Natural look eyelash extensions

On a previous blog post ( natural look eyelash extensions ) I told you about this lady who came in for natural looking eyelash extensions. She asked for something that just thickened what she already has, so she can just get up and walk the dogs without having to apply any make-up. So in this blog post, I wanted to update you on how she is getting on.

At the infills appointment, I got some amazing feedback from her and she has been recommending me to lots of her friends :-) She was surprised by how lightweight and comfortable the natural look eyelash extensions are. You really don't feel them at all as they don't touch your eyelids.

They are individually bonded to each of your natural eyelashes so there's no rubbing or irritation. She is loving the no fuss of really needing to maintain them and just able to get up and go. I advised her to make sure she keeps them clean and brushes them.

She has an extremely busy lifestyle, so finding these fantastic. No worry of panda eyes at the end of a hot day, just perfect looking thick natural lashes. She highly recommends natural look eyelash extensions to someone who wants to look good and feel confident who doesn't have the time to worry about applying their own mascara/ lashes every day.


eyelash extensions norwich

Eyelash art for fancy dress party

Fancy dress make-up and express lashes for Love boat - Norwich

I was asked this week by the lovely Maxine from the cottage pub to do her eyelash art and to transform her into a mermaid. She was off to Love boat run by Bo nanafana on Saturday night.

After some research, I decided on hexagon green/blue shaped glitter art on her forehead to look like scales, with a few sequins which matched her scallop bra. Along with rhinestones and fine white glitter under just one eye, I'm not a fan of symmetry!  I also applied a fab blue glitter eyeliner and curled her hair. Sadly we didn't have any blue lipstick, so we made our own with Vaseline mixed with blue eye shadow.

I applied longer express lashes than Maxine would normally go for as it was for a special occasion. We picked C curl for a more glamorous look with 11mm/13mm length. 0.20 in thickness for the mascara look. I am really pleased with the finished look and Maxine looked fabulous with her mermaid outfit on, lots of positive feedback on my facebook page :-)

Contact me if you need a similar look for a night out. I have a large section of different types of glitter, gems and art to create the desired look. Perfect for a themed hen party?



eyelash art norwich


eyelash art norwich


mermaid make-up


eyelash art





Natural look eyelash extensions - Norwich

I got asked to do a very natural look this week in Norwich for eyelash extensions. "Please don't make me look like Daisy the cow". I used a very natural curl J, 0.20 in thickness, dark brown in colour and only 7mm/9mm in length. I am really pleased with the results.

This client wanted a look so she could get up in the morning and walk the dogs without worrying about applying mascara, but without looking like Daisy the cow! I wear eyelash extensions and love the glamour feeling you get when you wake up in the morning. They are very easy to take care of and maintain.

These are semi-permanent eyelash extensions, so will need infills every 2-3 weeks to maintain them.



Eyelash extensions Norwich



natural look eyelash extension norfolk
Eyelash extensions Norwich



eyelash extensions norwich

Understanding your eyelash extensions

Understanding your eyelash extensions

As promised I am doing a blog on understanding your eyelash extensions. It's really important to me that all my clients have a proper consultation when they come into my salon in Norwich. I use individual eyelash extensions. It's amazing how much there is to pick from! I have done a quick photoshop image of some of the common curls, thickness, colour and lengths available. I always have C and J curls in, but please remember I am always happy to get in other sizes or curls on request. Also have glitter, crystal and silver/gold beads for lash art in. Great for a hen do and Christmas parties.

A chart on different curls and thickness available

Thickness :
0.15mm thick individual eyelashes create a long-lasting natural look. 
0.20 for a natural mascara look.

eyelash extensions norwich


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Semi-permanent eyelash extensions -uneven lash growth

I am really excited to be blogging about this client of mine. She has been seeing me for two-ish months now and when she first came to see me had hardly any of her own natural eyelashes on one eye. It is a really rare case of uneven lash growth. I believe it was from over curling and too much mascara. She wanted semi-permanent eyelashes done for a wedding coming up at the weekend. I advised her to go for express lashes at the time as I could close the gap better with these. Two weeks later I had her booked in for a full set of mink semi-permanent eyelash extensions in my Norwich salon. I called up one of my wonderful wholesalers and ordered in some Y lashes, which are basely split lashes to give volume. I applied 10 Y lashes on one eye and they looked really full by the end of the appointment. 

Now six weeks on her natural eyelashes have had time to recover and I no longer need to use Y lashes. They look absolutely fabulous now and I highly recommend individual eyelash extensions to anyone with uneven and damaged lash growth. My client feels like a changed woman.