skin ph

Beauty tip - Stop using soap to wash your face

skin ph

Did you know the skin on your face is around 5.5ph, so every time you use hand soap on your face which is around ph 9 on your skin you are upsetting your skin's natural balance. Always use products designed for your face. Your skin is acidic to help keep bacteria away. It's the Sebum (oil) and Sweat secreted from your skin to produce this ph.

I personally use Keaso products, which are available for retail at my salon. However there are loads of skincare products available designed for your own skin. Always make sure you get a products targeted at oily, dry or normal. If in doubt ask me at your next appointment.

If you really can't give up the bar of soap. Please make sure it's designed for you face.

Also always follow washing your face with a moisturiser. It's important to put on moisturiser to prevent moisture lose and create a barrier to protect your face from weather like extreme hot or cold, which can cause broken capillaries.

If you have any tips you would like to share please comment on this blog or you are welcome to guest blog

Skin care tip - Always use a spatula when taking products out of their pots

Always use a spatula when taking products out of their pots. Never use your finger as this will contaminate the product. I personally use plastic ice cream spoons as they are just the right size and easy to keep clean.




NN Surgical company in Pakistan were kind enough to post me some samples this month to try out and I am extremely happy with their products.

The tweezers have a great point contact, so ideal for eyelash extension application. The 'volume tweezers', which are curved are ideal for applying multiple lashes to one natural lash as the surface area of the contact point of tweezers is greater. They are very nicely crafted.

They also posted me some other items brow tweezers, scissors, cuticle clippers. All of these items are well crafted and perfect for their intended job. The brow tweezers are perfect for selling and come in a variety of designs. Again the contact point on the brow tweezers is perfect and great at pulling out small stubborn hairs.

All the items are fully metal so can be sterilized in an autoclave. The painted brow tweezers can't be sterilized as the paint will come off, but ideal for retail.

I would recommend these products to any beauty salon.


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Mubeen Talat 
MRALA ROAD Malkay Kalan 
Sialkot 51310 PAKISTAN.

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Extra income jobs... also known as direct selling companies

What are Direct Selling Companies?

Direct Selling Companies are a great flexible way to earn a little bit of extra income, but you will need to do the hours in to get a return. These are great for stay at home Mums and their target audience is generally 'stay at home Mum's'. The average commission seems to be around 20-30%. However lots of these companies then add postage, so if it's a small order you won't be getting that commission because the profit will be eaten up with postage costs.

Ethics of these companies seem to be better now, as they actively encourage you not to hold stock as they don't want anyone to have any financial risk or at least very little risk. Most of the start-up costs are under £100. If any of these companies actively encourage you to hold stock I would avoid them. Normally you receive products at a discount when you start up with any of these companies. So for example, if the start up cost is £100 you get £200 RRP of products.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages. I personally would hate to have to hand deliver each order as I feel that once you've factored in the time for delivering products it would make your hourly rate is very low.

Before signing up for any of these companies... ask the following questions!

  • Is there a monthly fee?
  • Are there monthly targets?
  • How many sales do you need to do to stay registered?
  • Sign up fee?
  • Postage cost?
  • Are there extra fees for an online shop etc?
  • How much admin time/ delivery time of products is needed from you? (Might mean you end up working for £2 an hour!)
  • Does it fit in with what you already offer? So if you are always talking about an organic way of life, stay within the same lines.
  • Is your local area flooded with reps already?

List of some of the direct selling companies in the UK are:

  • Avon. No self-hosted online shop at the moment. So you need to directly deliver these to your client's door.
  • Bodyshop.
  • Actiderm.
  • Forever living. Start up cost of around £200! £10 a month to have an online shop.
  • Ann Summers.
  • Stella and Dot. Startup cost £169.
  • Arbonne.
  • Partylite.
  • Usborne books.
  • The Pampered Chef.
  • Phoenix Trading.
  • Barefoot books.
  • Herbalife UK LTD.

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fix broken makeup

Recovering broken make-up powder

Make-up hack

How to recover your broken powder pot.

How often does this happen to you? It drives me crazy. I hate waste.

One way to recover your broken eye shadow or face powder after it's been accidentally smashed into little pieces is to mix a little bit of isopropyl alcohol in with it. You will need to keep stirring it until it's smooth and all the lumps have gone and then simply leave it to dry. Don't be tempted to touch it like I did before it's dry! Read more

Shaping transgender eyebrows

This lovely lady came to see me this month to have her eyebrows shaped. Sadly a few Norwich beauty salons had made her feel unwelcome or told her it would be months until they could get her an appointment. I am more than happy to see any lady at my home-based beauty salon. For shaping men's eyebrows however I would recommend Waxed Works as they specialize in shaping men's eyebrows.

It took longer than normal as it was a whole reshape. We had lots to discuss on which shape she was after. She is awaiting hormone treatment as the moment, these hormones she will be taking will hopefully soften her hair and give it more of the qualities that feminine eyebrows have. It will also loosen the facial muscles around her lips to soften them giving them a more feminine look, which is very interesting.

I spent 30 minutes, thinning, threading, tinting and applying a light amount of Bodyshop eyebrow powder (shade 02 available for retail too!) to create this look. I didn't want to go for the sudden 'done' look as I wanted her to get used to the shape and slowly build on it every time she comes to see me. The biggest part of this eyebrow shaping appointment was to take out a lot of the thickness that testosterone gives her.

2015-08-09 20.01.35

After threading, trim, tint and light make-up applied.

2015-08-09 20.02.34

My client really likes the look of Lena Heady who plays Cersei Lannister in Games of thrones. It's great when the client's let me know which look they are after, so then I know how to shape their eyebrows. Every lady is different whether it's thin, arched, thick etc what they are after, so please always let me know. I always go gently gently when shaping any one's eyebrows. Please bear in mind when looking up celebrities eyebrow shapes that you might not naturally have the same shape as them. It's like when we all went to the hairdresser in the 90's asking for the 'Jennifer Anderson' look, which only really worked if you had the same thickness as her! Also please reminder that I am awful at knowing which celebrity is which, so always bring a photo on your phone!

Lena Heady who plays Cersei Lannister

At her next appointment, we plan to go through skin care as your skin being your largest organ it so important to take care of. Your skin's appearance is something people notice first. Everyone really should have a daily routine for caring for your skin.

My client Emma also blogs like me and her blog is EmmaMarch2014

Shaping transgender eyebrows

ingrowing toe nail

Very little natural toe nail left after ingrowing toe nail treatment

This client came to me in a panic just before her holiday as she is desperate to wear flip flops on her sunny holiday. She has had pretty much all her natural toenail removed. What she has left is thin and very damaged. I never make any promises with this treatment as I can't guarantee how long the false toenail glue will hold the full false nail in place. I do this treatment as more of an educational one to show my client how they can do this at home. I use a gel nail file to shape the full false toenail and to take down short, so it's not catching on the shoes. The full false toenail is applied with nail glue and held in place with a cuticle pusher until the glue has set. As the natural toenail was so thin I didn't dare buff it flat, so only 1/3 of the full false toenail was attached. I have shown the client how to stick the nail back on and advised to wear open shoes, so they don't catch on the inside of her shoes. It will be interesting to know how long they stayed in place.Read more

Are you looking after your staff enough?

Me and Leigh-Ann (trusted beautician friend also in Norwich) spent the morning at Kaplan accounting training , who offer accounting and business training in Norwich. They are a great group of people and we could tell that they really look after each other as a team.

Kaplan really strive to be an excellent and caring company. Their real drive is to be on the Top times 100 wellbeing list! What a wonderful list to be on as an employer. They are now on the 'watch' list, so I wish them all the best in achieving this goal. They very much deserve it! Number one on the list at the moment is Simply business. It's a really interesting list to read. I think job seekers should definitely check this out before going on interviews!

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subscription beauty boxes

Subscription boxes for beauty in the UK

Subscription boxes to your front door! What a fabulous idea! Subscription boxes for random beauty products inside to encourage you to try new and exciting beauty products on the market. I know I am guilty of always buying the same old familiar beauty brands every time. They all currently seem around the £15 a month mark and all variety slightly on what you get. Some subscription companies just send out samples and others are full-size products. It's definitely worth shopping around to see what suits you. I just really love the idea of it being a 'mini Christmas' every month with a surprise gift!

Subscription boxes

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Mixing Shellac gel polish to make new colours

Shellac gel polish is fab! It sets under a UV light and is no chip or peel for around 15 days. It's an American gel polish and they were the first company to create this product. I have lots of their colours in, but it would cost a small fortune to stock every shade! Which is why I love Shellac because it gives you the option to create new colours by mixing two or more colours together. Today I mixed a deep purple (grape gum) and white (studio white) together to create a lovely light purple. It reminded us of parma violets as a kid! They came in every single child's goody bag. This colour is a great Summer colour. I personally tend to have lighter colours in the Summer and darker colours come Autumn.

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