skin ph

Did you know the skin on your face is around 5.5ph, so every time you use hand soap on your face which is around ph 9 on your skin you are upsetting your skin’s natural balance. Always use products designed for your face. Your skin is acidic to help keep bacteria away. It’s the Sebum (oil) and Sweat secreted from your skin to produce this ph.

I personally use Keaso products, which are available for retail at my salon. However there are loads of skincare products available designed for your own skin. Always make sure you get a products targeted at oily, dry or normal. If in doubt ask me at your next appointment.

If you really can’t give up the bar of soap. Please make sure it’s designed for you face.

Also always follow washing your face with a moisturiser. It’s important to put on moisturiser to prevent moisture lose and create a barrier to protect your face from weather like extreme hot or cold, which can cause broken capillaries.

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