Steaming your skin as part of a facial

Facial treatments are fantastic at giving your skin a healthy appearance. I would recommend having a professional facial monthly. However you can do a DIY facial at home. For me facial treatment is the ultimate treatment it's not only beneficial to your skin, but extremely relaxing. A facial treatment should be carried out in dimmed lighting with the smell of essential oils to enhance the experience. Never rush a facial treatment and always treat your skin gently.

Benefits of using a facial steamer for warming your skin:

  • Warming the epidermis makes exfoliation easier. I personally use Kaeso products in my beauty salon.
  • Warming the skin prior to blackhead removal is very important as it opens the pores making blackhead removal easier. NEVER try to remove blackheads without warming the skin first. You have around 20 mins before the pores start to close again. Always remove blackheads gently to avoid the risk of scarring the skin.
  • Steaming your skin stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic systems.
  • Sebaceous gland activity is improved with steaming, which benefits dry mature skin. Sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is the oil that lubricates your skin.

Always use distilled water in the facial steamer. Never tap water. Take care of your professional steamer and clean it according to manufacturing instructions. This will avoid lime scale build up and pro-long the life of the machine.

This is not suitable for people with asthma. Please check other medical conditions before using. This is very important. If you have sensitive skin steaming can irritate your skin.

Keep the facial steamer around 30cm from your face allowing a fine mist to be directed at your face for around 10 minutes. Take care not to have facial steamer too close to your skin.

Cover eyes and any broken capillaries with cotton pads.

Steaming in facial treatment


blackheads Norwich

Blackhead removal in Norwich

Blackheads (also called comedones) are extremely common on the face and are a sign of an oily complexion. Blackheads are clogged up pores with debris and oil from your skin. When applying pressure with a comedone tool the blackhead comes out almost worm-like. It's extremely important to warm up the skin prior to removing blackheads as trying to remove them without steam, hot towels or similar to open the pores you can risk scarring the skin by damaging the surrounding skin during blackhead removal. Blackheads are caused by an increase in oil production from sebaceous glands especially during teenage years. It's the oxidation which causes the blackheads to have the black appearance.Read more

millia removal in Norwich

Milia removal in Norwich

Milia removal in Norwich

As part of my deluxe facial treatment I can offer very basic milia removal. During my deluxe facial treatment the skin is warmed to open the pores making milia removal safe without leaving scarring. Never attempt to do milia removal without warming the skin first. My deluxe facial treatment can be customised to suit every ones needs. If you have more milia or condones (blackheads) I can simply do less massage and concentrate more time on warming the skin with professional steamer and milia extraction. I don't charge extra for removing milia it's all part of the deluxe facial treatment. Facial treatments are by far my favourite treatment to receive. It's so important to have healthy skin as it's the first thing people often notice. Poor skin like acne and blackheads can really affect your confidence. I can give advice on how to create your own daily facial routine. It's very important to do this along side a healthy diet. Many people drink less water than they should.Read more

Facial Massage and Its Anti Aging Benefits - Guest Blog by James Patrick

Facial Massage and Its Anti Aging Benefits

The secrets of getting a young and wrinkle free skin is not confined in cosmetics and surgery. A regular course of facial massage can add natural glow and radiance to the face besides taking care of the unwanted wrinkles. Unlike cosmetic surgeries, facial massage using natural substances reduces the risks of side effects to a great extent.

Reasons of Premature Skin Aging

Increasing stress and work load in everyday life has a lot of effect on the skin. This is a major reason because of which the skin starts to look older and wrinkles starts coming in at a very young age. Use of anti aging creams and cosmetics are seldom effective. The actual reason behind the premature aging of the skin is due to poor circulation of the blood. The fact that makes facial massage important is that the signs of premature aging first starts to show up on the face of an individual.

Importance of Facial Massage

  • Facial massage is a natural therapy which enhances natural beauty of the skin. It helps to improve the skin tone and glow. The face has got various minute pressure points which get stimulated during a facial massage. This helps in better blood circulation all around the face. Increased blood flow in the vital regions of the face helps to relax the facial tissue.
  •  Facial massage helps to balance the natural moisture of the skin. A majority of people worldwide suffer from dry skin. There is a natural growth of dead cells if dry skin stays untreated for a long time. Regular facial massage helps in increment of the natural skin moisturizers.
  •  There are many people who come across issues like puffed face. This actually happens due to over application of cosmetics and lack of sleep. The inner face muscles regain flexibility after a course of facial massage. This helps to fix the issues related to puffed face.
  • Many beauticians believe that regular facial massage helps to lighten the complexion to a great extent. Massage helps to open up the blocked lymph nodes which gradually help to add a natural shine to the face.
  • Facial massage is particularly essential for sensitive skin. Massage helps to remove the blockades form the pores and sheds off the black heads.

      Facial massage relaxes the face muscles and tissues

Facial Massage And Anti Aging Benefits

Facial massage has got numerous anti aging benefits where it actually relieves an individual from the primary signs of aging that is wrinkles. Facial massage treatments using circular massage method and patting method helps immensely to reduce wrinkles from the face. Regular facial toning exercises attached with facial massage can bring in surprising beauty results for an individual. The best time for wrinkle relieving massage is early in the morning because after sleep the blood circulation stays low, and massage increases the blood flow, helping to reduce puffiness. Circular motions of massage can help to reduce wrinkles that appear on the forehead.

Looking at the numerous benefits that facial massage provides it can be easily said that this massage is a much more secure option than cosmetic surgery if the anti aging solutions are taken into concern.

Author’s Bio: James is a professional freelancer and blogger who specializes in skin treatments and beauty secrets. His blogs and articles are extremely helpful for people who are looking for effective anti aging solutions for the skin. He suggests his readers to try out Tantric massage from the massage parlors of Orange Country in order to get a young and beautiful skin.

Summary- Facial massage is the most natural and effective way to get a young and wrinkle free skin. Regular course of this massage using natural ingredients is highly beneficial for the skin.

Herbalife: Teaming up with Laura Allen fitness instructor and well-being coach

I have had a fantastic meeting this morning with Laura Allen from Norwich to discuss Herbalife. Laura has been working within the fitness industry for 16 years. She currently works at Bannatyne Fitness Club, as a group exercise Instructor and also does one-to-one sessions. She is a great motivater and vast knowledge of health and wellbeing.

I am going to be teaming up with Laura to provide 'relax, pamper & detox parties' using the Herbalife range. Party includes 30 minutes facial, with some amazing new Herbalife Signature Skincare products. Which will Purify (cleanse), Exfoliate, Massage and Moisture. This will leave your skin feeling soften, smoothed and revived. This is a great package for and your friends in the new year after overindulging at Christmas and New year to kick start a new lifestyle change you can actually keep to.

herbalife products in Norwich

Laura Allan also retails the Herbalife shakes and weight-loss range. I would personally recommend Laura for helping anyone lose weight as she has had 16 years in the weight-loss and fitness field. The Herbalife shakes are around 200 calories each, so an ideal meal  replacement for when you are busy and have no time for making a healthy meal. I have personally tried them and think the Herbalife shakes taste great. I find these extremely helpful when I am working as I would have grabbed a sandwich and a snack before, which would have normally been 400 calories. I find one of the Herbalife shakes for breakfast and another one at lunch keeps me full until the end of the day when I have more time to cook a healthy meal. Laura is great at giving you tips and keeping you on track to reach your goals.

Laura also offers mobile personal training, which is ideal for me with my little girl. As I can still keep fit even with Jessica here. As a Mum I find it very hard to find a baby sitter for time for exercise. Laura is great at keeping me on track and a great price too. She weights and measures me every time I see her and always knows the right thing to say when I am having a low day. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who is thinking about booking a personal trainer in Norwich. She makes individual personal training plans for each of her client's needs. I am losing a healthy 1-2 lbs a week with her and making changes to my diet for life. I actually don't really feel like I am on a diet with Laura to be honest.

Laura also runs a FREE 30 minute exercise class at Heartsease High School in Norwich every Wednesday at 7pm called fitclub. More information on Herbalife active on their website or contact Laura direct on facebook for more details.

Herbalife & female personal trainer by Laura Allen in Norwich, Norfolk

Facial treatment

I use Kaeso facial products which are absolutely fabulous and leave you feeling amazing. Have a read of their ethos:

"Kaeso's ethos is to embody naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver effective and luxurious professional products. Kaeso’s unique formulations are made with the finest, natural ingredients to assure the highest quality skin care. The formulation team at Kaeso source proven and effective botanical extracts, they're committed to choosing ingredients that are renowned for their true benefits to the skin. Each product has been carefully designed to meet with Kaeso’s Innocence Criteria; to meet this criteria all products must be free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil."

I concentrate on lots of massage with my facial treatment which stimulates the blood flow to the face encouraging the blood supply to the area bringing oxygen to carry away waste products. Regular facials keep the skin clear of grim and dead skin build up caused by make-up and day to day life style.

I am currently on the look out for some locally produced facial products for my salon in Norwich. My aim is to provide a natural preferably organic alternative for my clients with more sensitive skin. If you know of any local Norfolk cosmetic companies please tell them to get in touch.


Elizabeth Smith