It’s that time of the year again when women lose more hair than normal. It’s often referred to as ‘Autumn shed’. It’s when you lose hair sooner than you normally would. During this time the hairs fall out sooner in the ‘resting phase’ called Telogen. Women often notice it more when they are washing their hair. It’s believed that this is because women have thicker hair in the Summer months to protect you from the sun and when Autumn comes we no longer need this extra protection… this is believed to be true by scientists.

What does this mean for eyelash extensions?

This therefore means that you may find you need infills sooner than normal during these Autumn months. Remember to book appointments ahead.


Other reasons for losing eyelash extensions sooner than expected:

  • Sleeping heavy on them. Prevent this by wearing eye goggles at night.

  • Too much oil on the eyelash extensions either naturally from your skin or from products you use, which break down the glue. Make-up such as foundation often contains almond oil.

Buy sealant to help keep oils off the eyelash extensions and apply 3 times a week. Available for retail at your eyelash extension appointment.


  • If eyelash extensions come off in the first 3 days of having them applied without natural eyelash attached. There was a problem with bonding. Contact your beautician.


  • Keep them clean with an eyelash shampoo, such as this one. Available for retail on request.

eyelash shampoo

Autumn shed for eyelash extensions