Many beauticians aren’t insured to see people receiving treatment for cancer or who have been in remission for less than twelve months. Feeling good is really important when feeling low to help keep spirits high. It is also better to see a beautician who specialises in this field as they will have seen many cases before. When recovering from cancer you often lose your hair and your body spends less time repairing your skin.

There is a great charity linked from Big C charity called look good feel better. They run fantastic workshops on skincare and make-up tutorials all over the country. It’s also a great place to meet new friends who are going through the same as you. I can’t recommend enough getting in contact with look good, feel good enough as it’s a great confidence boost and extremely important to look after yourself. Make-up for many people gives them the confidence to face the day!

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If you want to support this charity you can donate on their website or buy some of their products. Look good feel good have a good selection of products available at Boots or online with Amazon. They have a large selection on make-up brushes available to buy.

There is also a make-up brush cleaner available by look good feel good. Keeping your brushes clean is extremely important.

Caring for yourself when you have cancer.