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Is there a weight limit for my beauty couch?

I know this can be a very sensitive subject, overweight customers. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so I want to be able to provide the best treatments for everyone. It can be an extremely sensitive subject and no one wants to embarrass anyone, so I have written this blog to share ideas on the best way of handing this sensitive subject of client's weight in a respectful way and to prevent anyone from getting hurt or equipment broken. Please feel free to comment directly on this post with respectful comments. Any unkind comments won't be approved.

  • Never ask a client their weight in a public area where people can over hear.
  • State your equipment weight load on your info sheet you send all new clients. If you don't send one, then start sending one! I have things like where to park etc, to remove any stress leading up to appointment. This way if someone is extremely over weight it saves the embarrassment of having to ask them and you can possibly come to a solution of using a chair instead of laying down via phone call or email. Sometimes it can be much harder to discuss in person as people can feel embarrassed.
  • Ask in a kind respectful way.

This is the paragraph I have added to my welcome letter:

Sadly I am not equipped for bariatric/ heavy clients (over 25 stone/160Kg and / or with BMI of more than 40). Weight limit sourced from the NHS. My salon couch weight capacity is 125kg/ 19 stone. The chair in my waiting area is tested to 100kg/ 15 stone. This is for your safety as my equipment has a max weight load and I would hate for anyone to get hurt.

Most beauty couches on the market are designed to fold down, but this creates massive limitations. They advertise as having load weight of often 270kg/ 42 stone (on Amazon), however load weight is very different to what these beds will actually take as all the weight is in one area when the clients sits before laying.

beauty couch


The term Bariatric is used to refer to a person weighing over 25 stone (160Kg) and /
or with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 40.

My own salon couch has a weight capacity: 125kg/ 19 stone.

The Habitat chair in my waiting area is actually only 100 kg/ 15 stone.

It's important for this information to be on your risk assessment and to inform new clients, so no client is hurt by failing equipment.

max load beauty salon

Due to the design of these beauty beds I have added some wooden supports underneath mine to increase it's weight load, by reducing the span of the bed without any support.

extra supports beauty couch

As a business owner one of my biggest concerns is the customer not satisfied with the treatment they received,  so any tips on handing this situation with care would be gratefully received.

beauty salon risk assessment

Beauty salon risk assessment

H&S Risk Assessment

I am sharing my risk assessment on my blog, which is normally sitting nicely on my shelf in the rare event of someone asks to see it! I want to share it, so other beauty salons take note and create their own if they haven't already. Also in the hope that people comment with suggestions on how to improve mine. It's hard being a sole business owner with no one to throw ideas about with. This risk assessment was actually given to me by a networking friend who ran an events company and she gave me tips on changing parts to suit my business' needs.

By creating a risk assessment you are highlighting any problems that might potentially occur and consciously reviewing how to prevent them from ever happening.

As you can see the risks in my beauty salon are very low. This might be different if you offer botox, sunbeds, laser hair removal etc.

beauty salon risk assessment


My beauty salon risk assessment:

Activity/Area Hazards Persons

at Risk

Severity Likeli-hood Rating Controls Risk Acceptable
Waxing Burns & scalds / pass on of infection All 2 2 4 Ensure that wax pot is maintained and checked regularly. Test wax on my skin before application on client. Disinfect equipment after each client Y
Eyelash extensions/ tint Injury / Allergic Reaction / pass on of infection All 2 2 4 Test patch done 48 hours before treatment. Quiet peaceful room to ensure no distractions. Good ventilation. Infection control policy. Y
Salon room Slips, trips & falls.

Beauty couch.

Habitat Macadam Metal Folding Chair

All 2 2 4 Kept clear of clutter & equipment regularly serviced.

Max weight 19 stone. Inform clients of the weight limit. 

Max weight 15 stone.

waiting around Slips, trips & falls All 2 2 4 Room kept clear of clutter and free of hazards Y
Nails Cuts / pass on of infection All 2 2 4 Good x-infection control, maintain equipment Y
Massage Injury / allergy / pass on infection All 2 2 4 Take medical history. Ensure massage table is in good working order. Clean towels for every client Y
facial Injury / Allergic Reaction All 2 2 4 Medical history taken and ensure safe working environment. Y
henna Injury / Allergic Reaction Client 2 2 4 Only use natural product to reduce risk / safe working environment Y
Front garden Slip, trips & falls All 2 2 4 Keep path clear of leaves and obstructions like bins Y
Road / parking Road hazards All 6 1 6 Clear instructions to minimise stress & confusion Y
Mobile at pamper parties Slips, trips and falls / allergic reaction / pass on infection All 2 2 4 Email in advance to ensure ample space for massage table & products. Test patches done prior to event Y
Stall event Slip, trips and fails Visitors 2 2 4 Any electrical cable and equipment kept out of walking area and follow event organisers instructions Y



  1. = Trivial
  2. = Minor
  3. = Major - single
  4. = Major - multiple
  5. = Hospitalization
  6. = Fatality

  1. = Improbable
  2. = Unlikely        
  3. = Possible/happens                                
  4. = Happens Occasionally                        
  5. = Happens Periodically                        
  6. = Happens Frequently
Fatality 6 6 12 18 24 30 36
Hospitalisation 5 5 10 15 20 25 30
Major - Multiple 4 4 8 12 16 20 24
Major - single 3 3 6 9 12 15 18
Minor 2 2 4 6 8 10 12
Trivial 1 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 3 4 5 6
Improbable Unlikely Possible / Happens Happens occasionally Happens periodically Happens frequently


date products

New year, better habits - Do you date your beauty products?

If you work in the beauty business then dating your beauty products is an absolute must.  Personally, I simply use a black marker pen and write the date I opened the product on the bottom. However, on some products, I have to use micro tape and then write on that.

  • Products like tint perform less efficiently every time they are exposed by opening the lid. After 6 months of opening and closing the screw lid the tint will hardly have an impact on dyeing hairs.  You will often then find yourself googling: Why is my tint not dyeing the hair? or What is the best tint for brows? Also bearing this in mind the first client once you have opened the tube reduce the timings!


date products

  • Products are containing less nasty ingredients now, which is great! However, a lot of the ingredients such as alcohol were used to preserve them and give them longer shelf life once opened. I have recently found one of my lovely cream moisturisers turning into a watery consistency making it no longer usable. On this note try and reduce the contents of your bathroom cupboard! You don't need six open bottles at once!hand cream
  • Another great reason to date the products you use is for working out if the treatment is cost-effective? For example, I used to offer express lashes, which aren't individually isolated they are just placed on top of your lashes for a night out and then removed a couple of weeks later as a temporary option to eyelash extensions. However, after dating my eyelash glue I realised that I had done two sets of express lashes within the 3 months which is the recommended lifespan of their glue. At £30 a bottle it was meaning the cost for each treatment was costing me at least £15 plus meaning I was working pretty much for nothing.
    product life span
    Find this logo on your beauty products.


  • Products like mascara and eyeliner sadly can come into contact with bacteria from your body when you use them.  Therefore these products have a shorter lifespan. Tips to reduce this are to never use your finger in cream pots and use a spatula every time. Wash brushes very regularly. Keep products in a cool/ dry place.

Life span and dating your beauty products.

Beauty and Skincare YouTube Channels to Fall in Love With

Beauty and Skincare YouTube Channels to Fall in Love With

Yesterday's generation was raised on glossy magazines and celebrity billboards telling them the latest trends. But in the age of YouTube, 
a new sector has elevated content creators to popular influencers — some amassing millions of followers who religiously keep track of their next favourite lipstick. But who can blame them when many of these vloggers are adding much-needed diversity and personality to the mix? Plus, there's the assurance that these beauty vloggers are more or less just like us, building their skincare science and working on improving their craft for all of us to observe and learn from.

From new make-up mavens and Korean skincare gurus, to the pioneers who have been around since YouTube's ad-less days, these are the vloggers changing the beauty world. Try a tutorial or two at your next "ladies night in," like we previously suggested here on Elizabeth Smith Beauty. There is no better time to finally perfect that wingtip eyeliner. 

Ruth Crilly

Having been a model for more than 10 years, Ruth Crilly is no stranger to make-up and beauty. As such, this fashion-model-turned-vlogger has made herself an authority when it comes to knowing which products look great on camera.

Don't let her glamorous model lifestyle intimidate you, though. Crilly's recommendations come from all ends of the price spectrum — whether it's her £45 Aromatherapy Bath Oil guilty pleasure, or her favourite £7.99 Bourjois drugstore foundation. 

Image credit: A Model Recommends

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan remains a household name in the industry, despite being in the beauty vlogging game for over a decade now. Lottoland describes the YouTube star as one of the platform’s best success stories, with Phan one of the first to earn millions from her beauty channel. Now, she is a renowned entrepreneur and make-up expert with three book releases to date. 

Fans love her relatable and natural approach to skin care. The one ingredient she swears by? Olive oil. 

Image credit: TIME

Manny Gutierrez

Dubbing himself "the boy beauty vlogger," Manny Gutierrez makes an art form out of reinventing himself using make-up. Creating unique and dreamy looks for his viewers, Gutierrez's tutorials are made for standing out and making a statement. His boldness and quirky antics have caught the attention of not just over five million subscribers, but also Maybelline executives. The global beauty giant has since made him their first ever male ambassador.

Image credit: Teen Vogue

Caroline Hirons

As a qualified facialist and brand consultant, Caroline Hirons' reviews are a fountain of skincare knowledge. Her approach to her YouTube channel has always been a no-holds-barred, no-nonsense look into how to take care of your skin well. She has since launched her first skincare product in collaboration with Pixi, and is the founder of the non-profit initiative Give and Makeup, which aims to provide everyday essentials to victims of domestic violence.

Image credit: Caroline Hirons

Dasha Kim

Korean skincare can be intimidating, but Australian-based Dasha Kim breaks everything down in ways that connect with everyone and will have you wanting to buy everything — from snail mucin to birch sap moisturiser. Just let her perfect, glass skin speak for itself. 

Image credit: The Klog

Lewys Ball

At just 17 years old, he has amassed more than 300,000 subscribers for his gender norm-smashing approach to make-up. If that's not impressive enough, he is also the first male face of major cosmetics company Rimmel London. In their campaign video, he is quoted saying, "Anybody can wear makeup, no matter who you are."

Image credit: Teen Vogue


Credit to Shayne Cook

Skincare tip - bags under your eyes

Dark shadows under your eyes is such a common problem. It can really dent peoples confidence and can often result in people wearing too much make-up to cover it.

I am a strong believer in beauty is more about what you eat then what you apply to your skin. I know we all want the easy answer - take this one pill or apply this cream, but mostly it's about how much nutrients our bodies are getting from the foods we eat. I am educating my daughter everyday that you need to "eat a rainbow" of coloured vegetables and drink enough water for her body to stay healthy. 


  1. It can often be a sign of low iron in your diet. If you are feeling unusually tired I would recommend booking an appointment with your GP to take a blood test. Iron plays an important part in carrying oxygen around your body hence why you feel tired when you are low on it. I personally do not get on with the tablets GPs often give you, so instead use liquid iron as it's far gentler on my stomach. It's very important with skincare to really look at your diet and make sure you are eating a well balanced diet. Make sure you have protein, carbs and veg in every meal. I take mulit-vits as well as a balanced diet and have personally seen a great improvement in my skin's condition. I would go as far as to say it's worth booking an appointment with a nutritional adviser.
  2. Another common cause is dehydration. I would say very few of us actually drink enough drink each day. My tip would be always carry a water bottle with you. I personally don't recommend adding lemon or citrus fruits to your water as it messes the ph in your mouth making you prone to tooth decay. It takes the mouth around 20 mins for the ph to re-balance after eating food or drinking citrus drinks.
  3. Always remove your make-up at night and follow a daily facial routine.

I am always wanting to learn new things, so please feel free to comment on this blog with your own ideas.

Dark bags under eyes

How to stop biting your nails?

I feel this blog post might be a work in progress! My daughter Jessica just won't stop biting her nails and they are getting extremely sore. Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments

nail biting
Nail biting.

Things I've either tried, or had suggest so far have been:

  1. Treat! Reward chart with a nail polish as a treat at the end of the week
  2. Chewable jewerelly.
  3. Nasty tasting nail polish
  4. Keep hands occupied while watching telly etc. Fidget tools are great for this.
  5. Squeezable ball, mini puzzle or similar
  6. Promise to paint their nails once they are beautiful or treat them to a manicure.
  7. Make sure school is aware and other care givers
  8. Is it a learnt behaviour? Is someone else biting their nails around them? If yes this might need to be addressed first.
  9. Is anything causing child to be anxious? Starting new school?
  10. Buy books on keeping good hygiene to help educate young children. Children who bite their nails often get worms. Eggs get stuck under their nails.
  11. Hynoposis

Why am I so worried about nail biting?

Nail and cuticle biting can damage the fingers and leave permanent scars. It can also leave the skin open to infections. I have personally known a friend of mine to got blood poisoning (septicaemia) and ended up on an antibiotic drip in hospital. I think it's really important to try and stop your toddler/ children to stop doing this at a young age before the habit lies too deep.

Please feel free to comment on this blog with your own ideas.

Ways to stop biting nails

eyelash lift in Norwich

Eyelash perming and lifting

Lash lift 

A Lash lift is a procedure where you lift your own eyelashes and then set them with a perming solution from the root. This gives your lashes a longer, thicker, fuller look from the front as it makes your eyelashes more visible from that angle. The eyelash lift lasts around 4-6 weeks before your natural lashes grow out and fall out as normal. This is ideal for swimmers or people who don't want eyelash extensions or wear mascara daily.

Test patch needed.

lash lift in Norwich similar brand to LVL lashes
Eyelash lift- This client's natural eyelash are 13mm, so they look amazing with a lash lift. I used medium shields. Results will varity depending on your natural eyelashes.


Brands available - All these brands use the same technique pretty much just a different company name. Some people include tint. The current guidance is that it's fine to tint and perm on the same appointment. 

LVL lash lift - LVL lashes
salon systems

Shields and rods - 

Your lashes are lifted using a plastic shield placed and secured on your eyelid. The shields I personally stock are Large, extra large, medium, small and extra small. Small giving the most lift and dramatic look. Your natural lashes are secured onto the shield and then set using perming and setting solutions. Just like you would perm the hair on your head. There are also rods available, to curl your lashes around, which give a curved appearance. However it's a lot more modern to have a eyelash lift now.


  • Avoid mascara for 8 hours
  • Avoid steam or hot shower for 24 hours (relaxes perm and could drop)
  • Don't rub eyes
  • Use nourishing lotion on your lashes after perm like caster oil.
  • Rebook for 4-6 weeks for your next eyelash lift.


Eyelash lift in Norwich

Steaming your skin as part of a facial

Facial treatments are fantastic at giving your skin a healthy appearance. I would recommend having a professional facial monthly. However you can do a DIY facial at home. For me facial treatment is the ultimate treatment it's not only beneficial to your skin, but extremely relaxing. A facial treatment should be carried out in dimmed lighting with the smell of essential oils to enhance the experience. Never rush a facial treatment and always treat your skin gently.

Benefits of using a facial steamer for warming your skin:

  • Warming the epidermis makes exfoliation easier. I personally use Kaeso products in my beauty salon.
  • Warming the skin prior to blackhead removal is very important as it opens the pores making blackhead removal easier. NEVER try to remove blackheads without warming the skin first. You have around 20 mins before the pores start to close again. Always remove blackheads gently to avoid the risk of scarring the skin.
  • Steaming your skin stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic systems.
  • Sebaceous gland activity is improved with steaming, which benefits dry mature skin. Sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is the oil that lubricates your skin.

Always use distilled water in the facial steamer. Never tap water. Take care of your professional steamer and clean it according to manufacturing instructions. This will avoid lime scale build up and pro-long the life of the machine.

This is not suitable for people with asthma. Please check other medical conditions before using. This is very important. If you have sensitive skin steaming can irritate your skin.

Keep the facial steamer around 30cm from your face allowing a fine mist to be directed at your face for around 10 minutes. Take care not to have facial steamer too close to your skin.

Cover eyes and any broken capillaries with cotton pads.

Steaming in facial treatment


skin ph

Beauty tip - Stop using soap to wash your face

skin ph

Did you know the skin on your face is around 5.5ph, so every time you use hand soap on your face which is around ph 9 on your skin you are upsetting your skin's natural balance. Always use products designed for your face. Your skin is acidic to help keep bacteria away. It's the Sebum (oil) and Sweat secreted from your skin to produce this ph.

I personally use Keaso products, which are available for retail at my salon. However there are loads of skincare products available designed for your own skin. Always make sure you get a products targeted at oily, dry or normal. If in doubt ask me at your next appointment.

If you really can't give up the bar of soap. Please make sure it's designed for you face.

Also always follow washing your face with a moisturiser. It's important to put on moisturiser to prevent moisture lose and create a barrier to protect your face from weather like extreme hot or cold, which can cause broken capillaries.

If you have any tips you would like to share please comment on this blog or you are welcome to guest blog

Skin care tip - Always use a spatula when taking products out of their pots

Always use a spatula when taking products out of their pots. Never use your finger as this will contaminate the product. I personally use plastic ice cream spoons as they are just the right size and easy to keep clean.