Live Long, Live Beautiful!  – Beauty Treatments for Cancer Patients

When anyone is under cancer treatment, you generally think that pampering the patient with beauty treatment is the last resort. However, the fact is just the reverse. Proper beauty care of the cancer patient will give him/her a real boosting.

Keep Things Normal As Usual

Generally what happens during a cancer treatment is a patient undergoing the treatment feels like everything has changed completely in his life and nothing will come back to its normal flow. Therefore, to make the cancer patient feel normal like before, some semblance should be maintained to normal routine of life in places where it is possible. When the patient finds that he is treated in the same way as the normal human beings, his spirits are automatically boosted.

You can apply a deep moisturizing treatment on the patient’s skin or can go for a full body scrub. After all, they are also worth of getting such a soothing treatment like the normal humans.


Aromatherapy Massage is Good for Cancer Patients

Take Care of the Skin

You can choose to give a cancer sufferer a facial, a soft creamy cleansing facial that will not be harsh for her skin. Make sure the therapist is fully aware of the fact that he is treating a cancer patient. You must look for some treatment that can revitalize the skin of your patient because skins of such patients dry out at the time of radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

You must ask the therapist to use some alcohol-free, non-stimulating toner together with some gentle and rich moisture. Exfoliating treatments are not applied to cancer patients because they might be insensitive reaction on their delicate skin. Apart from drying up, skins of these patients often become sensitized to certain treatments. In beauty treatment, make sure you remain kind enough towards the skin of your cancer patient.

Beauty treatment with alcohol-free, fragrant, hypoallergenic products creates the best healing effect for such patients. While treating your cancer patient with some beauty regime, hygiene should be your prime concern. The therapist must make use of neat and clean and disposable brushes, sponges and applicators each time he treats the patient. Cancer patients taking radiotherapy or chemotherapy have a greater risk of infection because of such treatment; the immunity system of their body reduces to a considerable extent. So, it is necessary that proper hygienic condition is maintained while giving them beauty treatment.

Keep Looking Beautiful as Before

As you all know, cancer treatment results in a substantial amount of hair loss – the eyebrow hair can completely be wiped off or might thin up. There are trained therapists who can skillfully recreate the entire eyebrow or can fill up the thin ones. In case the nails look unhealthy or have discolored, do a manicure by taking a funky looking opaque polish. Make your patient use one acetone-free nail polish remover.

Research has proved that cancer patients are benefitted by aromatherapy massage. This massage has helped in improving the quality of their skin and life and also lessened their symptoms. So, what are you waiting for? Give your patient a soothing aromatherapy massage. Spa therapists of different places like Lighthouse Point,are specially trained to satisfy the specific needs of the cancer patients.

Get a trained therapist and change the life of the patient. Be normal during upheaval and feel relaxed!

Summary: Beauty treatment is not only meant for normal human beings. There are special treatments for cancer patients as well to make them feel and look normal.