Guest Blog: What Shoes to Wear for Long Day Construction Work?

Construction sites can be very dangerous. That’s why construction workers have to wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep them safe against any unforeseen accidents. Construction sites are filled with heavy machinery, heavy building materials, power tools, and other temporary structures.

Each construction site has specific rules and regulations either set by the company itself or by the government’s health and safety department. These rules should be enforced and followed by everyone on the site to ensure the safety of everyone in the area.

Working around all of these objects should only be done by workers who have been properly trained and who are constantly implementing different safety and security regulations. Read this information by Princeton University on safety precautions to take at a construction site.

Ranging from shoes to hard hats, construction workers aren’t allowed to operate heavy machinery or power tools without this gear. If you are wondering what kind of equipment construction workers should wear, read along for all the inside information.


It’s extremely important to protect your head against any building materials that might fall from the sky. No one is allowed to enter a building or construction site without protecting their head with a hard hat. Hard hats are usually made from a very tough and durable plastic that can withstand hard hits.

Interestingly enough, hard hats come in many different colors; yellow, red, white, blue, brown, and orange. The color of the worker’s hard hat will indicate the different positions they take on while working. The color code is as follows:

Yellow – indicates the ground workers or moving operators
Red – indicates a Fire Marshall
White – indicates that of a site manager, operative, or vehicle Marshall
Blue – indicates that of a visitor or someone less experienced
Brown – indicates someone working with high heat application like welding
Orange – indicates the slingers or signalers


Sand, dust, cement, and fire sparks can severely and permanently damage the construction worker’s eyes. It’s important to wear the right graded safety goggles. Either these eye protectors cover the entire eye area like that of a scuba diving mask, or they are worn as regular sunglasses. Depending on what job you are performing, you should get the right kind.


Probably one of the most important aspects of PPE is proper construction work shoes that are comfortable as well as sturdy. In the past, to provide extra strong protection, work shoes were heavy, warm, and uncomfortable. Recently, manufacturers have started to use high end technology to create lightweight yet durable working boots.

There are many different types of work shoes available and depending on what construction you are working at, or what job you are performing, there is a type for every industry.

Ranging from steel-toe boots to waterproof boots, construction workers have a choice between a variety of different types. If you are specifically working in construction, you should consider purchasing a rubber outsole boot.

Soles are usually made from rubber not only for durability but also to create a kind of insulation between the worker and the floor. Especially when working in areas where there is live electricity, it’s important to create an extra barrier between your feet and the floor.

The soles should also feature a slip-resistant design to ensure your feet stay stable on the ground whenever there’s an oil spill or when working on slippery surfaces.

For those workers working in construction sites with heavy materials like steel rods, slabs, and temporary constructions, it’s advised to purchase a steel toe work boot. The steel toe boot is perfect for heavy duty kind of jobs and provides the ultimate protection. They are perfect for maintenance men, plumbers, electricians, and mechanics.

Other factors to consider are whether the boots are waterproof? Waterproof boots will keep your feet dry and allow for ultimate comfort even when working in wet weather conditions. When your feet get wet, you can be prone to getting painful blisters. Look for a boot that has a waterproof exterior and that doesn’t allow for any water leakage. It’s advised that you purchase a pair that covers the ankle for the ultimate coverage.

Some shoe designs even feature a pressure relief system that helps prevent foot fatigue. When you are on your feet the whole day, you are going to have to invest in a decent pair that provides flexibility, support, and comfort.


To protect workers against cuts, burns, and scratches from different materials they have to work with, workers should wear protective gloves. These gloves are usually designed with added grip to help workers lay bricks, weld warm steel plates together, work with iron structures, pick up and move broken building materials, and mix cement.

Protective gloves are also available in a variety of different types ranging from riggers, thermals, heat resistance, and anti-vibration.


Many people working within construction usually wear tough jeans or denim. This is because they are comfortable, stretchy, and very tough. Pants should always allow the person to move around freely without being constricted. Especially when they have to quickly move out of harm’s way. Protective pants can be made from ripstop fabric, waterproof material, and anti-stain or anti-wrinkle material.

Learn more about different safety equipment needed and personal protective gear that workers should wear here:


In many cases, workers should also wear safety vests that have reflective panels sewn into the back and front. This is to allow them to be seen in the dark.
For those working in a construction site where there is a lot of dust or allergens present, it is recommended to wear a protective industry-standard face mask. Knee pads are also worn by those who have to bend down and work on their knees a lot.
As long as you invest in a decent pair of work shoes and other PPE from high-quality manufacturers, you’ll be able to go about your daily construction duties without experiencing foot fatigue.


Guest blog: Why Jean Paul Gaultier Perfumes Are Loved by Men & Women?

Why Jean Paul Gaultier Perfumes Are Loved by Men & Women?


Perfumes are the quintessential secrets that complement your overall persona. Radiating a glow of confidence, these tiny little bottles render a tinge of attractiveness to your personality by helping you to smell good all day long. They uplift your mood and make you feel sassy and confident. 


Perhaps, that’s the reason why in the last few decades, the perfume industry has grown to a considerable extent. As a result, the sheer variety of options have made it difficult for people to find the right perfumes.


However, we go by the reviews and popularity, Jean-Paul Gaultier perfumes have been gaining rapid popularity for their exotic perfumes. You can browse for some awesome brands like Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes to get an idea about their brand. Additionally, you can also have a glance at their premium fragrance range.


Going through their online presence, you will certainly notice the satisfactory reviews of its users. The town is going gaga over it and we all know why. In case, if you are wondering what exactly makes it so special, then let’s decode some reasons why these fragrances are so popular!


Iconic Product Variations: Right from their classic sweet and spicy fragrances for women to iconic musky smelling perfumes for men; this brand has got it all under one single roof! In addition to this, you can also find an exclusive range of premium signature perfumes.


Distinctive Appeal: Enriched with elegance, these legendary products are known to add a distinctive charm to your overall appearance. Rather it won’t be wrong to say that the added touch of irresistible fragrance boosts your confidence and makes you noticeable among the crowd.

woman spraying perfume

Long-lasting scents: In comparison to other products, Jean Paul’s products offer a long-lasting fragrance to its users. Correspondingly, if you are looking for other tips to smell good all day along then visit to gain some insights on the same. Thus, if you work around the clock then this fragrance range will certainly help you to smell good and stay fresh during your long working hours. 


Hits the right spot: Did you know that the fragrance you use becomes your signature and helps people recognize you and the memories they make with you? The perfume is neither too strong nor too light, it hits the home run always! 


Variations available: Whether you are a fan of lavender or something else, there will be something for everyone. You could never be disappointed as there are so many perfumes to choose from. Go ahead, mark your territory with a soothing fragrance. 


Leaves them wanting: Your perfume can be a huge turn on if it is the right kind. And why not, nose is a sensory organ that loves good fragrance. The formulation of this scent ensures that it not just appeals to the opposite gender but makes them crave for you even more. Now we are talking, isn’t it? 


With this, we hope by now you have got a fair idea of why men and women love this brand. Perhaps, these tips might come in handy to make memorable impressions. 


So, what are the precautions to be taken in order to avoid skin issues caused by perfumes?


  1. Know your allergies: Sometimes it is not the chemical that causes problems to your skin, it is the inability of the body to receive it. Read more about some cool perfume hacks here. In these cases, it is important to know if you are allergic to perfume or not. In case you are tolerant then try figuring out to what extent. 


  1. Don’t use it in excess: Excess usage of perfume can also irritate your skin. Doing it once a day or twice is just fine. Don’t overdo the perfuming of yourself. If you are someone who sprays every hour, then there is a problem. 


As far as the purchase is concerned, please ensure that you are buying the scent from a respectful and trusted dealer. Opt for expert reviews and recommendations if you are confused. So this was our experts covering the know-hows of the perfume that is loved by all. If you are looking for a signature fragrance that matches your persona, then Jean-Paul Gaultier is something that you should be worth choosing. 


Jewell box

Guest blog: Looking At Antique Rings For That Perfect Gift

Looking At Antique Rings For That Perfect Gift

Jewell box

There is something magical about opening and looking through our grandparents, or better yet if possible our great grandparents, jewelry boxes, their trinket pouches that smell like mothballs and mint, and the dust that has slightly settled everywhere.

It is like looking back in time at not only their style and designs but the way that they approached their jewelry purchases. Perhaps some were gifts, others passed down from their parents or elders, the fact remains that it is a piece of history elegantly wrapped in gems and sparkle. 

If you have been fortunate enough to have a little box like this (see what I’m talking about here ) passed down in your family tree then you will have experienced a great sense of nostalgia, pride, and most importantly love.


Your piece of history.

If you have a special anniversary coming up and you want to do something extra special for your partner then an antique ring will set your gift apart from the usual high street items or brands. It will most likely be bespoke, a one of a kind, but yet still affordable enough to own your vintage piece. She will undoubtedly love it and you’ll be a winner.

After all, isn’t the main objective of having a loved one or one’s ‘soul mate’ know how much you care for them at all times? This will be a beautiful reminder for her, and it shows you have given thought to the process and the meaning of the upcoming anniversary. 

Finding the perfect piece can be challenging and some gents find it quite daunting, but if you have the right business owner or salesperson who makes you feel comfortable, at ease, and not in any way pressured to buy something the experience could be wonderful.

The big question now is, what to look for when searching for the perfect ring?


Features of a great vintage ring or jewelry.

There are many factors to consider before diving in and buying the first one that catches your eye, for it to be credible as well as aesthetically pleasing you need to be aware of a few tips, these will help guide you into making the right purchase.

You can also take a quick minute on your lunch break to see some smart advice in this link and a step by step look at the process in beginner’s terms. 

  • All over. Look at the piece from all angles, the front may be immaculate, polished, and shining yet the back appears to be from a completely different jewel? Sure there will be signs of natural wear and tear but not so much as to resemble damage. 
  • Age. We tend to think antique to be old, and rightly so, the item should reflect this, too many times people get caught out by the idea of it being vintage yet fail to notice a brand new clasp holding it all together.
  • Cost. This too is a quick indicator as to whether it is artificial or not, you may think you are getting a great deal, but ask yourself if the price seems oddly low? Sometimes a price ‘is’ too good to be true, unfortunately.

wedding rings


Finding a reliable supplier.

With so many brands and companies around knowing who is the best can be tricky, it is not necessarily who is the cheapest but you want a company that not only specializes in bespoke, antique jewelry but that has the licenses and certifications to authenticate the pieces.

Ideally, it is best to do some extensive research, knowing what to look for, how to compare a genuine supplier from the ‘old bloke’ down the village hall, and average price ranges for specific items. This is for your other half, the person who completes you, making an effort for a proper item comes standard.

For professional advice and guidance check out these antique engagement rings from the gentlemen who have seen it all in terms of gems, jewels, and ‘cut’ and who have been in the jewelry business for years. The more distinguished the repertoire, the less anxiety you will have when it comes time to hand over your card.


Vintage versus high street.

For some the thought of wearing something over a few decades old makes them cringe. I have a friend that, when I mention the word vintage or antique she wants to run for the hills. 

All she can think about she says is how many hands have touched it, bodies that have worn it, or dirt that has fallen on it. I on the other hand love that mere fact, it has soul, secrets, and endless stories, if only our jewelry could let us in on the adventures it has been on and witnessed. If you’ve made a hot cup of tea, sit back while you sip and watch this great collection of jewelry stories and the vast amount of variety that was and is on the market.

When it comes to the high street and the shop cubicles that line the walls from end to end in the mall, all I can imagine (and dread) is paying for coffee and cake at the café, handing my card over to the cashier and she has the same ring on as I do. Then what? 

We’ll both look at the rings, then at each other, and immediately wonder if we should comment, laugh, or throw it in the bin. This is not a dilemma I wish to face nor be part of thank you, waiting and saving up for a unique, bespoke piece is well worth the investment for that fact alone. 

The one fact that I do know is that the jewelry of today is certainly not as high standard of quality as of those made 100 years ago. Today they are machine designed, processed, and ‘forged,’ while back in the day someone would sit and sketch meticulously for the next person to make the ring from scratch and all by hand. What a wondrous sight that would be if you ask me.


The world of jewels and jewelry is ever-changing and evolving, but a classic never goes out of style or date. 


Guest blog: Benefits of a Beach Side Massage in Brighton

Benefits of a Beach Side Massage in Brighton

Massage therapy is a soothing experience where your mind is decluttered as you allow the masseur/masseuse to skillfully work their magic on you. The masseur/masseuse utilizes techniques such as kneading, rubbing, and stroking in order to give you a satisfying experience. 

A visit to a masseuse gives you the opportunity to get high level relaxation and pampering. Whether you go for a massage, manicure, facials or some pleasant moments in the sauna, you definitely have an assurance of high-quality treatments. 

You might probably be wondering why you need a beach-side massage; we have outlined some reasons why you need a session. 

Top Reasons You Need a Beach-Side Massage in Brighton

Haven't had a beach-side massage in Brighton yet?  Well, here are some reasons you need to get one on your next vacation:

Relaxation and Stress Relief

Brighton is best known for its seaside which is a good spot for an exhilarating massage session because it enables you relax, relieving you of stress and anxiety. Massage is one surefire way of relaxing as it helps the mind drift off to a state of oblivion. It is also a great way to unwind, declutter your mind, thereby alleviating hormones that trigger stress.

Memorable Experience

After getting a massage therapy, you'll surely add that to your memory bank of pleasant experiences. It is a serene time where for a moment, your mind drifts off your worries and you just allow your entire being relax in the moment. 

Meeting Professionals

Everyone loves the idea and actual feeling of being attended to by professionals in any field of service. It is the same thing you get from having a massage therapy session in Brighton, you get to meet the best of the bests, who are skillful and experienced in the art. 

Observation of the Scenery

The sight and sound effect of the beachside is exhilarating and this is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

A Good Opportunity to Network

A vacation in Brighton is a viable opportunity to network with people. The town is a tourist attraction, with several visitors trooping in yearly. So, while getting a massage at the beachside, you also get to connect with people from different races and cultures-that is a double-edged experience. 

To Embrace the Negative Ions 

Who said embracing the negative ions was a bad thing? Negative ions are in fact good for elevating moods and helping people deal with depression and anxiety. These negative ions can be found on the beach and they help you to relax. 

A Form of Adventure 

Wouldn't you love to tell beautiful stories to your colleagues in the office about your vacation experience?  If yes, then a massage session at the Beach-Side is a way to achieve that. You get to experience so much fun, while relaxing an enjoying an invigorating massage therapy. That in itself, is a form of adventure! 

A Productive Way of Spending Time

The importance of massage therapy cannot be over-emphasized. It ranges from providing one with the feeling of relaxation and calmness, to relieving stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing immunity, reducing fatigue, eliminating toxins and improving blood circulation. Massage is also a good way to spend one's time productively while harnessing its full benefits. 

Good for the Skin

Regular massage helps in improving your skin tone as well as makes your skin look silkier, smoother and healthier. 

Improvement of Joint Mobility and Flexibility

Massage therapy loosens and relaxes the muscles, thereby helping the body gain its full range of movement, thereby improving flexibility. 

It Improves Blood Circulation 

Massage therapy aids in improving blood circulation. Loosening tendons and muscles give room for increased blood flow throughout the body. Therefore, frequent massage gives room for better blood circulation which invariably has a positive effect on the rest of the body, including a reduction of pain and fatigue. 

Mental Alertness

Massage therapy helps in reducing stress and anxiety which in turn makes one to be more mentally alert. 

Improves the Recovery of Soft Tissue Injury

Massage therapy improves recovery of soft tissue injury and is also a good remedy for chronic or long-term injuries. 

Eliminates Toxins

The perfect massage regimen stimulates soft body tissues which in turn helps in releasing toxins through the blood and lymphatic systems. 

Improvement of Sleep

Do you experience trouble sleeping or you suffer from insomnia?  Well, there's a remedy and that is massage. One reason people do not get enough sleep is because of so much activity in the nervous system, and this is when a massage can be useful as it slows down the nervous system thereby helping you get enough sleep. 

Going to bed relaxed aids a restful sleep and makes you feel brighter and stronger in the morning. 

Enhances Body's Immunity  

Massage regimen enhances the body's immunity and resistance against sicknesses, diseases and infections through the stimulation of the lymph nodes that recharges the body's natural defense system. 

Reduces Fatigue 

Massage therapy boosts mood, improves sleep quality thereby making you feel stronger and ready to face the day heads-on. 

Relieves Anxiety and Depression 

Massage can significantly help in reducing anxiety by increasing the parasympathetic (calming) response of the nervous system and invariably reducing the sympathetic (flight) response of the nervous system. This can have a long-lasting effect. It can also help in assuaging anxiety and depression through the release of endorphins in the body, thereby making one feel happier and more energized. 

Reduction of Post-Surgery and Post-Injury Swelling 

A massage session from a professional is one way to handle a sports' injury or post-surgery recovery process. It also helps in reducing back, joint pains and even chronic stiffness. 

Forms of Massage 

The following are some forms of massage that are available:


Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used in the treatment or/and prevention of soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement caused by muscular dysfunction. It is used by method of assessment and treatment protocols for postural conditions, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, sporting and occupational injuries.

You can learn more about myotherapy here:


Also known as 'Swedish' or 'Western' massage, therapeutic is one of the most common types of massage which is designed to promote relaxation and improve blood circulation. 


Remedial is a form of massage that fosters the healing of injured soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. 


It is a form of massage where essential oils made from selected flowers and plants are added to the massage oil because of their therapeutic properties. 

Lymphatic Drainage 

This type of massage involves a gentle soothing body treatment that helps in relaxing the nervous system and aids the body's immune system. 


Certain parts of the body reflect the whole. These reflex points can be found in the hands, feet, face and ears, and they respond to pressure as well as stimulate the body's own natural healing process. 

If you need help with choosing the best form of massage that will suit your needs, you can check this video.


If you intend to go on a vacation soon, we do hope that with the knowledge of the benefits that come with a beachside massage in Brighton, you will incorporate a session in your itinerary. 

Guest blog by:

Guest blog: Cosmetic vs Plastic Surgery – What’s the Difference? 

Cosmetic vs Plastic Surgery – What’s the Difference? 

Are you familiar with the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery? Most people believe these terms are interchangeable, as they make no distinction between the disciplines. Despite being closely related, these disciplines differ in the outcome. While cosmetic procedures focus on improving one’s appearance, plastic operations involve reconstruction of body areas following an accident, mastectomy, or having a congenital anomaly. 

People decide to undergo cosmetic procedures so as to restore their youthful appearance, get rid of saggy skin, and achieve better facial symmetry. In contrast, individuals requiring plastic operations wish to remove scaring and repair nerve damage.

Make sure you learn more about the dissimilarities between these disciplines. 

The difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery

Although both cosmetic and plastic surgery aims to improve a particular part of the human body, these procedures differ when it comes to the outcome. For instance, the focus of cosmetic surgery is placed on enhancing the appearance and self-confidence of individuals. Since patients undergo such procedures while being perfectly healthy, these operations are considered elective. Consequently, the cost of cosmetic procedures isn’t covered by insurance. 

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, focuses on the correction and reconstruction of dysfunctional body parts caused by illnesses, tumor removals, accidents, congenital deformities, etc. Given that patients have to undergo such operations because of certain body area dysfunctionality, the cost is usually covered by insurance. 

Furthermore, individuals are supposed to make a difference between plastic and cosmetic surgeons, as these professionals differ in the amount of training after completing medical school. Nowadays, most reputable plastic surgery practices, such as Dr. Kirman's Bay Area office, employ both cosmetic and plastic surgeons. The latter have to spend at least six years on residency training in order to be credentialed by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, whereas the former are required to spend no more than a year of training after college. 

Keep in mind that certified plastic surgeons can work in the field of cosmetic surgery due to their extensive training, whereas cosmetic surgeons aren’t considered trained enough to perform plastic surgeries. Board certification is of the utmost importance when looking for a surgeon, as it serves as proof of having the required education, training, and experience. 

Cosmetic surgery

This type of discipline involves numerous surgical procedures related to breast enhancement, facial contouring and rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, and contouring of the body. All types of procedures are performed to meet the requirements of different patients, whose ultimate goal is improving their appearance. 

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular breast enhancement procedures, which aims to enlarge breasts with the use of implants. Most women undergo such an operation because of being dissatisfied with the natural size and symmetry of their breasts. 

In contrast, numerous women opt for a breast lift, particularly those coping with sagging breasts. It’s normal for this tissue to lose firmness and perkiness after pregnancy and substantial weight loss. Fortunately, this procedure is capable of restoring its shape, volume, and contour without using implants. Visit this page to get familiar with the most common cause of sagging breasts and some prevention tips. 

Regarding facial contouring, rhinoplasty is undoubtedly the most popular choice of surgery. It refers to the improvement of one’s nose by making changes to its size, form, and symmetry. Many individuals decide to enhance their nose structure in the hope of reshaping their crooked, overly long, too wide, or unusually large nose. 

Furthermore, people with recessed chin are interested in undergoing genioplasty, referring to the enhancement of their chin. Cosmetic surgeons use chin implants in order to enlarge this facial feature and improve facial symmetry. 

Facelift surgery is the most effective aesthetic solution for individuals experiencing sagging facial skin. The process of aging results in loss of skin elasticity and hydration, creating wrinkles and saggy neck skin. Nevertheless, a facelift enables patients to restore their youthful skin glow and conceal the signs of aging. 

Plastic surgery

The field of plastic surgery includes operations like breast reconstruction, congenital defect repair, hand surgery, scar revision, reconstructive burn surgery, etc. For example, breast reconstruction is usually performed after a mastectomy in order for women to restore their bust. It can be either an implant or a flap reconstruction. The former includes the use of implants, while the latter uses tissue from another body part of the patient. Visit the following link,, to learn about the breast reconstruction options for patients.  

Additionally, burn reconstructive surgery is performed on patients who have suffered burn wounds. Once the wounds get healed, such an operation is suitable for improving the look and function of the scars. Although the scars cannot be completely removed, a reconstructive burn operation restores the range of motions in patients, as well as make the scars less visible. 

Moreover, many people turn to plastic operations due to having congenital anomalies such as facial clefts, duplicated thumbs, cleft lip, Poland syndrome, etc. Some of these abnormalities, like the cleft lip, impede patients from speaking, eating, or breathing correctly. Fortunately, plastic surgeons are experts in making upper lip corrections, which improve patients’ functionality. 

Scar revision is another common procedure that individuals choose after going through an accident, which caused severe scarring. Such operations can be performed with local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or sedation. In some cases, individuals are required to have another operation after a period between sixty to ninety days from the first procedure, as some scars need to mature. 

Hand surgery involves various techniques, such as tendon repair, nerve repair, joint replacement, closed reduction, etc. For instance, tendon injuries are predominantly caused by severe trauma or an infection, manifested with the detachment of some fibers that connect bones with muscles. Nerve injuries to the hand impair the mobility of this part of the arm, some of which require a surgical procedure to be healed. 

Final thoughts

Look for an educated, reputable, experienced, and certified surgeon. 

Never trust your appearance and health in the hands of an inexperienced professional! 

Guest blog by : Kristine

Guest Blog: 3 Tips For Choosing The Right Luxury Swimwear

Since summer has arrived, going to the beach and swimming is probably all you can think of, isn’t it? If you are like most people, you’ll take some time off work and go somewhere where you will be able to enjoy the warm sand beneath your feet and crystal clear water that makes you not want to get out of it. You probably cannot wait for the day of your departure and picturing yourself sunbathing only encourages your impatience.

Speaking of sunbathing, here are a few benefits of that activity:

There’s only one thing left that you need to do. You need to find yourself some great, luxury swimwear. Picture yourself in your idea of the perfect bathing suit right now. It doesn’t only look good in the mirror, but on your photographs as well, am I right? In fact, you’re probably falling in love with the model that you’re imagining.

Ladies all over the world choose their swimwear based on how it looks. There’s nothing wrong with doing that and wanting to look amazing in the swimsuit that you buy. That’s not, however, the only factor that you should consider. If you want this summer to be perfect, you’ll have to make it perfect and you can start with finding the right luxury swimwear. Let me give you a few tips on how to do that.

Remember To Be Comfortable

Is there anything worse than having to adjust your swimsuit every single time you want to take a walk from the beach to the water, or vice versa? Yes, there is. Having to adjust it frequently while you are simply lying down and sunbathing is much worse. Okay, okay, both these situations aren’t really pleasant, neither to imagine nor to experience. Well, it’s your responsibility to avoid those situations and this useful source will help you learn how to do that.

Comfortable luxury swimwear will make you feel amazing. You’ll be confident and you’ll stop looking around yourself in order to see if the time is right to adjust a little something on your bathing suit. Instead of doing that, you’ll be able to enjoy the water and the sun without worrying that something is not right with your bikini or another type of swimwear. When you find a comfortable model, you’ll probably feel as if you were naked, but you’ll be perfectly covered.

Consider The Tan lines

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you want to get tanned when summer comes. Depending on your pigmentation, this might either be a pretty easy, or a pretty difficult task for you. One thing is for sure, though. Most of us will get annoyed by the tan lines that are caused by the clothes we wear. When the tan lines aren’t visible once you get dressed in your usual outfits, then you don’t have a problem.

If your usual outfits, however, reveal the tan lines, you might get frustrated. Remember that this is the summer we are talking about and that means that you’ll probably be wearing pretty revealing clothes. Make sure to consider the tan lines while choosing your luxury swimwear, so that you don’t get all discouraged and annoyed afterwards. You want to look great on the beach, but you also want to look great afterwards.

Think About How It Makes You Feel

When you try on different swimsuits and take a look in the mirror, your brain will react to those models differently. As you can see at Amaio Official Luxury, there really are different models and types to choose from, but not all of those will cause a positive reaction from your brain. In other words, you won’t feel perfect in every single model, which is completely normal and it depends on your body type.

Do you really want to get swimwear that doesn’t make you feel perfect? I wouldn’t suggest doing anything like that. This is your vacation we are talking about and you definitely don’t want to wear something that will constantly make you look in the mirror and evaluate yourself. Looking in the mirror while wearing your bathing suit should make you feel confident and proud of the way you look.

ingrown hair on face Norwich

Hair By Roxanne Webster- Guest blog on dandruff



ingrown hair on face Norwich


Have you ever googled ‘how to get rid of dandruff’ we’re all in the same boat, we all want a solution that clears out every possibility of an irritable scalp with dandruff and replaces it with a healthy, nourished one. Dandruff can be an extremely embarrassing condition to deal with. You skip out on wearing darker colours, continuously feel self-conscious.

Getting rid of dandruff might be a longstanding problem for some, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this condition can get difficult to deal with. Especially when advertisements on television are selling you anti-dandruff shampoos left, right and centre.


Most adults have a yeast present on their scalp. Your hair follicles and oil glands naturally produce an oil called sebum. You might notice this oil as the third-day grease that starts to form. Or for some of us, dry shampoo cans come out. Dandruff occurs when excess production of this oil (sebum) reacts with the yeast present on your scalp, causing it to multiply rapidly, resulting in an itchy, inflamed, irritable scalp. If not taken care of properly, this can lead to more serious skin conditions.

This could happen due to a number of reasons ranging from hormones to stress, your environment, the weather and more. But We often mistake dandruff for a dry scalp and begin to treat it without understanding what the problem even is.


Dandruff can happen to anyone, but there are certain habits, environments and situations that can trigger this condition further. If you’re suffering from those dreaded flakes, your next step would be to identify what is causing dandruff and/or what factors in your life are triggering it further.

The following causes -

•Not washing hair regularly - wash twice a week if you can

•your diet - fatty yeast product’s

•stress- home life, family issues, work-life
(Try yoga, this is a fantastic way to level your mind at stressful times.
learn to breathe this is such a powerful tool.
Remove yourself from the stress go for a walk.
less time on mobiles

•hormones -
-Try taking evening primrose oil this can level the hormone out around this time of the month

•genetics - family genetics

•the environment -
-weather is a big reason our skin and hair suffers so swap shampoos And conditioners inline with the time of year.
-Central heating can also dry scalp and skin out so be mindful to moisture more

•reactions to products -
- stop using any product that is making the issue worse and start back to basics
- Less is more


•change hair care routine -
-shampoos not too drying on the scalp
-more conditioning products like hair masks would be a good idea twice a week at 1st

•use the correct PH level -
0-7 acidic
7-14 alkaline

•change your diet -
-Fresh foods
*stay away from sugary foods and yeasty foods

•exfoliating the scalp -
-brown sugar & honey

-coconut oil
Apple cider vinegar
Rosemary essential oil

•home remedies -
-essential oils
Tea tree oil
Aloe Vera gel

-Olive oil & egg whites


Guest blog by Norwich hairdresser Roxanne Webster.

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Tropic products with Georgia in Norwich

tropic Norwich

Hello, I’m Georgia and I have been a client of Lizzie’s for 8 years now. I live in Norwich, Norfolk and have a little girl, who is 6 months old. I had heard about Tropic Skincare before, I had flicked through the catalogue at the hairdressers but never tried any Tropic products. A few weeks before my daughter was born, my friend brought me a Skincare Discovery Kit, containing four mini Tropic products including a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and serum. I was hooked and these Tropic Skincare staples even made it into my hospital bag.

After a few months of using the products, (even with a newborn), I decided I wanted more. I attended a Tropic Roadshow at Norwich North Holiday Inn and heard first hand from Tropic’s founder, Susie Ma. I learnt that the ingredients in the products you use, have an effect on your overall health when absorbed into your body. I was shocked by how many chemicals were in products designed especially for babies. I also met other Norwich Tropic Ambassadors who are also within my team.

tropic hair products Norwich

I had never thought about what I was putting on my skin and the affect it was having, not only on the planet and my body, but most importantly, my baby.

Tropic believe in cleaner beauty. All their products are verified safe by “Think Dirty”. They are cruelty-free and vegan, as well as being sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Tropic partner with United World Schools, each Tropic purchase funds education for children in some the worlds poorest communities.

Then I became a Tropic Ambassador, purchasing my starter kit for £198. Within this kit was over £500 worth of Tropic products, most of which had been on my wish list. Anyone can host a Tropic Pamper Experience from the comfort of their own home. As a hostess, you’ll receive up to 15% of the total pamper sales to spend on your new favourite Tropic treats. If you live in Norwich and would like to find out more about hosting a Tropic Pamper Experience or becoming a Tropic Ambassador, please pop me a message.

tropic skincare Norwich


Where to find the Best Cooling Mattress Topper

Waking up in the middle of the night, the covers have been kicked off and you’re being strangled by your pajamas because they’re glued to your skin with sweat. This is not a pleasant sight, not for hubby who you pray won’t wake up, or for you, as you stroll to the bathroom mirror and look in shock at the state of you. 

Thankfully this is easily solved, and you’ll kick yourself for not having invested in one earlier. What am I talking about? The glorious cooling gel mattress topper, in all its comfort and chilliness.  It might keep you in bed on those hot summer mornings when usually you’re up at 6 am with the sun.

We’ll discuss more on them later in the article, but if you are new to them and what they’re all about, then check out the ultimate cooling gel mattress toppers and stop being out the loop. The last thing we want is to be the last sweaty man standing at the end of the day, even more so when it is so easily avoidable.

What are gel toppers?

They are those wonderful layers that help you not spend a fortune on a full-blown mattress when there is no need. There are, of course, many options to choose from so doing a bit of research is essential.

When using a gel mattress, as you lie on it, it should shape to your body, this then distributes you weight evenly relieving any pressure points such as shoulders and hips. If you’re like me then waking up with achy hips is a nightmare, limping around in the morning and trying to get the joints moving.

Another key factor to look into is the firmness of the topper, the higher the density count the higher the firmness. Go into a shop and lie for a few minutes on the various toppers and see which feels easiest when getting back up. If you’re not puffing, then that’s the one for you.

Many people complain about being hot with a regular topper, but with a cooling gel topper, this is no longer an issue. The topper will have large pockets with an open-cell design to allow the cool air to flow freely, and preventing any hot spots from occurring.


5 Advantages of using a gel topper.


  • Durability. Besides lasting longer than your average topper, they are for sure more comfortable. And with memory foam motion transfer resistance, you won’t be woken up by your partner rolling around in the bed. Sign me up, please!
  • Air circulation. With the open-cell design instead of trapping the heat given off by your body, it is dissipated through the gel and you’re kept cool and comfortable.
  • Pressure relief. This is aimed at the side sleepers, continuous tossing through the night due to throbbing hips or numb shoulders and you aren’t getting the rest you need. Gel toppers are made to cradle you and keep your sensitive areas free from tension.
  • Support. With even distribution of the cells inside there is no chance of having a mattress with a dip in the morning as is with regular toppers. I know I’ve experienced this on my husband’s side, as I climb into bed, if he isn’t there I roll straight to the middle. Let’s just say that mattress and topper didn’t last long in our house.
  • Spine. As you lie down the vertebrae align themselves and stay that way with the gel toppers, and you wake up fresh rather than the usual ‘get me a coffee now’ mode the family is used to seeing.



The different layers that can go on top.

People tend to get confused when mattress ‘jargon’ is being thrown around in-store and suddenly you’re overwhelmed when all you came in for was a topper.

So many layers, some you weren’t even aware of, others have evolved so much they’re unrecognizable. Let’s break it down quickly, but you can read more info here to back up what you already know or learn something new. 

An Encasement is when the whole mattress is covered, completely, thus protecting you from any potential bed bugs or mites, and also damage if there was to be any. Then there is the protector, and it does what it says on the tin, protects. Everywhere besides the underneath and still providing some relief from allergies.

One option is the pad, while not as popular a choice, it does give a decent amount of comfort and aids temperature regulation through the night. 

Then for the grand finale, the show we bought tickets for, the topper. Undoubtedly the nations’ first choice, it’s thick, provides a high level of comfortability and it supports our body in a way we didn’t know how we ever lived without it. 

Blog by Sleep Rex.

Guest blog: A Guide on How to recognise your skin type

A Guide on How to recognise your skin type

Do you know what skin type you have?

As we are unable to get to our Beauty Skincare Specialist we are having to do DIY beauty.
This is essential to know your specific skin type to ensure you are using the correct skincare routine at home, using the wrong skincare products can actually give you additional and preventable skin problems, such as over sensitising your skin – resulting in tight or itchiness , over stimulating sebum production and oil – which can cause spots, dehydrating – dull appearance, or causing blockages resulting in milia.

This guide will enable you to give yourself a skin analysis

As a professional skin specialist at the beginning of every facial I carryout a skin analysis, this enables me to determine which products would most benefit your skin or your individual concerns.

First Cleanse the skin, you need to be able to see your skin

Remove all make up, Double cleansing is a must, the first cleanse removes make up and surface dirt and oil, while the second cleanse actually cleanses the skin removing dirt and oil that has collected during the day.
We then use a skin toner, make sure this is suited for your skin type, A toner will remove any residue of cleanser, tighten the pores, mattify the skin and if using the correct toner leave a natural antibacterial film to help stop spots forming
When you carryout your skin analysis it is useful to do it in good light, A magnifying mirror will help you see close up and determine pore size.
There are four main skin types
*We look at pore size
*Fines lines or wrinkles
*colour of the skin
*texture of the skin

Normal Skin

*Small, fine pores
*Even texture
*No blemishes
*Good balance of oil
*Healthy colour

Dry Skin

*Fine pores
*Fine lines and wrinkles
*Matt & uneven texture
*Dry patches
*Can have redness dilated capillaries across cheeks

Oily Skin

*Enlarged pores
*Thicker coarser skin
*Spots or blackheads
*Shiny / Oily appearance
*Any of the above together
*i.e. Oily t zone, dry cheeks

A skin can also suffer from the following conditions either temporarily or consistent.
Dehydrated Skin
*Skin lacking in moisture, superficial flaking
*May feel tight and itchy
*Can be temporary

Mature Skin

*Lack of firmness and suppleness
*Lack of muscle tone
*Pigmentation areas
*Lines and wrinkles

Sensitive Skin

*Flushes easily
*Dilated capillaries
*Itchy skin

Congested Skin

*Infected pussy spots
*Red hard lumps/spots
*Black heads – Blacked blocked pores
*Infected skin

Factors that can affect skin type

*Age - As we grow in years our skins natural production of collagen and elastin slows down resulting in fine lines and wrinkles
*Hormonal imbalance – The over production of different hormones (progesterone or oestrogen) can cause spots
*Incorrect skincare – Using the wrong products can result in dehydration or over stimulating the sebum production
*Climate – The sun can dry the skin, or the wind can sensitise the skin and cause broken capillaries
*Diet – intake of water and food – Water and vitamins are vital in producing cell regeneration
*Smoking & Alcohol – Robs the skin of essential vitamins and can dehydrate the skin

Some Technical Terms For Common skin disorders

Acne – Vulgaris
A bacterial infection of sebaceous glands. Usually caused by hormonal imbalance but can also be aggravated by stress or poor diet. Pustules, which are spots that contain pus and papules which are blind spots so have no head, can be sore and painful, and may be present on the face, neck or back.
Acne – Rosacea
Rosacea is recognised by persistent flushing, which can be aggravated by spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, stress or extreme changes from hot to cold. Papules are usually found and give the skin a lumpy appearance.
Comedomes– Blackheads
A grey spot caused by hardened sebum blocking the hair follicle. It is of black appearance due to oxidation of keratin in the sebum that changes colour when it comes into contact with the air.
Milia – Whiteheads
Milia are small cysts which are white hard pearly lumps under the skin, which can include sebum. Common around the eye area as the skin is thinner. Can be caused by incorrect skincare containing high mineral oil content. Milia can be removed with a sterile micro lance, but must be done by a skincare specialist

Helpful Information on products suited to different skin types

Cleansing milks are usually oil in water composition, making them light in texture; they will benefit a sensitive or Normal skin type. These can be removed with water and face cloth, sponges or damp cotton wool pads.

Cleansing creams are higher in oil to water content and thicker in consistency, these makes them effective in removing oil based make up. Because they have higher oil content they will benefit a mature, dehydrated or dry skin type. These are better removed with a muslin cloth or face cloth.

Foaming cleansers are gel based with a mild detergent that when mixed with water produces foam. This is idea for clients who like the feeling of washing with water, and suitable for an oily or combination skin type.

Skin toners generally contain a small amount of astringent or alcohol which gives the slight feeling of tightening; it also removes any residue of cleanser and closes the pores. Toners are applied to the skin on cotton pads.

Masks are applied to the skin in a thin layer to aid easy removal. Masks may contain ingredients such clay for oily combination skins which set on the skin, or non-setting masks which may contain oil or cream for Mature, dry or sensitive skins. Masks are deep cleansing and can be used to push in moisturisers and oils for a more nourishing effect. Masks can be applied with a facial mask brush or the fingers, they are removed with water.

Moisturiser lotions are light in texture and are usually a high water to oil content, making them a good choice for oily, combination or sensitive skins.
Moisturising creams are richer in consistency and texture because of higher oil content, so perfect for Mature, dehydrated or dry skins.

Written By Louise Baxter
Louise Baxter Skincare And Beauty Specialist