Glamcor eyelash extensions

Which lighting to use during eyelash extension application?

There are loads of different brands of lighting available for applying eyelash extensions. Most of them are just variations of LED lighting. The most well known one is the Glamour light, it's a massive investment though at over £300! It's got a great reputation and people speak very highly of it. If money was no object I would definitely get one! I have listed a few different options on this blog for suit everyone's budget.

Glamcor eyelash extensions
Glamcor Light, Classic Elite

Personally I use a ring light with a magnifier in the middle very similar to the one I have linked to below. I use my reading glasses and look through this 5 x magnifier, so I am able to isolate the natural lash completely without any worry of missing any faint baby lashes hiding behind the natural lash before applying an eyelash extension.

If you struggle to apply eyelash extensions through a magnifier you can purchase an LED video light, which is what the Glamour light is. Personally I would recommend persevering with a magnifier, but if you really can't get on with one then LED video lights are great! Mains powered ones are the best. LED video lights have a dial on them for increasing and decreasing the brightness. It's best to go with daylight balanced ones, so there is less strain on your eye sight.

eyelash extension lightening.
My beauty salon with light above my couch. I also have a Velux window directly above my beauty couch.

You can get magnifier glasses which clip onto the front of your normal glasses or just magnifier glasses if you don't wear prescription glasses yet. These can be used along side an LED video light.

Dental surgeons and medical trained people tend to use loupes. If you get loupes from medical companies they are normally around £500 and made for your eyesight. Their loupes have an LED light attached to the middle of the glasses and a battery pack, which clips onto your trouser belt.


Eyelash extension lighting

Sore wrist while applying eyelash extensions

Wrist pain is a very common problem with any career where there is a repetitive moment. So it's no surprise that beauticians who are applying eyelashes for a long length of time suffer with wrist pain. I personally try to never work more than 3 hours without a break, especially if it's all the same treatment. Sitting still in the same position puts a lot of strain on your body. Here are a few of my tips to avoid pain as well as pins and needles while applying eyelash extensions. Please do comment on this blog with your own advice.

    1. Always use a seat which makes you sit upright. Sit with your elbows in line with the beauty couch. Take your time to get this correct.

2 Wear a stomach band to encourage you to sit up completely straight.

3. Use an exercise ball to increase the muscle strength in your wrist. Which is also great for anyone who has carpal tunnel syndrome. I honestly can't recommend these exercise balls enough they really do strengthen your muscles. Great for arthritis, rehab etc. It's great to use in front of the telly and 10 minutes in each hand is all you need.

4. Foot stool - helps with posture.

5. Stretch in between and at the end of your appointments.

6. Exercise. Keeping your back muscles and your core strong helps your posture, therefore preventing pain.

7. Angled tweezers - helps with the position of your hand to client's eyelash extensions.

It's really important as an eyelash technician to take care of your body, so you can continue to work. If you have any tips on caring for your posture, wrist, health please do comment on this blog post.

Pain in wrist from applying eyelash extensions

mascara for eyelash extensions

Can I apply mascara to Eyelash Extensions?

Mascara can be worn on eyelash extensions, not that's it's really needed. I always tell my clients to avoid using it as removing it can be tricky. To remove it use oil-free make-up remover. If any mascara is left on your lashes at your infills appointment this will effect how long the eyelash technician has to apply new lashes, as every last bit of it needs to be removed before starting. Any mascara left on lashes will cause a barrier between the extension and natural lashes so the new lashes simply won't stick! If the extensions come off in 3 days after application there has been a problem with application.

However if you feel you need to use mascara on your eyelash extensions for a special occasion where you want your lashes extra bold! Always make sure it's designed to go on eyelash extensions. It needs to be oil-free. Oily mascaras will simply break down the eyelash extension glue and the lashes won't last as long. There are loads of different brands available online. Remember to dispose of any mascara after 6 months of opening. Never share with friends as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Also avoid applying it to the base of the lashes. Always remove at nighttime. Removing make-up should always be a gentle process you don't want to risk damaging your eyelash extensions.

Mascara design for eyelash extensions:

Oil- free make-up remover

I personally wash my clients eyes with a disinfected make-up brush with baby shampoo mixed with cooled boiled water in a foaming bottle. To disinfect your brushes first soak them in Babicide (Barbidice is the blue solution you often see on the hair dressing stations) for 15 mins and the clean with alcohol. After allowing them to dry store in a sealed container.

Mascara for eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions holder

Tips for applying individual eyelash extensions faster

Both the client and the eyelash technician want this! We all want to know how to apply eyelash extensions faster, so I have done a blog post on a few of my tips for other eyelash technicians. Also on how to get the most from their appointment. Please feel free to comment on this blog post with ideas of your own.

  • Ring holder for glue - this way you don't have to look away from the magnifier during treatment. I also line the ring holder with tin foil, which I just refresh when glue needs replacing.
  • Faster setting glue. Eyelash extension glues do have different setting times. I use Lashbase extreme glue, which has 1-2 seconds setting time when doing a classic set. However this is only when you use a  minimal amount. Over use of glue means it doesn't set! It's really important not to use too much glue. Glue doesn't 'dry' it 'cures' with the moisture in the air. If it's too thick it won't cure.
  • I have made an eyelash extension holder for the back of my hand. Again you don't want to look away from the magnifier to pick up lashes as this wastes time. Also make sure the eyelash extension strips are taped down well and don't lift when you are removing the individual lashes.
  • Practice practice practice! It's important to practice your technique without a client present to increase your speed. Especially with volume lashes. Multiple lashes applied to one natural eyelash.
  • Good lighting! I use an LED ring magnifier when applying eyelash extensions. You can buy the 'glamour' light also. It's an LED video light.
  • Have an eye test!
  • Good tweezers that have a good grip. Check the contact point.
  • Cutting two slits into the under eye pad makes applying them faster as it gives them more movement.
  • Ask the client to give their lashes a really good clean prior to their appointment. In the past I have spent up to 20 mins of a client's appointment washing off mascara that is a lot of wasted eyelash application time. I also give the lashes a good clean and brush before I start the treatment.
  • Be organised. Have everything you need for the appointment ready and tidy up as you go!
  • Talk the client through aftercare while you are doing the treatment instead of 5 minutes at the end of their appointment. I personally go through aftercare at their consultation appointment. I also kindly ask my clients to pay by BACS and make appointments via email. This saves a good 10 minutes. I don't have the luxury of a receptionist. My eyelash extensions are booked back to back 60 minute appointments with 50 minutes of lash time.
  • If the client is struggling to keep their eyes closed this can really slow things up, so I gently place 5p coins on their eyelids to keep them closed.
  • Eyelash extensions on strips and not in pots loose.


eyelash extensions holder


Tips on how to apply eyelash extensions faster


Mapping eyelash extensions

Every client I see has a different design for their eyelash extensions, so it's important to map them. Mapping eyelash extensions makes it a lot easier for the eyelash technical when doing more complex designs. For example 5 different lengths for just one person. See my previous post on different styles available .

I personally normally split eyelashes up into 3 selections. So before applying eyelash extensions pads I write the clients requirements on the pad. I also put two cuts into the pad, so it gives it more freedom to be individual. The under eye pads sadly only come in one design, so by cutting two slits in them gives them slightly more flexibility. Therefore it's more comfortable for the client and fit better.

By mapping eyelash extensions out on the pads it prevents you from forgetting their design or having to keep looking at your notes. I also them have the eyelash extensions strips on the back of my hand in length order. Smallest at the top.



eyelash extensions holder
Set-up of eyelash extensions on the back of my hand for speed when applying individual eyelash extensions,.

Mapping individual eyelash extensions

styles of eyelash extensions

Styling individual eyelash extensions

Styling eyelash extensions

You can create many different styles with individual eyelash extensions. They can be very individual for you. Whether you want a full on outrageous style or a more natural everyday look. These eyelash extensions are perfect for everyone. They are one extension, isolated and placed on one natural lash. They are often refereed to as classic. For more advanced individual eyelash extensions you can apply multiple very fine lashes to one natural lash. These are refereed to as volume lashes.

Varying the length of the lashes greatly changes the look of the eyelash extensions. For example placing longer lashes on the outer corners can give what we call 'cat flicks'. You can create a really dramatic or very natural look depending on your personality or even event. A lot of women prefer a more dramatic look for their wedding day, so it shows up for the camera.

styles of eyelash extensions
Styling individual eyelash extensions. Ignore my lack of drawing skills!

Audrey Hepburn- sweep of lashes getting bigger to the corners of the eyes
Geisha's fan. Slightly smaller lashes towards the corners of the eyes.
Cat's flick - A lot longer lashes in the corners
Elegent - smaller in the middle close to nose and slightly longer in middle/ corners
Mixed - A pattern of small, medium and longer lashes used.


Also by changing the curl used this can make a dramatic difference. The more curly the eyelash extension the more can be seen from the front. So as you can see from photo below a C shows more the eyelash extension than a J curl from the front.

Comparing curls in eyelash extensions

Thickness of the lashes also effects the style. I only offer 0.20, 0.15, 0.10 and 0.07 at the moment. Depending on if you choose classic or volume lashes.

Styles of eyelash extensions

Comparing curls in eyelash extensions

Comparing eyelash curls

There are lots of different curls available with eyelash extensions. J, B, C, D, O.... but what difference does it actually mean to your eyelash extensions? The curl is most noticeable from the front as the more curly the eyelash extension the more that will be seen.  At the moment I stock J, B and C curls at my Norwich based beauty salon. So therefore the most dramatic one I stock is C curl as it shows the most from the front view. The length of the extension is it's length pulled out straight, so D curls actually look slightly shorter.Read more

Eye twitching during eyelash extension application

How to prevent eyes twitching during eyelash extensions application?

This week I had a very excited client come in to have her eyelash extensions infilled. She was super hyped up as her eyelash extensions she had in were over 4 weeks old and desperately needed topping up. She had them done in London at the beauty show and now wants to continue wearing them. She decided to come to me as I am local to her.

I am part of quite a few facebook support groups for eyelash extensions and had 'banked' a few ideas, but never needed to use them before as I can normally calm the client down before starting. I normally slowly rub the temples on the side of the head and get them to concentrate on their breathing. However I could feel nothing was going to calm this lady down that quickly. Note to clients: avoid caffeine before your appointment hehe!Read more

natural lashes with extension

Why do I need infills with eyelash extensions?

Why do I need infills with eyelash extensions and why do I need them sooner than others seem to?

natural eyelash with eyelash extension on
Naturally fallen out volume (2D) lashes.

It's important to understand with eyelashes that they do actually fall out. I know this sounds like common sense, but it's interesting how many people are surprised by this! I guess it's just something we don't think about. Also like all hair on our body the hairs grow in cycles. Hair on your head has a longer cycle than eyelashes hence why you can grow your hair really long!

Hair grows in cycles, and each cycle has three phases – growth (anagen), transition (catagen) and resting (telogen). Hair only grows during the first phase and then it transitions and 'rests' until it falls out. The three phases of the hair growth cycle differ in duration depending on the body location and you as a person. I have seen natural eyelashes as short as 3-4mm and as long as 15mm in length! We are all different meaning that some of us can go longer between infill appointments. I have some ladies who can go 4 weeks between their appointments and other just 2 weeks before they need a top up.Read more

How to shampoo eyelash extensions

It's really important to shampoo individual eyelash extensions to keep them clean and healthy. Build up of oils on the eyelash extensions causes the glue to break down and the extension to come away from the natural lash.


There are lots of eyelash extension shampoos and cleansers on the market. For this blog post I have used Lashbase cleanser. It's RRP is £15-20 per bottle. This eyelash extension cleaser is oil free and a neutral ph, so perfect for using at home to keep the lashes clean. It's also ideal to use prior to applying a full set of individual eyelash extensions. It's great at preventing blepharitis, which is inflammation of the eyelid.


Personally I prefer using a small fan brush to clean the eyelash extensions. Above is a client with no lashes on, so I am using this cleanser prior to application. It's important to only use the foam on the fan brush to clean down and away from the lids taking away any old mascara, foundation which has built up on lashes etc. After using the foam wash on the lashes I then rinse with a saline solution or cooled boiled water to remove the soap. It's very important to still use a primer (alcohol based) to remove every last bit from the lashes. Anything left on the natural eyelashes will cause a barrier between the glue and natural lash.


Extract from Lashbase on their cleanser

"Purified - Eyelid and Lash Cleanser

LashBase Purified is the must-have lash cleanser. Specially formulated to be PH neutral and oil free. This foaming cleanser is ideal for your client to thoroughly clean their lashes and eye area and forms part of the perfect after care regime to keep their lashes clean and healthy after your work is complete.

For technicians using Purified prior to an eyelash extension application, a Primer must be used to clear any soap residue.

Purified is also a great treatment to help Blepharitis suffers and can keep all symptoms at bay to leave your eyes and eyelids feeling fresh and comfortable. For those of you that don't know, Blepharitis is a common condition that causes inflammation of the eyelids. The condition can be difficult to manage because it tends to recur. Symptoms of Blepharitis include a foreign body or burning sensation, excessive tearing, itching, sensitivity to light (photophobia), red and swollen eyelids, redness of the eye, blurred vision, frothy tears, dry eye, or crusting of the eyelashes on awakening.

Instructions for use - Apply one pump of Purified cleanser on to the finger tips (or back of your hand and use asilicone mascara wand) and gently massage into the eyelashes and eyelid. Do not allow contact with eye. Allow foam to sit on eyelid for about one minute, rinse and gently pat dry. We recommend selling this cleanser to each of your lash clients for use as part of their daily after-care regime as it will improve the longevity and help you when it comes to in-fills."

baby shampoo for eyelash extensions

An alternative to a specialised eyelash extension shampoo is baby shampoo mixed with cooled boiled water. I am told that adding baking powder brings it to the correct ph, but please don't quote me on that! Ideally use in a foam pump dispenser bottle and just use the foam, rinsing afterwards with cool boiled water. Please do this extremely carefully you only want to remove the built up oils. Take great care not to damage the eyelash extensions while cleasing them.


Read more