Blackhead removal in Norwich


Blackheads (also called comedones) are extremely common on the face and are a sign of an oily complexion. Blackheads are clogged up pores with debris and oil from your skin. When applying pressure with a comedone tool the blackhead comes out almost worm-like. It’s extremely important to warm up the skin prior to removing blackheads as trying to remove them without steam, hot towels or similar to open the pores you can risk scarring the skin by damaging the surrounding skin during blackhead removal. Blackheads are caused by an increase in oil production from sebaceous glands, especially during teenage years. It’s the oxidation which causes the blackheads to have the black appearance.

Blackhead removal facial

At my home-based beauty salon in Norwich, I perform blackhead removal as part of my deluxe facial treatment. This treatment is one and a half hours long and includes cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, steam with a professional facial steamer, comedone (blackhead removal) and basic milia removal, mask and moisturise. Facials are by far one of my favourite treatments as your skin is left feeling amazing. By removing unsightly blackheads a facial can increase your confidence as well as the health of your skin. I will give you a full aftercare sheet on how to continue to care for your skin at home, so you can make changes to your lifestyle to improve the appearance of your skin. I am more than happy to tailor any of my treatments to suit your needs. Some people are lucky enough to have very few blackheads, so more time can be spent on other parts of the facial.

At my Norwich beauty salon, my tools are sterilised in an autoclave, not just disinfected with solutions. It’s extremely important to make sure the beautician carrying out blackhead removal using disposable or autoclavable tools.

blackhead removal in Norwich
After one treatment.
Blackhead removal in Norwich
After one facial treatment.


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