swap box Norwich

Beauty swap box in Norwich

Beauty items to swap

It's January and I seem to be having a massive sort out! How much stuff do we have around our house that we just don't use any more or bought only to decide it's not really what we wanted?

Well at my Norwich beauty salon I have a swap box, which is designed for items you don't use, but don't want to waste them by putting them in the bin. The amount of creams I have used for my skin and actually they just don't suit my skin type, or Christmas presents that were well intentioned, but just don't work for me.

The idea of the swap box is that you put something in and take something out! I often take things to a charity shop rather than just throwing them away, but they are understandably quite fussy on what they can and can't take, so this idea of a beauty swap box works well for half used bottles of lotions.

swap box Norwich

swap beauty items in Norwich
Current swap box. The contents of this basket changes every week!

I recently went to a clothes swapping party hosted by my friend Alice and it was fab! I came away with two new (for me) tops completely free of charge! I am thinking of hosting my own swap party soon. I hate the idea of things going to waste and it's a great way of getting new things without breaking the bank!

If you have clothes that aren't in good enough condition you can take them to your local H&M shop and they will give you a £5 off your next purchase voucher. Please never throw anything away just because it's ripped or out of fashion. There are people out there who can make use of them.

Old hats and warm coats I would get in contact with Norwich soup movement or the peoples picnic they are always after items for homeless at this time of the year.

Norwich beauty items swap

I am moving house


As a lot of you will already know we are moving house. From 10th October 2014, I will be working from our new family home. There should be very little or no disruption from your normal visit, however please bear with me while we settle into our new home as emails might take longer to reply to. As always email is the best the way to contact me. I always check these first, so you are more likely to get the time you want.

The long term plan is to work from an extension specially designed for my work with a separate entrance for my salon. However at the moment I will be working from the spare room. All appointments will still be by appointment only. I am hoping we can create a small waiting area once the building work has been completed.

The new address is 15 Crome Road, Norwich, NR3 4RB. The house is a Victorian, Tudor Style, End Terrace property with black beams on the front and angled roof over the side part of the property. It is about 5-10 minutes walk max from my old home. Crome Road is off Mousehold Avenue. Mousehold Avenue is off Silver Road where I used to live. The property is on the corner of Crome Road and Romany Road.

In the future we will be changing the front garden to a driveway to create more off road parking. There are no permits on this road, which will make life a lot easier than Silver Road.

Online diary

While I am writing to you I would like to take the opportunity to update everyone on the new (ish) appointment booking system. I have installed a ‘view only’ calendar on my website, so now as the client you can easily see when I am available. The password is available by request. Simply log in and then email me with the appointments that you would like. The website is constantly being improved, so any feedback would be great.


NEW ADDRESS: 15 Crome Road, Norwich, NR3 4RB
NEW ADDRESS: 15 Crome Road, Norwich, NR3 4RB
OLD ADDRESS: 3a Silver Road, Norwich, NR3 4TX
OLD ADDRESS: 3a Silver Road, Norwich, NR3 4TX


Elizabeth Smith Beauty new address 2014

New address: 15 Crome Road, Norwich NR3 4RB

Old address: 3a Silver Road, Norwich, NR3 4TX

beauty online diary

2013:2014 failed appointments & late cancellations stats

Failed appointments & late cancellation stats

In September 2013 I began to use my google calendar in a different way for making client bookings and actually invited the client to the event via email. If the client has a google account and calendar set up correctly these appointments go directly into their personal diary when they 'accept' the invite. I believe this also works on ipad and iphone with the appointments being added to their diary.

In September I also added a page to my website for 'online booking'. You can't currently book online, but you can see an i-frame of my diary allowing clients to see when I am free. This has saved me an amazing amount of admin time emailing people about available slots.

I send out text reminders the day before every clients appointment, if I have their current mobile number. Please however never reply to this as it's not an automated service. It's something I have to do manually with pre saved texts.

I also have my google calendar set up to send out an email reminder 3 days before the clients appointment to allow me plenty of time to fill the appointment if the client decides to cancel it.

I like to think I am pretty fair with my cancellation charge. I am wiRead more

Out of office - getting married!

I am going to be 'out of the office' until 7th July, so unable to reply to emails, text, calls and social media messages. However I will reply ASAP when I am back. At the moment the next available appointment with me is the middle of July. I will occasionally check my messages, so please do email me and I will try to reply to anything urgent.

I am getting married tomorrow at St Giles hotel. Below are some of our engagement shoot photos by Jess Wilkins Photography.



Sunset at Mousehold heath in Norwich.
Mousehold heath in Norwich
Mousehold heath in Norwich.
Mousehold heath in Norwich
Mousehold heath in Norwich.

How much notice should I give when cancelling an appointment?

In the last three months I have had 5 hours worth of appointments where people have failed to attend without notifying me and 13 hours of appointments where people have cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

I only work part-time, but I think 5 hours of failed to attend isn't actually that bad. Also one client failed to attend a two hour appointment, so most of that time  is down to one client. Averaging on one hour a month excluding that one client who has a history of cancelling / failing to attend appointments.

I am really lucky that on the whole most of my regular clients are fantastic and it's only isolated people. For those isolated people who do cancel late or not turn up for appointments I am going to have to become more strict as I really don't want to have to increase my prices to compensate time wasted.

What I currently do to help reduce last minute cancellations and failed appointments:

  • Text confirmations the day before clients appointments (don't reply on this. Always put your appointment in your diary)
  • Welcome letter sent to all new clients stating their appointment with directions.

I am also bringing in:

  • Invite to google calendar event for their appointment, which will be sent directly to your email account and if you have gmail calendar this appointment can be added.

I have the most amazing accounts and marketing spreadsheet, which allows me to isolate which clients are poor attenders stating the date, how many hours they have missed and reason for cancelling. I will continue to monitor this and see if introducing google calendar invites helps improve the stats.

13 hours of late cancellations seem quite high to me. However like I said it is isolated clients, so unfortunately, I have to bring in a fee for these clients. This won't apply to my regular good attenders and I understand things come up and sickness can't be predicted. The charges for not giving 24 hours notice or failing to attend are £5 for every 15 minutes missed. However if the appointment is filled I will not charge you, therefore the more notice you give me for cancelling a appointment the better as it allows me time to find someone.

Also for long appointments like eyelash extensions I will be bringing in a paid deposit system. The Semi-permanent eyelash extensions appointment is 2 hours long, so I will be taking a £5 for every 15 minutes as deposit at the consultation / test patch appointment prior to the actual treatment appointment. When you attend the appointment this will be deducted off your final bill, or refunded if you decide to cancel the appointment, provided that you give me at least 24 hours notice of the cancellation

I always welcome feedback on my business decisions, so if you have any comments on how to improve poor attenders stats. Please share :-)



The server change is done and we're just tweaking a few seconds, so please bear with us if something on the site isn't working quite as it should.

My email is back up and working, so if you have any queries please contact me and the site will be back to normal by the end of the 1st April.

Thanks for your patience :)

Spree book

I have just signed the paper work with Rebecca from Spree Publications limited to go into the new spree booking coming out in June. The Spree book is a fab idea. It's basically a voucher book with £4 going towards charity from every book sold. I have gone for 20% off your first appointment at my beauty salon. I purchase a spree book every year and I think it's amazing. I normally get my money back from the cost of the book within two vouchers. They can be purchased from an organisation like Sure Start centre or from schools. Alternatively you can get them direct online from the Spree website. I am looking forward to seeing my voucher in the June 2013 edition :-)





4 sleeps left till Xmas- gift vouchers for Christmas present

Only 4 sleeps left till Christmas. Don't go into the city for last minute present! I have gift vouchers you can get direct from me. Collection in Norwich or can simply be emailed over and pay by paypal, so you don't even need to leave the house!!


Catch up:

Been an exciting couple of months. I am now coming to the end of my business course and gained lots of new friendships and skills. I can't wait to start putting some things into practice.

Henna and eyelash extensions have really taken off and fast becoming my favourite treatments. I love the looks on my clients faces when they look in the mirror for the first time with the lash extensions and the creativeness that henna gives me. Lots of positive feed back & repeat bookings for pamper parties. Such good fun and such a great way of getting your friends together for the night. 'Pick from the menu on the night' is perfect to suit everyone's budget.

On a personal note. Me and Jessica had a fabulous time in Holland for a long weekend. Jessica was an angel on the flight giggling and pointing out the window. Spent some well deserved Mummy and daughter time together at the zoo. Where every animal was a dog! Booked up to go to Centreparcs for the first time in December. Really excited about some time to relax.

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Autumn blues?

It’s getting colder outside. Do you have the autumn blues? Why not book yourself in for a treat at Elizabeth Smith Beauty. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a huge hit at the moment. They are individually bonded to each eyelash. Check out the albums on my facebook for some of the recent applications. Perhaps have a Gellux manicure that lasts on average of up to 15 days no chip or peel. Lots of fab colours and nail art in.

I am getting booked up for Christmas pamper parties. So instead of buying your girlfriends presents this year why not host a pamper party with mulled wine, relaxing music and good company. How does express lashes with sparkles sound with a warm relaxing facial?

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See you soon,

Liz x