This lady is in her early twenties and wanted a dramatic eye-catching look for her semi-permanent eyelash extensions. At her consultation appointment we decided on J curl and longer lashes, 11mm closest to her nose and 13mm to the middle and edges. We went for 0.20 thickness, which is the mascara look.

This lady has been seeing me for almost one year now and we recently decided to mix 0.20 and 0.25 thickness of lashes together to give a fuller look. She has a very busy lifestyle of juggling work and play, so these are perfect for her as she is always on the go. They look absolutely fabulous on her and she is constantly getting great comments on them 🙂

Eyelash extensions are by far my favourite treatment. I love the comments and constant great feedback I get from my clients. It’s amazing what a difference they can make to someone.

This treatment takes 2 hours and the eyelash extensions are individually placed on your own natural lashes. I isolate each of your natural eyelashes before placing the eyelash extensions 2mm from the lid. As they don’t touch your skin you will find them completely light-weight and won’t irritate your eyes. These are worn all the time with eyelash extensions infills every 2-3 weeks. You naturally lose your own eyelashes every 90 days on average and new ones grow. At the infills appointments, I place the eyelash extensions on the new lashes which are long enough to hold an extension now.

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Test patch and full consultation are needed before this treatment is carried out.


before eyelash extensions



after eyelash extensions norwich