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Beauty items to swap

It’s January and I seem to be having a massive sort out! How much stuff do we have around our house that we just don’t use any more or bought only to decide it’s not really what we wanted?

Well at my Norwich beauty salon I have a swap box, which is designed for items you don’t use, but don’t want to waste them by putting them in the bin. The amount of creams I have used for my skin and actually they just don’t suit my skin type, or Christmas presents that were well-intentioned, but just don’t work for me.

The idea of the swap box is that you put something in and take something out! I often take things to a charity shop rather than just throwing them away, but they are understandably quite fussy on what they can and can’t take, so this idea of a beauty swap box works well for half used bottles of lotions.

swap box Norwich

swap beauty items in Norwich
Current swap box. The contents of this basket changes every week!

I recently went to a clothes swapping party hosted by my friend Alice and it was fab! I came away with two new (for me) tops completely free of charge! I am thinking of hosting my own swap party soon. I hate the idea of things going to waste and it’s a great way of getting new things without breaking the bank!

If you have clothes that aren’t in good enough condition you can take them to your local H&M shop and they will give you a £5 off your next purchase voucher. Please never throw anything away just because it’s ripped or out of fashion. There are people out there who can make use of them.

Old hats and warm coats I would get in contact with Norwich soup movement or the people’s picnic they are always after items for homeless at this time of the year.

Norwich beauty items swap