Facial Massage and Its Anti Aging Benefits - Guest Blog by James Patrick

Facial Massage and Its Anti Aging Benefits

The secrets of getting a young and wrinkle free skin is not confined in cosmetics and surgery. A regular course of facial massage can add natural glow and radiance to the face besides taking care of the unwanted wrinkles. Unlike cosmetic surgeries, facial massage using natural substances reduces the risks of side effects to a great extent.

Reasons of Premature Skin Aging

Increasing stress and work load in everyday life has a lot of effect on the skin. This is a major reason because of which the skin starts to look older and wrinkles starts coming in at a very young age. Use of anti aging creams and cosmetics are seldom effective. The actual reason behind the premature aging of the skin is due to poor circulation of the blood. The fact that makes facial massage important is that the signs of premature aging first starts to show up on the face of an individual.

Importance of Facial Massage

  • Facial massage is a natural therapy which enhances natural beauty of the skin. It helps to improve the skin tone and glow. The face has got various minute pressure points which get stimulated during a facial massage. This helps in better blood circulation all around the face. Increased blood flow in the vital regions of the face helps to relax the facial tissue.
  •  Facial massage helps to balance the natural moisture of the skin. A majority of people worldwide suffer from dry skin. There is a natural growth of dead cells if dry skin stays untreated for a long time. Regular facial massage helps in increment of the natural skin moisturizers.
  •  There are many people who come across issues like puffed face. This actually happens due to over application of cosmetics and lack of sleep. The inner face muscles regain flexibility after a course of facial massage. This helps to fix the issues related to puffed face.
  • Many beauticians believe that regular facial massage helps to lighten the complexion to a great extent. Massage helps to open up the blocked lymph nodes which gradually help to add a natural shine to the face.
  • Facial massage is particularly essential for sensitive skin. Massage helps to remove the blockades form the pores and sheds off the black heads.

      Facial massage relaxes the face muscles and tissues

Facial Massage And Anti Aging Benefits

Facial massage has got numerous anti aging benefits where it actually relieves an individual from the primary signs of aging that is wrinkles. Facial massage treatments using circular massage method and patting method helps immensely to reduce wrinkles from the face. Regular facial toning exercises attached with facial massage can bring in surprising beauty results for an individual. The best time for wrinkle relieving massage is early in the morning because after sleep the blood circulation stays low, and massage increases the blood flow, helping to reduce puffiness. Circular motions of massage can help to reduce wrinkles that appear on the forehead.

Looking at the numerous benefits that facial massage provides it can be easily said that this massage is a much more secure option than cosmetic surgery if the anti aging solutions are taken into concern.

Author’s Bio: James is a professional freelancer and blogger who specializes in skin treatments and beauty secrets. His blogs and articles are extremely helpful for people who are looking for effective anti aging solutions for the skin. He suggests his readers to try out Tantric massage from the massage parlors of Orange Country in order to get a young and beautiful skin.

Summary- Facial massage is the most natural and effective way to get a young and wrinkle free skin. Regular course of this massage using natural ingredients is highly beneficial for the skin.

Gellux hard gel nail extensions

Gellux hard gel nail extensions

I no longer offer this treatment due to low demand and shelf life of the product, but have put a blog post together on how to use it including the manufacturing instructions. It's a great product I just don't have the demand for it at my beauty salon. I personally prefer offering the gel polish nails, which go over your natural nail length.

The UV Gellux hard gel nail extensions treatment is done by sculpting the gel over foil forms to shape the extension to the desired look. You can also use pre-made tips. I personally don't use the white stick on tips like some nail technicians do, I believe in creating a more natural look from scratch. The hard gel is non-porous, so they can't be removed by soaking them in acetone. They need to be buffered down leaving a thin layer of gel to naturally grow out. These nail extensions are a long term solution and need infilling where the gel has grown out every 2-3 weeks. The advantage of them being non-porous is that you don't have to worry about other chemicals penetrating the gels and causing them to lift or discolouring them. An ideal solution if you want to wear nail extensions permanently.

Gellux hard gel infills 2-3 weeks

Infills are needed to fill in the gap where your natural nail has grown. This is recommended every 2-3 weeks.

Gellux hard gel extension repair

After 48 hours there is a small charge for repairing broken nail extensions. After this time it's seen to be not a bonding problem.

Gellux hard gel removal

Removal of UV hard gel by buffering leaving behind a very thin layer to naturally grow out.

Nail art available

form nail extensions


gel nail extensions






gel extensions



nail extensions norwich








nail extensions norwich


Gellux hard gel nail extensions

nail extensions norwich

Gellux hard gel







Henna tattoo

Henna (Lawsonia inermis, also called henna tree) is a flowering plant used to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. Mehandi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Henna is a natural product, but occasionally people do have reactions so a test patch is required 48 hours before an appointment.

Henna is great addition to a manicure. Henna is fantastic for pamper parties and I can accommodate large numbers as Cara Bale, a local photographer at Blossom Photography, can come and help. Contact me for more information.

Price is charged by time - 

Henna is a fast application, so I can do the design below in that time. These henna stamps are fabulous at pamper parties.

henna stamps
6 henna stamp patterns available.
henna in Norwich
Henna stamp design - before wash off

Aftercare for henna:

Henna takes at least 20 minutes to dry. Allow the paste to stay on the skin for at least 5-6 hours and keeping it wet with a sugar and lemon paste. Henna takes better on warm skin, so it’s advised to wrap the henna up for as long as possible, overnight is ideal. This can be done with kitchen roll and medical tape covered in a folded towel. Henna will last on the skin for around 7-10 days. If the henna is only left on the skin for a short amount the henna design won't last.

Henna can be dangerous if black henna is used. Always check the person carrying out the application is suitably trained and insured.

henna bump photography





Henna tattoo - Norwich

massage norwich

Massage recommendations. Where can I get a massage in Norwich?

Massage treatments in Norwich

Massage is not only a great way to relax, but also essential for people who suffer with back pains whether it's due to an accident or stress. Often bad habits can cause pains for example carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder or not sitting correctly at your computer desk. I would always advise seeing a specialist who can give you advice you on how to care for your body.

The massage I offer at my Norwich beauty salon are facial massages as part of a facial treatment. I no longer offer Swedish message or any other type of massages. However I have put a list together of a few Norwich masseuses below:

If you would like to recommend someone to be added to this list please feel free to comment on the post. It's always great to have more recommendations especially if they have helped relieve you from pain.

When pregnant, massages can be adjusted to work around the bump. Many doctors don’t advise massage in your first trimester of pregnancy. For pregnancy massages I always hear the same name being recommended and that is the lovely Jackie Heffer-Cooke from the Orange Grove. Jackie is great for de-stressing you during pregnancy and helping with those aches and pains associated with carrying the extra weight.

If you are in pain or have been in an accident within the last 6 months many beauticians will request a note from your doctor to say it's OK to massage affected muscles.

If you are suffering from extreme aches and pains or have a specific injury you are trying to treat then I would recommend seeing a sports massage therapist who specialises in this on advice from the doctors.

Osteopaths in Norwich:

I personally see Martin Booth the osteopath at the Norfolk clinic for any pains. He is very professional and normally gets me out of pain within a couple of appointments. He never tries to sell packages of treatments and aims to get you out of pain with as few appointments as necessary. He is retiring this year, however his daughter Verity also works there and I have heard amazing things about her too. Other osteopaths I recommend are Felicity Hancock who is Norwich based and Olly Bell based in Aylsham.


massage Norwich

Massage Norwich

Where to get a fake tan in Norwich?

Fake tan is the application of chemicals to the skin to produce an effect similar in appearance to a suntan. Application can be done by hand or spray.

Spray tan isn't something I personally offer, but have put together a list of people who do. Fake tan pamper parties are extremely popular prior to special occasions like weddings. If you would like a fake tan party I can put you in contact with people who offer them.

Fake tan Brands:

  • Sienna X
  • Fake bake
  • st tropez
  • Crazy angel
  • nouvtan
  • Sunless Solutions

Places to get spray tan in Norwich:

  • Leigh-Ann at Bella Angels in Hellesdon - Sienna X
  • B dazzle - fake bake
  • Urban Angel Beauty - Crazy Angel

If you would like to be added to this list, just simply comment below.

st tropez fake tan Norwich Sienna Norwich fakebake fake tan in Norwich



When going for a fake tan remember the following:

  • wear dark loose fitting clothing.
  • leave jewellery at home.
  • remove all make up, deodorant, and do not apply moisturiser.
  • Disposable underwear is provided but you may wear a bikini/black strapless bra.
  • fully exfoliate the night before.
  • Never use wax, shave your legs or use cream hair remover in the 12 hours before the application.

Aftercare for fake tan

  • Don't moisturise until after your first shower, which should be at least 8 hours after having spray tan.
  • If you don't follow the aftercare given by beautician you could be left with a streaky uneven tan.
  • Try not to exfoliate too much after application of fake tan and be gentle with your skin.
  • Pat your skin dry after having shower.
  • Moisturise morning & night following your fake tan.
  • Don't exercise to the point of causing excessive sweat as this could affect the fake tan while it's developing.
  • No swimming and avoid hot baths/ showers.
  • It's normal to see some of the colour wash off in the shower after fake tan
  • Avoid harsh soaps

Fake Tan Removal

Should your fake tan go terribly wrong and you hate it the best way to remove it is to moisturise with lots of baby oil leaving it on the skin for a few hours. Follow this by hot bath and exfoliating with a mitten or similar using exfoliating gel.

Fake tan - Norwich

bridal eyelash extensions

Who does wedding make-up in Norwich?

Wedding Make-up artists in Norwich

  • Danielle Locke wedding makeup & hair - who did my wedding makeup and hair
  • Clare Alexandra Barberk Clare did the make-up for a friend's wedding in Norwich and she was trilled with the results.
  • kristianne - make-up artist based in Wroxham, Norwich
  • Love Moi Makeup
  • Lynn Turton in Taverham. I personally know Lynn and she is lovely. Trained by the famous pixiwoo.
  • Melissa Abel make-up artist. Has own studio or does home visits.
  • Flamingo Amy - make-up artist in Norwich
  • Amanda Steed - airbrush make-up
  • Melissa Bennett - over 10 yrs with the brand M.A.C
  • Laura Dossett - bridal make-up

Choosing someone to do your make-up for your wedding can be a pretty scary task. There are hundreds of websites that come up when you google and there is always that worry that you will end up with the drag queen look at the end of your trial! It's important to find a make-up artist that you can trust and ensure you get the exact look you want, especially for something as important as your wedding.

I don't personally offer make-up at the moment, but I am considering training up before my own wedding in Norwich next year. In the meantime I have put together a list of artists who currently offer wedding make-up in Norwich, which can be found at the end of this blog post. Danielle Locke (or her facebook page) is a Norwich based make-up artist who recently did the bridal make-up for Leslie, a client of mine, and she was absolutely thrilled with the results for her wedding.

Danielle also does hair, so she can offer the full package. For this client of mine I did the semi-permanent lashes and Danielle did her wedding make-up. Leslie was knew exactly what look she was after for her wedding, and luckily me and Danielle achieved that for her. Danielle offers a bridal package for wedding make-up and hair at her Norwich beauty salon. She has full details of these bridal packages on her website. Danielle is a very relaxed patient person and her make-up treatments reflect that.

Danielle qualifed at Norwich City College and holds Diplomas in Face and Body Painting, Make Up Artiste, Fashion / Photographic make-up, Cosmetic make-up, and Theatrical and Media Make-Up. So she is well qualified to consult with on pretty much any occasion, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with what she offers.

Wedding make-up by Danielle Christina 

Danielle Christina make up in Norwich

When booking any make-up artist always check their portfolio of bridal make-up they have done in the past and their cancellation policy. Also have a good read through their recommendations as I have heard too many times of brides being let down at the last minute by their make-up artist cancelling. Also remember cheap isn't a good thing! For a day as special as your wedding, it's worth making sure you have the best you can afford, even if it means spending more than you usually would. Many cheap make-up artists would have only had one day training, or sometimes none at all. Always check they have insurance. If someone is cheap then poor infection control comes with that. Danielle disinfects her brushes and equipment thoroughly after use and also uses disposable items that can not be disinfected efficiently like mascara wands. The last thing you want is to catch a nasty eye infection at your trial before your wedding day!

Many of my Norwich brides also book a pamper party to get their nails done and their closest friends and family the day before the wedding. These pamper parties are great for getting everyone together before the big day. Remember it's never to early to book in wedding treatments.

bridal wedding make-up artist Norwich bridal wedding make-up artist Norwich bridal wedding make-up artist Norwich bridal wedding make-up artist Norwich

bridal wedding make-up artist Norwich
Make-up and hair by Danielle. Eyelash extensions by Elizabeth Smith Beauty
eyelash extensions norwich
Make-up and hair by Danielle. Eyelash extensions by Elizabeth Smith Beauty


Recently seen in Glamour magazine

glamour magazine norwich glam


If you would like to add someone to this list of make-up artists based in Norwich or have a recommendation then Please comment below. Alternatives to getting a makeup artist in to do you bridal makeup on your wedding day are:

  • Make-up counter at Jarrolds, Benefit at Debenhams or similar places. You often get a free make over when you buy over a certain amount of products.
  • Go on a day course for home application. Then do it yourself for your wedding. Use pinterest for ideas.
  • Ask someone who is in training, if they want to use your bridal make-up for their portfolio. You might get a really good deal for your wedding this way.


If you're also looking for a wedding photographer, please check out my husband's website to see if his style suits your needs. Andy Dane - Norwich Wedding Photographer

Andy Dane wedding photography

Make-up & hair for Weddings - Proms/Parties - Special Occasions - Fashion/Editorial - TV/Film based in Norwich


Where can I get eyelash perming done in Norwich?

Eyelash perming in Norwich

Eyelash perming is done by applying a very tiny sponge roller (called a rod) over your eyelashes and treating your eyelashes with a perming solution, allowing it to set for around 20 minutes. By doing this the perming solution changes the structure of proteins in the hair and forces lashes to mould over the rod leaving your eyelashes with a lovely curl. The results from eyelash perming treatments can last up to two months. Your eyelashes naturally fall out after 90 days on average, so this treatment isn't permanent.

Aftercare for eyelash perming: Avoid excess contact with water for around 24 hours. You can also buy special solutions to apply at home to keep your eyelashes healthy.

Please remember if you have eyelash perming done this prevents you from have semi-permanent eyelash extensions done for 3 months. Some people can't tolerate eyelash extensions and feel the need to pick them off, so this lash treatment is a fantastic alternative. Combined with tinting your lashes this treatment avoids the everyday hassle of applying mascara. It's an ideal treatment just before your holiday when you are in and out of the swimming pool.

Beauty salons that offer eyelash perming in Norwich are:

Eyelash perming by Kayla Rust

Eyelash perming by beautique is hair and beauty salon run by Sarah-Jayne Johnson

Eyalsh perming by Urban retreat

Eyelash perming by Silver beauty salon

I now offer lash lift, which is very similar to a eyelash perm. Look at my treatment page for more information. This is similar to LVL lashes.

If you offer eyelash perming in the Norwich area or have any tips please feel free to contact me or comment below.

eyelash perming norwich
Where can I get eyelash perming done in Norwich?

Eyelash perming in Norwich

Pedicure norwich

Pedicure- hard skin removal - callus peel in Norwich

Pedicure Norwich

Pedicure treatments involve: callus removal, cuticle work and file / paint. Choose from paraffin wax / spa bath / pedicure mask / massage / callus filing / exfoliations / Gellux gel polish / OPI file and paint. You can pick your own bespoke pedicure to suit your needs!

Callus is the thickening of hard skin due to repeated friction. This can build up on your feet and become extremely nasty looking. I recommend regular pedicures to keep on top of this problem.

I offer a one and a half hour pedicure to remove this hard skin. The pedicure can offer a variety options from callus peel style treatment, which is a softening pedicure mask, paraffin wax bath pedicure, spa bath and gentle filing. I am pretty flexible on this appointment, I book you in for a one and a half hour pedicure so that you can pick and choose what you want in that time. If you have minimal hard skin you may choose to have Gellux gel polish on the nails. However if you have a large amount of build up I would recommend having more callus removal treatments on your feet.

The foot softening mask I use to remove the callus contains tea tree oil, which is well known for its anti-fungal properties. This mask softens and soothes the skin, before I use a callus file to remove the dry skin.

You could also choose the spa bath to soak your feet. This is a wonderful treatment as the spa bath has a vibrating setting, which massages your feet during the pedicure.

Paraffin wax treatment has some amazing medical benefits. Check out more on wiki.

If you have severe callus build up and corns. I would personally recommend you see a chiropodist.  They are specialized in removing the hard build up and have some very effective tools for removing callus and corns.

There are many callus peel treatments on the market and they make amazing promises! Please note a lot of their promo photos take up to 6 weeks to get the results they are promising, it's not as instant as the marketing might have you believe. The pedicure mask I use is very effective and I give you lots of tips on how to carry up softening your feet at home.

Pedicure norwich
pedicure norwich
pedicure norwich
pedicure norwich

Pedicure treatment in Norwich by Elizabeth Smith Beauty.



Where can I get semi-permanent make-up in Norwich?

Semi-permanent make-up in Norwich

Semi-permanent make-up isn't something I currently offer in Norwich, however I have put together a list of people who do offer semi-permanent make-up. Remember when booking someone to do treatments like semi-permanent make-up you must always ensure they have lots of experience in the field, are correctly trained and qualified with insurance. Also, with this sort of treatment you must check they have an autoclave sterilizer and are not just disinfecting their tools.  Autoclave's reach 135 Celsius in temperature and kill things like HIV and hep B. It's always best to go with word of mouth and recommendation from someone you know who has had semi-permanent make-up before in Norwich.

If semi-permanent make-up isn't done correctly and safety it can cause your skin permanent damage, possible allergic reaction and risk of catching something, if sterilization isn't carried out to a high standard.

Normally everyone who performs semi-permanent make-up needs a licence from their local city council. However Norwich has a bylaw which exempts this. I disagree with this and I personally believe they should be treated the same as tattooists. Due to this bylaw it makes it even more important that you check that the salon offering semi-permanent make-up has an autoclave and the have an infection control policy in place.   The list of tattooists is available at City council to check. (as of May 2014)

semi-permanent make-up Norwich

"Semi-permanent make-up" isn't permanent. The colour/ dye in inserted into the dermis layer of the skin, so will fade over time and need touching up. Often beauty salons offer touch ups of semi-permanent make-up at a cheaper price.

Semi-permanent make-up can offer the defined brows look without applying make-up daily. Please ensure the person carrying out the semi-permanent make-up has plenty of shades and lots of photos to show you what look they can create with semi-permanent make-up. Also that they are used to working on your skin tone. It's always best to have a eyebrow shape in mind before visiting someone to have semi-permanent make-up and stay as close to your natural shape as possible.

Semi-permanent eye liner is fabulous and gives your eyes amazing definition. However I don't advise going for a flick at the end because in time when you eyes change shape due to ageing the flick will drop and actually make you look older!

Semi-permanent lip outliner can add your lips definition and shape.

Treatments available with semi-permanent make-up:

Semi-permanent Beauty Spot
Semi-permanent Bottom Eyeliner
Semi-permanent Both top and bottom eyeliner
Semi-permanent Full eyebrows
Semi-permanent Lip outliner
Semi-permanent Top Eyeliner

Katie Rose Semi Permanent Makeup

Wake up with make up by Mandy Rimmer

Semi Permanent Makeup by Lauren Spring 

Devine Definitions

The cottage hair and beauty

Pampers beauty centre

Dale Evans at the willows

B hair and beauty

The lawnes beauty clinic

Body and skin care clinic

Kendall Jarrett - Natural Perfectionhttp://www.thelawnesbeautyclinic.com/semi-permanent-makeup.html

Gemma Bee

Sally Simmons at Perfection skin clinic

If you offer semi-permanent make-up in Norwich or have any tips on finding someone, or I haven't listed you please free to comment below and I can add you to the list of semi-permanent make-up in Norwich

semi-permanent make-up Norwich
where to get semi-permanent make-up in Norwich?

Semi-permanent make-up in Norwich, Norfolk, UK

manicure norwich

Short nails are in at Norwich beauty salon!

This year short nails are the new long nails for manicures, so Gellux gel polish is ideal! It's 15 days no chip or peel on average on your nails. Also you can add some nail art to make them look really special. I have lots of glitter and nail pens to create some really exciting designs too.

I love having gel polish on my toe nails as it lasts around 1-2 months on me without chipping. It gives a high gloss tidy finish which I love. I have over 30 colours available to pick from. I adore this pale pink in the photo for hands and love red on my toes. I would highly recommend having these if you are a nail biter as it prevents many of my clients from picking and biting their nails.

This gel is porous, so can be soaked off with acetone. I charge slightly less for my gel polish application as I give people the option of removing them at home. To remove them simply follow the instructions on my previous blog post on how to remove Gellux gel polish.

Gel nails aren't suitable for anyone with extremely damaged nails, as the gel bonds better to strong healthy nails. If you nails are peeling and flaky it's unlikely to last the full 15 days. If you nails aren't in great condition try OPI file and paint manicure instead.

Gel polish nails are very popular for pamper parties. I have done loads of these around peoples homes especially just before a wedding when a large group of ladies all need their nails doing. These are great fun as the host normally provides her guests with lovely food and drink. Also works well for celebrating birthday, baby showers, proms etc.

There are many gel polishes out on the market like Shellac, Gelish, Orly, OPI and they all work in very similar ways.

Norwich based beauty salon

nails Norwich
nails Norwich

Nails Norwich