Now Jessica is older and enjoying reading herself, I am able to be able to read again myself.

I pushed myself to be able to read on my kindle and haven’t looked back!

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I added the overdrive app and linked it to my local library, so I am able to enjoy some books for free. You just need your library card number to register with the app.

When I can’t find the books I want on Overdrive I find them on Amazon and they are instantly added to my online bookshelf. I would say my favourite book this year was ‘A boy made of blocks’. It’s a great book about the difficulties of parenting with a child with autism it was a real eye opener for me and had me in stitches and tears throughout! Absolutely loved reading the amazing progress made by the young child and the progress of the father to being a great parent.

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Please feel free to comment below with any recommendations you have for me to read next.