1.5 mm or even longer. The longer needles can cause more pain.

lady on beach

Prepare Yourself for Dermarolling

Cleanliness is key for this procedure. Keep your skin clean of dirt and oil with a foaming cleanser. A toner may help you to maintain a pH balance. Treat your skin with antiseptic cleanser before pricking. Generally, your skin needs a formulation of vitamins A & C almost one month before microneedling. It will pump up the production of collagen in your skin.

After preparing your skin, topical anesthesia is required to start dermaroling. On the day of the procedure, you can expect these things:

  • Plastic surgeon, aesthetician or dermatologist will apply an antiseptic and use a saline solution to clean your skin.
  • He/she will stretch your skin with hands. A dermaroller is rolled on your skin almost 5 times in every direction (diagonal, horizontal and vertical).
  • All punctures will have pinpoint bleeding that is easy to control.
  • After completing this procedure, an ice pack or saline formula is needed to apply to the treated skin.
  • Finally, the doctor applies a serum to enhance collagen to the treated skin.

The procedure will need repetition regularly for a few months. After this procedure, you have to pay attention to a post-care routine.

Aftercare Tips

After a dermarolling treatment, you have to follow these instructions. These can save you from significant problems.

Evade Sun Exposure

Stay away from the sun after this procedure. Before stepping out, cover your face appropriately. Avoid the use of sunscreen on your face. After this procedure, the pores of your skin remain open, so stay away from beauty creams and sunscreens. Harmful chemicals in these products can damage your skin. Consult your microneedling professional before using any product.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Cleaning is necessary for your skin, so use mild cleansers for cleaning. Avoid harsh cleansers for one week. Skin care products may have active ingredients, such as alpha hydroxyl acids, retinols, and other chemicals. These chemicals are harmful after your treatment.

Your skin needs time to recover after this procedure. Let it breathe and recover naturally by avoiding any makeup on your face.  Drink sufficient water to stay hydrated and allow your skin to heal faster.

Stimulate Collagen in Skin

After microneedling, your doctor will suggest you use some collagen stimulating peptides. Feel free to use them religiously to support your skin in the production of collagen. Water is necessary for quick recovery.

Dermaroller can refresh the appearance of your skin by increasing the appearance of pigmentation because of extra sun exposure. Make sure to moisturize your skin to achieve the best results with this treatment. With regular use of moisturizer, you can improve overall condition of your skin.


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weight lifting bar

Getting the best from your weight sets

Getting the best from your weight sets

When you want to workout, you have to invest a lot of money, time and energy so you can get great results. You have to make sure your investment is of great quality in terms of your diet, exercise regimens, and equipment. A combination of quality exercise, diet and equipment will give you quality muscle gains. Fitnessator’s top pick of weight set is the Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight set. It is incredibly affordable at somewhere around $60 more or less and has very good quality for the price. It comes with a set of different weights which you can combine on a bar to give you your desired weight. So, we are going to refer to this weight set for this article.

weight lifting barHow to determine your 1-RM with the Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight sets:

The 1-RM means the 1 rep max which is the amount of weight which a person cannot do more than one rep conveniently. There are two methods of doing this. An estimated method for beginners who do not know how to use free weights safely and are not in the best form. Then we have the 1-RM assessment which is more accurate but will push you to a limit. We recommend this for people with more than a year’s experience in the gym.

Estimated method: this is for beginners. To do this you need a barbell and a complete set of Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight sets. Rest for 4 minutes between each session. Do a warmup round lifting only the weight bars. Then perform 8 reps of light weight, 6 reps of moderately heavy weight, then 5 reps of heavy weight. Gradually crank up the weight in each session resting 4 minutes between sessions till you get to the point you are able to just perform 5 reps comfortably. Once you get to this point multiply the weight by a factor of 1.15 to get your 1-RM. For example, if you can only do 5 reps of 100 lbs of weight then your 1-RM would be 100 X 1.15 which would give your 115 lbs.

1-RM assessment: this is for people with some experience in the gym and can safely push themselves to the limit. For this you will first estimate a 1-RM for yourself you can check out the estimated method above. After a warm-up session, carry about 10 reps of 50% of your estimated 1-RM. Rest for one minute. Crank up the weight to 75% of your 1-RM. Do only 5 sets this time. Rest for a minute. Crank up your weight to 90% of your 1-RM and do only three reps. Rest for 4 minutes. From this, you can get some estimates on your 1-RM. This is where you do some trial and error. Try your estimate first. If it is too comfortable to increase the weight a little and try after another four minutes. If you cannot perform a complete rep, reduce the weight a bit. By doing these little adjustments and resting appropriately, you will eventually get to your 1-RM.

The Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight sets is also a great tool for exercises. You should realize that your 1-RM may be different for each exercise so you should find out your 1-RM for the basic exercises. As you train you to get stronger so we recommend you review your 1-RM every 6 months at least. If your 1-RM is 200 lbs, 80% of your 1-RM would be 160 lbs (0.8 X 200lbs). Anywhere from 65% to 85% is great for muscle gains. Be safe use weights above 75% with 6 to 12 reps. Use anywhere between 80% to 90% of your 1-RM if you are a powerlifter with about 2 to 3 reps.


Great exercises you can do with Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight sets:

Exercises have to be of good quality and well-rounded. Well-rounded exercises exercise all parts of your body. We are going to talk about some exercises you can do with Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight set which can give you great muscle gains in all parts of your body. Also, remember your 1 rep max (1-RM). It is a very important concept in bodybuilding.

Deadlifts: this exercise will work your back out. As long as you do it correctly, you do not have to worry about back damage; unless you have a disease of the bones like osteoporosis which makes your bones weaker.  To do this exercise, you can load your bar with the Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight set on each side. The weights have to be heavy enough for you to lift to your waist level; not more. Bend at your knees and grab the barbell with your hands. Try to keep your back straight at all times to relieve your lower back from any pressure: this is what causes back injuries. Stand up pulling the barbell with your arms until you are erect. Slowly lower the barbell back to the ground to make a rep. We recommend 4 sets of 6 reps of 85% 1-RM with a minute rest interval between each set.

Bench press: this exercise strengthens the chest, arms, and shoulders. To do this exercise, you have to first load your bar with your Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight set at 80% of your 1-RM. Put it on your power rack which should be in a position that is easy for you to reach when you lie on your bench. You can check out great benches and power racks on the Fitnessator’s blog. Reach out and get the barbell from the power rack. Lower the barbell to your chest. Push the barbell upwards away from your chest by extending your arms while exhaling. Inhale while returning the barbell to your chest to make a rep. we recommend you do 4 sets of 6 reps with a minute rest interval between sets.

Reverse EZ bar curls: this exercise strengthens your arms. Load a bar with the appropriate weight of Gold’s Gym 100 pound weight sets. We recommend 80% of your 1-RM. To do this exercise, stand firmly next to the bar. Place your arms on the ez curl bar palms facing down and hands shoulder-width apart. Curl the ez bar up from the ground to your chest. Remember to always keep your back straight as much as possible. We recommend 4 sets of 6 reps with a minute rest interval between each rep.

You can get information on other great exercise regimens on the fitnessator’s blog.

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acne face lady

Why people have acne and what you can do about it

Why people have acne and what you can do about it

acne face ladyAcne is a very common problem with teenagers and young adults. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne affects somewhere around 50 million people in America every year. Most of these people are teenagers and young adults. Most people tend to care a lot about their looks and while acne is harmless, it is a big issue. This is especially true for the ladies because blackheads which are a type of acne can have a very ugly appearance. What’s worse is that acne seems to target the most obvious areas of your body – like your face for instance. We are going to talk much about what acne is and what you can do about acne. There is a complete guide to blackhead removal by Livin3 which details how you can get rid of those blackheads. However, in case you are wondering what blackheads are, we are going to explain that now.

What are blackheads?

There are different ways acne can manifest itself. Some are big inflamed lesions on the skin which appear as small bumps (we normally call these things papules). Some papules bring out pus which in this case would be called pustules. Others are smaller discolored patches on the skin which are commonly called whiteheads or blackheads. We are going to focus more on blackheads in this article. Blackheads, as the name suggests, are dark discolorations on the skin. They are those tiny, unsightly dark spots that can cover the face. The complete guide to blackhead removal by Livin3 talks more about blackheads and how you can remove them. Before we give you some tips on acne removal, let’s talk about what causes blackheads.

Causes of blackheads

Blackheads are caused by trapped oily substances on the skin called sebum. Most of us know that, but most of us mostly misunderstand what actually traps the sebum. There are a lot of tiny pores on our skin from which sweat, sebum and a lot of substances are released. Sebum is released to the skin to moisturize the skin and protect the skin. In teenagers, a lot of sex hormones called androgens are produced. Androgens make the skin produce more sebum than usual. The top of the skin is made of dead skin cells which the skin sheds from time to time. The problem of acne starts when the pores of the skin become blocked by dead skin cells. This traps the sebum inside the pore. If it is completely blocked, you can call this a whitehead (or a closed comedone). However, if there is another opening in the whitehead, the oxygen in the air reacts with the skin pigment melanin to form a black mass on the skin, otherwise called blackhead. Blackheads are caused by many factors from excess production of androgens in adolescents, to genetic makeup, stress, excessive sweating, disease conditions like Cushing’s disease, use of some hair products (pomade acne), and use of medications like steroids, (in contraceptives and skin creams), lithium and so on.

Tips on removing blackheads:

Now that you know what causes blackheads, we will tell you of how you can stop blackheads with your knowledge of what causes it. You can get more information from the complete guide to blackhead removal by Livin3. However, we will give you some tips here. So, without much ado, here are some tips:

  1. Unlearn every myth: unfortunately, we have come to accept some myths about blackheads which are not true and not helpful. Two of these myths are:
    • Blackheads are caused by blockage of skin pores due to an accumulation of dirt: this is not true. Yes, the skin pores are blocked, just not by dirt but by dead skin cells.
    • Blackheads can be treated by good hygiene: while good hygiene is best for you skin and can be helpful in reducing infections, blackheads are not caused by accumulated dirt so are not necessarily caused by bad hygiene. This myth makes many people feel guilty about their acne and can reduce self-esteem. In fact, excessive scrubbing and exfoliation of blackheads can make it worse because more air enters to oxidize the melanin of dead skin cells. Good hygiene can prevent blackheads by removing excess oil on the skin


  1. Avoid oily skin products: oily skin products can contribute to the problem of excess oil. Water-based creams and moisturizers are much better for people having blackheads.


  1. Do not pick the blackhead with your fingers as germs on your fingers can infect the blackhead and worsen the acne.


  1. Vitamin A creams are also very helpful in the removal of blackheads. Some creams with salicylic acid or a home-based remedy using aspirin paste (aspirin breaks down to give salicylic acid) are also useful. There are medical products like isotretinoin, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide which are also useful. However, they have their own side effects. Isotretinoin, for example, can deform your unborn baby so it is advisable not to have babies for at least 6 months after you use isotretinoin products.


  1. Follow the complete guide to blackhead removal by Livin3: The complete guide to blackhead removal by Livin3 has many recommendations for the removal of blackheads. There are many blackhead removal masks and products discussed by livin3. The complete guide to blackhead removal by Livin3 also discusses more on home remedies and many dos and don’ts of blackhead removal. You can check it out for more details.


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lady in snow

How to care for your face in hot and cold weather

How to care for your face in hot and cold weather


Guest blogger: EJHumphries

For a long time now, the British weather has been the subject of many conversations, from dinner table debate to polite small talk.

In February 2018, we had the ‘Beast from the East’, a 5 day whirling swarm of snow and disruptive cold blasts, usually one snowflake being enough to drive us Brits to the supermarket to stock up. Two snowflakes will stop traffic moving or parking sensibly on the school run.

In February 2019 we have experienced record breaking temperatures with the heat peaking at 20 degrees in places and labelled as ‘unseasonably warm’, with many of us breaking out the shorts in February, that’s a slight understatement.

But it won’t last long.

From cold to ‘unseasonably warm’ to cold again. How do we protect our skin in conditions like this?

Here’s the Science bit:

Our skin, the largest organ of the body,  is made up of three layers:

  1. Epidermis

Consists mainly of cells called keratinocytes, made from the protein keratin. Keratinocytes form several layers that constantly grow outwards as the exterior cells die and flake off.

  1. Dermis

The dermis gives the skin its strength and elasticity thanks to fibres of collagen and elastin. A network of fibres pick up feelings such as temperature.

  1.  Subcutis

The base layer includes a seam of fat laid down as a fuel reserve in case of food shortage. It also works as insulation.

(Source: National Geographic)

lady in snow

Cold weather

The winter season can be just as drying to skin as the summer. There is less moisture in the air and the natural oil on your skin can be blown away by the wind. Inside, central heating can also be very drying.  You may need to adjust your facial products, Dermatology experts say it’s very important to hydrate the skin with the right type of cream and offer these other tips:

  • Avoid winter sun or use sunscreen with a moisturiser
  • Avoid greasy skincare products
  • Use a humidifier in the home or place containers of water near heaters
  • Cover up older skin, natural oils diminish with age
  • Choose a skin cleanser that is non-soap.
  • Avoid taking baths that are too hot or too long, it can affect the skin’s protective acid layer.
  • Dry eyes


Facial routine in cold weather

Facial cleanser Consider changing your cleanser for one that soothes and hydrates, make sure you are not using a harsh cleanser which can cause dryness.

Moisturise  Use moisturiser after cleansing or taking a shower, damp skin will lock in the hydration.

Facial spray for dry skin in the daytime use a facial spray for a moisture boost

Exfoliate remove the dead skin cells which build up on your face and body.

(L’oreal Paris)


Things to avoid in cold weather

Soap soap can strip your skin of moisture, use fragrance-free, hydrating soaps and body washes.

Heating avoid turning the heating up too much, opt for lukewarm water in the shower and wear comfy jumpers indoors.


Warm weather

In warmer weather, the sun and heat can cause oil glands to become overactive. The NHS offers this advice:

  • Spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm
  • Cover up with clothes, a hat and sunglasses
  • Use sunscreen with a factor of at least 15.


Facial routine in warm weather

Cleanse consider a gel facial cleanser which lifts dirt without drying skin

Moisturise  are you using the right one? It’s all about finding the one which works for your skin.

Sun protection limit your time in the sun, wear sunscreen and cover up

Exfoliate as much or little as your skin requires, pay attention to how it responds.

Face mask this can help skin feel hydrated. (L’oreal Paris)


Things to avoid in warm weather

Excessive washing: Too much washing can wash away the natural oils that keep skin healthy

Oil based products: Oily moisturiser can make oily skin worse.


More top tips for tip-top skin

  • Drinking water can help your skin stay hydrated
  • Too much washing can wash away the natural oils that keep skin healthy

Be aware of:

  • Alcohol dehydrates the skin which can leave it looking older and tired
  • Smoking is linked to early ageing, it’s thought to reduce the skin’s natural elasticity by causing the breakdown of collagen.

hair salon

Tips for Finding the Best Beauty Salon for Women Beauty Services

Tips for Finding the Best Beauty Salon for Women Beauty Services

Choosing the right beauty salon is important for your personal grooming.  You need to pick a salon that you will be satisfied with the services and also get a good value for your money. However, finding the beauty salon of your dreams is a daunting task. You have to do a bit of research to find one that suits you. There are a number of factors that you should consider. This article gives you tips to help you find the best beauty salon for all your beauty services:

hair salon

  1. Consider the Services Offered

There are several types of beauty and skin care services that can be offered at the salon. Ensure that all the services you might need are offered in that salon. Consider if they offer services such manicures, pedicures, makeovers, waxing, reflexology, massages, spas and varied facials. High quality salons offer a wide range of services.

  1. The Location

Consider getting the services you want from a beauty salon that is not too far from your home or office. It is pointless to travel for hours in search of these services. There are plenty of salons everywhere, you just need to find one that suits your needs. It helps you avoid inconveniences and saves you time. Remember to pick a salon that has a good reputation and is reliable. If you have a car consider, if the salon has a good parking for their clients.

  1. The Cost of Services

Before hiring the beauty salon for their services, you must consider the costs of these services. It is important that you look good, but it is also important that you keep your budget on check. Compare the rates against the services offered by different salons. MacGregor Hair and Beauty offers high quality services at very affordable rates. Avoid too expensive services, but you need to strike a balance. Do not go for too low cost services, this is because the services may not be of high quality.

  1. Ask For Recommendations

Ask for the opinions of your friends, family or colleagues when looking for a good beauty salon. It will help you find the kind of salon you want much more quickly. People close to you will share their honest experiences using the salon. Additionally, you can check the online reviews about the salon. Reviews are honest opinions of clients who have used the services before. If the salon has more positive reviews, you can consider their services. Avoid salons with a lot of negative reviews.

  1. Products and Equipment

Consider hiring a beauty salon with modern and enough equipment. Such equipment include, styling chairs, steamers, salon chairs and stools, shampoo bowls, salon stations, facial and massage beds. A well-equipped salon offers a variety of high quality services.

Look around to check the kind of products they use. Enquire to know the kind of products they use for each beauty procedure. The products should be of high quality and from reputable producers. Check the level of cleanliness and neatness of the salon. During the test visit, check to see if their clients are relaxed and comfortable.

  1. Are the Staff Professionals

A good and professional beauty salon has qualified members of the staff. Salons with qualified staff have the certificates displayed on the walls of the salon. The professionals knows how to evaluate your skin type and recommend what’s best for it. Things such as massage or makeup application requires the members of the staff to be professionals. Always enquire about the professionalism and qualifications of the staff.

Before you hire a beauty salon, it is important that you do a test visit to look at the factors discussed above. Ensure that the services are of high quality, the salon infrastructure and the products are on point as well as the prices.

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7 shades of red mary poppin lipsticks

How you can achieve a “practically perfect” Poppins pout

How you can achieve a “practically perfect” Poppins pout

mary poppinsYou’ve seen the movie, if you haven’t it’s a must, and you’ve marvelled at Emily Blunt’s show stopping portrayal of the magical nanny Mary Poppins.

You may also have marvelled at her make up!

Set in London in 1934, Emily Blunt looks practically perfect with her 1930s makeup and fashion, designed to also look very modern and appealing to today’s audience.

Blunt transforms her look several times in the movie, always achieving a timeless and classic look with effortless elegance.

Now make up giant L’Oreal have teamed up with Disney to produce a range of Colour Riche lipsticks that Mary Poppins herself would love in her make up bag.

L’Oreal X Mary Poppins Returns Colour Riche lipstick is a limited edition range launched to celebrate the movie.

There are 7 Rosetto lipsticks, each with beautifully designed packaging.

7 shades of red mary poppin lipsticks1/ Colour Riche 342 Copper Crystal, a nude lipstick in sky blue packaging featuring Mary Poppins flying above the streets of London.

2/ Colour Riche 344 Retro Red, a matte coral red inside a scene from the original film featuring the penguins.

3/ Colour Riche 346 Scarlet Silhouette, a bright matte red presented in a case adorned with the distinct red bow tie worn by Mary Poppins.

4/  Colour Riche 636 Mahogany Studs, a matte nude  with the timeless packaging image from the song ‘go fly a kite’.

5/  Colour Riche 345 Cherry Crystal, a satin cherry pink in a purple case covered with a print of Mary Poppins unique hat.

6/ Colour Riche 364 16 Place Vendomeis, a satin red inside a case featuring the iconic umbrella motif.

7/ Colour Riche 265 Rose Perle, a satin rose lipstick encased in packaging covered in tiny stars and with a silhouette of the lamplighter.

This unique and limited lipstick edition is currently only available on Amazon in Italy, where the whole set can be bought in a fabulous box designed to look like Mary Poppins’ magical handbag.

mary poppins make up

So don’t forget to prep your lips and spit spot’ the job is done.

Now you are ready for a day trip to remember!  Ok, even if you are not dancing in porcelain bowls, you can still look elegant in the office, on the school run, or wherever the wind takes you today.

E J Humphries, guest blogger.

[amazon_link asins='B07KVJHNGF,B07KJJTG54,B07C9BF8SW,B07KR37S4W,B00SBDURRY,B002E9H6RK,B005QJ83OK,B0046U3CM8,B07KMT7V5F,B001NN413K' template='ProductGrid' store='httpwwwelizab-21' marketplace='UK' link_id='56fcb8cb-af68-4af4-b533-3cd38b5628da']

Fundraising Events (incl pamper evening) for The Norfolk & Norwich Association for The Blind

Donna Minto (Events & Community Officer) from Norfolk and Norwich association for the blind has recently email me asking me to share some of their fundraising events. She has also sent me a list of their challenges coming up that look fab!

If you are a local beautician and want a table at the pamper event, then please contact Donna directly.


logo Norwich blind



Quiz & Chips

chipsThursday 14th February - Virgin Money Lounge at 10 Castle Street, Norwich, NR2 1PD, are supporting the NNAB this year by giving us a London Marathon place & raising funds for the sponsorhip.  The first event planned is a Quiz & chips night on valentines day beginning at 6.30pm until 9pm.  A great night out for friends and family with a fun quiz to suit all ages.  Teams of up to 8 can take part & tickets are available from the Virgin Money Lounge during opening hours of 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday or Sunday 10am to 4pm. £10 includes food, soft drinks & the quiz.  Feel free to bring a bottle!

Any questions please call Donna on 01603 629558 or email: donnaminto@nnab.org.uk


Gin Night

gin night posterFriday 22nd February at 6.30pm - Following on the success of previous evenings our Gin Night is back again to delight and entertain you with special mixes, new gins and cocktails created by Van Vina.  Join us for a taste bud tingling, fascinating whirl around the history of gin whilst raising funds in support of people with sight loss in Norfolk.

Chin Chin

Tickets - £30 includes all drinks & snacks.

Venue - The NNAB Bradbury Activity Centre, Beckham Place, Edward Street, Norwich. NR3 3DZ

Tel: 01603 629558 or emaildonnaminto@nnab.org.uk


Spring Pamper Evening

beauty facialFriday 3rd May - An evening of pampering taster sessions, including massage, facials, reflexology, haircuts, hopi ears, reflexology & much more.  Prices from £3 to £15 for us to 40 mins of treatments.  The tea rooms will be open all night selling wine, homemade cakes & other refreshments.  Entrance is £3 on the door or to reserve your tickets call 01603 573000.

Venue: The NNAB Bradbury Acitvity Centre, Beckham Place, Edward Street, Norwich. NR3 3DZ.


Personal Challenge Events for 2019

In 2019 step out of your comfort zone and sign up to one our adrenaline fuelled personal fundraising challenges. To register your interest in any of our incredible events please contact jeremygoss@nnab.org.uk or donnaminto@nnab.org.uk   

Be part of something special and live the adventure!


The London O2 Climb

Date – April 25th 2019

The London O2 Climb takes you on an exhilarating 90-minute climb over the roof of the world’s most popular entertainment venue. Marvel at the 360° views and when it’s clear you can see landmarks up to 15 miles away. Discover a different side of London, historic Greenwich, The Olympic Park and Canary Wharf.

The NNAB are looking for 20 individuals to join them on this high adventure experience.

Individual cost - £50

Individual fundraising target - £200


Zip Wire Challenge

Date - May 18th 2019

Prepare for a truly unique and exhilarating experience; the fastest zip line in the world. Soar over Penrhyn Quarry, North Wales, where you could travel at speeds of over 100mph while you take in the breath taking views and feel the freedom of flight.

The NNAB are looking for 20 individuals to join them on this zip line experience.

Individual cost - £50

Individual fundraising target - £250


Tandem Skydive Experience

Date – Saturday 15th June 2019

Make a tandem skydive from two miles high! Securely harnessed to your tandem instructor, you will be in free fall for 50 seconds at speeds in excess of 120 mph. This a guaranteed thrill of a lifetime!

The NNAB are looking for 20 individuals to join them on this skydive experience.

Individual cost - £195

Individual fundraising target - £250


The NNAB Blindfolded Run

Saturday 13th July 2019

To many running 5k (3 miles) is not a problem but what about completing this distance blindfolded! The NNAB are staging a blindfolded run at Eaton Park in Norwich to prove that having any degree of sight loss is not a barrier when it comes to sports participation. Come along with a friend and experience blindfolded running and at the same time raise awareness and funds for the NNAB.

The NNAB are looking for teams of two to enjoy this unique running experience.

Individual fundraising target - £100


The Tour de Broads Cycling Event

Sunday 18th August

Experience the unique country roads, quiet villages and picturesque scenery that the Norfolk Broads has to offer, in a safe, well-supported, friendly cycling event. There will be a choice of four routes (25 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles and 100 miles) and a family ride.
All routes are fully signposted.

Team NNAB are looking for 30 individuals to join them on this cycling experience.

Individual cost – Free entry

Individual fundraising target - £300


East to West Extreme Cycling Challenge

Date – 5th September 2019

On the 5th September 2019 a team of NNAB cyclists will embark on a journey which will result in the completion of 2 extreme fundraising challenges.

West to East Cycling Challenge

A team of NNAB cyclists will attempt to cycle from North Wales to the East coast of Norfolk in 3 days covering over 370 miles. This gruelling cycle challenge will include pedalling 120 miles on day 1, 120 miles on day 2 and 130 miles on day 3. A tough endurance test and one which only attract competent cyclists.  

Velocity 2 Zip Wire Challenge

As a warm up to this major cycling challenge the team will ride the fastest and longest zip line in the world! Based in Bethesda, close to Bangor, the one mile long ‘Velocity 2’ zip line is an experience of a lifetime and is the closest thing to flying where you reach speeds of up to 118mph!

The charity is looking for up to 15 competent cyclists to join them on this unique challenge

Individual Cost - £400

Individual Fundraising Target - £1000


ABSEIL the Orbit

Date – Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Experience the highest freefall abseil from the UK’s tallest sculpture – the ArcelorMittal Orbit based at the Olympic Park in London. This is the most adrenaline-fuelled way to see London at 262 feet above the city.


The NNAB are looking for 20 individuals to join them on this abseiling experience.

Individual cost – £100

Individual fundraising target - £300


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6 boots to take you from winter through to spring

6 boots to take you from winter through to spring


One of the best things about winter dressing is that there are no limits when it comes to the styles of boots you can wear. That said, the fun doesn’t always have to stop as the warmer months arrive. Here are 6 different styles that are perfect for making the transition from winter to spring wardrobe.


Statement ankle boots


Whether it’s metallics or prints, a vibrant, statement ankle boot adds instant wow factor to any outfit. They may be perfect for the party season but how can you make the most of your fancy footwear as the spring months are approaching? An easy way to ensure your ankle boots work well in warmer weather is to pair them with a midi dress. Calf length styles will help show off your boots without baring too much leg if that winter chill hasn’t fully retreated. Go for floral styles to create a show-stopping day time look. If you need some inspiration why not take a look at the Jimmy Choo sale for some eye-catching options?

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Classic combats


Keep it cool and comfortable in 2019 by turning your combat boots into spring must haves. There are countless ways to make your favourite combat boots work in warmer weather so get experimenting with what looks best on you. Think jeans and a leather jacket or give your outfit a more feminine edge by choosing a knit dress and oversized trench.


Sock boots are staying put


The closer they fit to your ankle, the better they look. As the popularity of sock boots grow so do the variation of styles, patterns, fabrics and heel heights they come in. The beauty of these boots is the sleek silhouette they create so if you’re looking to wear them in the warmer months make sure you go for more volume on top. Think loose-fitting dresses and oversized thinner knits for a look that will make a lasting impression.


Western details


Cowboy boots were everywhere on the Autumn/Winter 18 catwalks and they aren’t going anywhere soon. Western-inspired styles are probably the easiest boots to transition into spring. Try them with a floral tea dress for a cute day time look or pair them with your favourite high-waisted shorts for that classic cowgirl style.


Knee-highs for nights out


Knee-high boots are a staple of any winter wardrobe but how can you make them work for spring too? Whether you prefer black or lighter shades, it’s important to let them do the talking. Pair them with a simple shift or slip dress for instant glamour. Alternatively, you could team with a plain white t-shirt and jeans for a more laid-back look.


Keep your kitten heels


Kitten heels have often proved a point of contention in many a fashion debate. That said, this season they seem to have returned with a vengeance. From black suede to animal prints, the boots popped up across catwalks and must-have lists for Autumn/Winter 18. Fortunately, the low-heeled style also makes them the perfect transitional piece. Why not wear yours with your favourite cropped jeans or statement skirt?



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Christmas at Imagine Spa in Blofield

ChristmasDecember offer- Festive Bubbles and Bliss Spa Experience at Imagine Spa in Blofield.

Including a Festive-themed Afternoon Tea and Fizz!

Join us this Month for some pampering with our ‘Festive Bubbles and Bliss’ Spa Experience!

Forget about the Christmas list for a few hours as you enjoy:

  • Up to 4 hours relaxing in our Thermal Suite and Spa Facilities
  • A robe, towel and slippers for your comfort
  • A glass of Fizz
  • A delicious Festive-themed Afternoon Tea
  • A 60 minute Treatment of your choice

Just £80 per person Monday – Friday

Just £90 per person Saturday – Sunday

Call 01603 712550 & quote EOM-12-18

spa day for Christmas

Imagine Blofield Heath, Norwich

Imagine Spa is located at Willow Farm in the small village of Blofield Heath just east of Norwich, Norfolk. Our stunning rural location makes us a perfect getaway from the stresses and strains of life’s busyness.

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am – 9pm

  • Imagine Spa,
    Willow Farm,
    Field Lane,
    Blofield Heath,
    NR13 4RP
  • 01603 712550
  • blofieldheath@imaginespa.co.uk

imagine spa in norfolk

Christmas in Norfolk, UK.