Toe nail damaged by high heels in nightclub

Damage from high heel shoes to toenail.

Toes today! Previous damage from being stood on by high heel shoes in a nightclub. Full false toenails applied to big toes and shown how to do this at home. The full false nails aren't made as one size fits all. You need to shape them to your own toenail shape. Doctors have given the all clear on infections but advised to keep really clean today. I am slightly concerned by the lifting of her right toe. However like I said the doctors have sent away samples and it's clear of any infections. I have told her to do vinegar soaks and apply creams given to her by her doctor. Read more

Bump eraiser product review

I have recently been asked to product review this product called bump eraiser by Waxxpress .

Bump eraiser cool splash - 125ml - ingrown treatment

RRP £10 exc VAT

The cool splash is used after shaving and smells similar to TCP. This can be used after shaving, laser hair removal or similar. This works fantastically to help soothe skin after hair removal. It contains fruit acids and chamomile. Personally, I think it takes a good week or so to start seeing the results, but I can now say that it has really decreased the amount of ingrowing hairs I used to get. I believe if you regularly use your exfoliating brush and moisturise, it could prevent them even more. Ingrowing hairs are often caused by dry skin, so keeping the skin soft is essential. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from ingrowing hairs.

Bump eraiser medi paste - 30 ml

RRP £10 exc VAT

The medi paste is to use on the bump once the hair has started to get infected. It says to apply twice a day or as needed. For best results apply under a plaster (band-aid, if you are Australian or American) to the problem area. I did still sadly get some ingrowing hairs even with using cool splash, but the medi paste has quickly taken away any redness caused by them without having to try and remove the hair. It is never a good idea to pick at ingrowing hairs as this can leave awful scarring. The bump eraiser paste is really thick and smells of tea tree.


I have left the product in the bathroom for my husband to try after shaving and he can confirm there is no stinging what-so-ever after using cool splash directly after shaving. These products are suitable for any part of the body. This is a product I will continue to use.

If you would like to purchase this product from me I can place an order for you and collect will be from my Norwich beauty salon.

Test patch advised before using this product.

Australian brand.

Ingrowing hair treatment

Product review - i flutter by New CID Cosmetics

New CID Cosmetics i - flutter Mascara - Black 8ml

RRP £18.50

I picked up this mascara at a recent event at Imagine Blofield in Norfolk. They had an evening organised with CID cosmetics to demonstrate how make-up should be applied, with lots of helpful tips. The evening was £20 and it included use of the spa. They also a nice add on of £10 off any products you bought on the night. Imagine spa do many of these nights and I highly recommend them. CID make-up is available for retail at their spa.

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competition Norwich

Christmas competition for Norwich area

As it's Christmas coming up I am going to run a competition. I am currently fully booked till January, so I won't be giving out gift vouchers this time. However I picked up this gorgeous set of OPI mini nail polishes at the wholesalers for you instead.

I have decided to put the competition on my blog instead of the normal social media platforms to give all my clients a chance to enter who aren't on facebook etc. It would be great though if you could 'like' my facebook page and give me a review on there too if you have seen me as a client. My page is Elizabeth Smith Beauty. Alternatively, please leave me a review on Google places.

To enter the competition and celebrate my husband's new photography business I thought I would incorporate his website into the competition.

To enter simply email me the answer to the following question Read more

Neal's Yard blogger event in Norwich

The evening started in the most perfect way with a glass of champagne with a strawberry flowing in it, accompanied by a cupcake from Biddy's tea rooms just around the corner. Neal's Yard's shop has a really good feel about it. When you walk in you are instantly hit by the lovely aromatherapy humidifier next to the door helping to create a relaxing environment. One of the members of staff had been there 6 years, so knew all the products inside out.



Small talk from one of the organisers on the companies ethics etc. Read more about all that on their website. They really do care about where they source their products. It's great to have organic natural products available in Norwich.


Neal's Yard has their classic blue bottles, but to be honest it makes the shop a little overwhelming as everything starts to looks very similar. One of the bottles was described as a 'Frankincense Intense Concentrate', which when I asked a member of staff what it was, turned out to be a skin serum. For me, it needs to be a little bit clearer. This skin serum is one of their new products and priced at £65 for 30ml. Boasts to show results in just 7 days on their website. They do have a wide variety of products to suit all budgets.

Siobhan from unexpected geek blog picked up a hair treatment to purchase and I am really interested in hearing how she got on it with. I have tried many hair treatments and never been happy.

Make-up range
New products
Amazing humidifier!













Men's selection of natural products













Followed by a 20-minute massage of my choice by Adam Thomas. Neal's Yard has therapy rooms upstairs and offers pretty much every holistic treatment going! It was really lovely chatting to Adam about stress and the importance of taking 'me time'. Read more

Eyebrow extensions now in Norwich

Eyebrow extensions have now finally made it to Norwich and are becoming a big hit. I don't personally offer this treatment at the moment because I am weighing up the demand for them. The glue used for eyebrow extensions is very expensive and only lasts 3 months once opened, so for any beautician  to offer this treatment you really do need to weigh up whether there is the demand just yet in Norwich and if you think you could make some profit from offering eyebrow extensions in Norwich.

I personally know of two ladies who offer eyebrow extensions and they are getting great results from it. Julie-Ann in Brooke is a beauty trainer and offers this treatment to her clients. Also Michelle out in Stalham.

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Vinegar foot soak as part of a pedicure?

Vinegar foot soak as part of a deluxe pedicure

"Before and after soaking my client's feet in vinegar! I used 50% vinegar and 50% water soaking for about 30 mins. The hard skin just fell off her feet with the foot file!"

This is a two-hour treatment to remove the hard build-up of dry skin on your skin.

This may sound crazy, but vinegar is amazing at naturally removing dry skin from your feet. I use a vinegar soak for 30 minutes to soften your feet. Vinegar is amazing on your feet and I recommend my clients to soak their feet regularly in vinegar to maintain removal of dry skin. After the vinegar soak, I use a foot file to gently remove all the dry skin, which has been softened by the vinegar soak. It's amazing how easy the dry skin comes away. Following this, I use a sugar exfoliation on your feet to remove any excess dry skin not removed previously. If there is time I can do a paraffin wax dip depending on how much dry skin there was to remove. A deep foot massage with almond oil and moisturiser is applied after treatment. Finally, I finish with a polish on the toe nails. This is the ultimate treatment for people who suffer from pain and discomfort with their feet. Build up of hard skin on your feet can be extremely painful when walking, so it's very important not to allow it to get to this stage.Read more

wedding pamper party

Caroline's wedding pamper party

Bridal pampering

This week I received some lovely photos from Caroline who I did a pamper party for just before she got married in June.

On the night the boys headed down the pub and us girls stayed at Caroline's Mum house to prepare the ladies for the big day ahead. I had Sarah-Lou helping me on the night and we painted nails with gel polish to ensure they were perfect on the day. To save on place I brought a large oilcloth to protect the table and we did the nails on Caroline's Mum dining table. Gel polish takes up to 15 days no chip or peel. Shellac polish is extremely easy to remove and I give my clients full details on how to do this at home. Alternatively, you can buff off the colour and allow the base gel coat to grow out naturally reducing the contact with acetone (gel remover). The best practice is to get a beauty salon to remove the gel polish for you after the 2 weeks. Read more

Facial Massage and Its Anti Aging Benefits - Guest Blog by James Patrick

Facial Massage and Its Anti Aging Benefits

The secrets of getting a young and wrinkle free skin is not confined in cosmetics and surgery. A regular course of facial massage can add natural glow and radiance to the face besides taking care of the unwanted wrinkles. Unlike cosmetic surgeries, facial massage using natural substances reduces the risks of side effects to a great extent.

Reasons of Premature Skin Aging

Increasing stress and work load in everyday life has a lot of effect on the skin. This is a major reason because of which the skin starts to look older and wrinkles starts coming in at a very young age. Use of anti aging creams and cosmetics are seldom effective. The actual reason behind the premature aging of the skin is due to poor circulation of the blood. The fact that makes facial massage important is that the signs of premature aging first starts to show up on the face of an individual.

Importance of Facial Massage

  • Facial massage is a natural therapy which enhances natural beauty of the skin. It helps to improve the skin tone and glow. The face has got various minute pressure points which get stimulated during a facial massage. This helps in better blood circulation all around the face. Increased blood flow in the vital regions of the face helps to relax the facial tissue.
  •  Facial massage helps to balance the natural moisture of the skin. A majority of people worldwide suffer from dry skin. There is a natural growth of dead cells if dry skin stays untreated for a long time. Regular facial massage helps in increment of the natural skin moisturizers.
  •  There are many people who come across issues like puffed face. This actually happens due to over application of cosmetics and lack of sleep. The inner face muscles regain flexibility after a course of facial massage. This helps to fix the issues related to puffed face.
  • Many beauticians believe that regular facial massage helps to lighten the complexion to a great extent. Massage helps to open up the blocked lymph nodes which gradually help to add a natural shine to the face.
  • Facial massage is particularly essential for sensitive skin. Massage helps to remove the blockades form the pores and sheds off the black heads.

      Facial massage relaxes the face muscles and tissues

Facial Massage And Anti Aging Benefits

Facial massage has got numerous anti aging benefits where it actually relieves an individual from the primary signs of aging that is wrinkles. Facial massage treatments using circular massage method and patting method helps immensely to reduce wrinkles from the face. Regular facial toning exercises attached with facial massage can bring in surprising beauty results for an individual. The best time for wrinkle relieving massage is early in the morning because after sleep the blood circulation stays low, and massage increases the blood flow, helping to reduce puffiness. Circular motions of massage can help to reduce wrinkles that appear on the forehead.

Looking at the numerous benefits that facial massage provides it can be easily said that this massage is a much more secure option than cosmetic surgery if the anti aging solutions are taken into concern.

Author’s Bio: James is a professional freelancer and blogger who specializes in skin treatments and beauty secrets. His blogs and articles are extremely helpful for people who are looking for effective anti aging solutions for the skin. He suggests his readers to try out Tantric massage from the massage parlors of Orange Country in order to get a young and beautiful skin.

Summary- Facial massage is the most natural and effective way to get a young and wrinkle free skin. Regular course of this massage using natural ingredients is highly beneficial for the skin.

Gellux hard gel nail extensions

Gellux hard gel nail extensions

I no longer offer this treatment due to low demand and shelf life of the product but have put a blog post together on how to use it including the manufacturing instructions. It's a great product I just don't have the demand for it at my beauty salon. I personally prefer offering the gel polish nails, which go over your natural nail length.

The UV Gellux hard gel nail extensions treatment is done by sculpting the gel over foil forms to shape the extension to the desired look. You can also use pre-made tips. I personally don't use the white stick on tips as some nail technicians do, I believe in creating a more natural look from scratch. The hard gel is non-porous, so they can't be removed by soaking them in acetone. They need to be buffered down leaving a thin layer of gel to naturally grow out. These nail extensions are a long term solution and need infilling where the gel has grown out every 2-3 weeks. The advantage of them being non-porous is that you don't have to worry about other chemicals penetrating the gels and causing them to lift or discolouring them. An ideal solution if you want to wear nail extensions permanently.

Gellux hard gel infills 2-3 weeks

Infills are needed to fill in the gap where your natural nail has grown. This is recommended every 2-3 weeks.

Gellux hard gel extension repair

After 48 hours there is a small charge for repairing broken nail extensions. After this time it's seen to be not a bonding problem.

Gellux hard gel removal

Removal of UV hard gel by buffering leaving behind a very thin layer to naturally grow out.

Nail art available

form nail extensions


gel nail extensions






gel extensions



nail extensions norwich








nail extensions norwich


Gellux hard gel nail extensions

nail extensions norwich

Gellux hard gel