Greengrocer in Norwich NR3 1ER


Buy local

We’ve just changed to buying our fruit and veg from Abel and Cole to the little shop in Anglia Square in Norwich and we’re really pleased with the service so far.

While we did like the service that Abel and Cole offered, we were just curious as to whether a local shop would get better value for money and I think it’s safe to say that it can! With the added bonus of supporting a local company as well, the cost of a little less convenience is worth the extra fruit and veg we can get for our money.

I asked Robert to pick a selection for us, as we like the surprise and it challenges us to cook new things. He handpicked and packed everything to the budget that we gave him. Everything in the picture was only £25, he even threw in some free strawberries!

Excellent service and stress-free shopping, which is very unusual when I’m out with my 2-year-old! The business is run by Robert Brand and his family, so they really do care about customer service. We’re looking forward to seeing what we get next week.

Robert Brand Fruits – Greengrocer in Norwich NR3 1ER

Anglia Square
5  Sovereign Way

Open Monday – Saturday

fruit and veg norwich
Week one- £25




Second weeks worth!


fruit and veg norwich
Week two- £25


week 3- £25
week 3- £25

Fresh Fruit and veg in Norwich