Guest blog -Practising Self-Care to Support Weight Management


Practising Self-Care to Support Weight Management


Studies reveal that about one-third of the global population is overweight or obese. Sadly, as the fast food industry continues to grow, the number of people with weight and health issues continues to increase along with it.


Being overweight or obese has never been just a "beauty" issue. Although most people display the tendency to focus on "physical presentation" setbacks such as not being able to look good in certain clothes, the true problem with obesity or being overweight is its impact on health.


Medical research reveals that excess weight is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Along with these, respiratory ailments, arthritis, and other conditions related to mobility are directly linked to obesity as well.


Therefore, if you aim to keep your weight under control or to lose weight and regain health, it is imperative not just to treat the weight issue, but also to address your lifestyle, emotional and mental health. Thus, practising self-care is considered an effective strategy for weight loss and management.


How Does Self-Care Aid in Weight Management

The word self-care automatically has a positive connotation. Therefore, people yield more to the idea of implementing it for the improvement of their quality of life. Also, self-care is all about deliberate practices — meaning people invest their money and take the time to do what is beneficial for them.


Self-care is not associated with deprivation, which most weight management strategies are known for.


When you say self-care, it involves a variety of methods. For weight management, there are so many that you can consider regularly using that would not feel like too much work.


Self-Care Methods for Weight Control

If you wish for a less stressful route for gaining control over your weight, these are some of the self-care methods that you can be consistent with.

1. Eat full meals

This is one of the best self-care strategies to implement. When you have a strong propensity for snacking, deciding to eat full meals instead may decrease your desire to munch in between meals.


Opt for multicourse meals, especially if you have the time to prepare them personally. Treat yourself to a small serving of appetizers, a salad, soup, main, and dessert, which will actually feel like a feast. This is one of the reasons why Japanese people are rarely overweight. It's because they have a full meal that has variation and is served in correct proportions.


2. Avail yourself of weight loss treatments

If you have the budget for weight loss treatments, go ahead and get them. These treatments can make the process of getting to your ideal weight so much faster and in a less stressful way.


Commit to the program entirely and make the maintenance of the good results a breeze. Everybody could use some extra help, especially if willpower is an issue. With the help of safe and effective devices and professionals, it becomes easier to stick to a weight management initiative.


3. Create a rewards system for good choices and achieving goals

To strengthen your commitment to a healthy weight, list down the different rewards you can give yourself for making good choices, and achieving your weight goals. Positive reinforcement is helpful and has long been known to turn smart practices into habits.


Some of the self-care rewards to provide yourself with are beautification services. 


For instance, if you have managed to lose a couple of kilograms in a week, why not complement your physical improvement with dermatology services to not only have a more radiant complexion but also a youthful appearance? Or shop for new clothes that will fit you nicely.


4. Unwind weekly

Give yourself a relaxing treat after a stressful work week and make this a weekly thing. Keeping stress hormones low can decrease the likelihood of emotional eating and even shopping


Get a massage, a pedicure, go to a fancy brunch with your family or friends, or take a road trip. Weekly relaxation will boost your happiness levels (which may drive you to be more physically active) and give you something to look forward to, particularly when things are not going swimmingly in other aspects of your life.


5. Journal

Journaling will not only help you to express your feelings, but it can also provide you with a better understanding of your behavioural patterns and emotions that affect your eating habits or preferences. Reviewing past entries will also help with self-reflection and help you decide on doing what is good for your physical and mental wellbeing.


It's worth mentioning, too, that journaling can be an artistic outlet, which can spark joy in your life. A lot of people actually find that when they are joyful, they are likewise more open to working out and eating sensibly.


Do Right By You

Dealing with weight issues is not easy, but taking an optimistic path can help greatly. 


By doing right by you and using the concept and practices of self-care as a strategy for weight control, you can achieve your health objectives faster, and be able to sustain results for the long term.



Vandana Luthra founded VLCC in New Delhi, India as a beauty and slimming services centre in 1989. Today, it is widely recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of beauty and wellness products and services and also enjoys a high level of consumer trust. The VLCC Group's operations currently span 330 locations in over 150 cities and 14 countries across Asia and Africa.

Holiday in France

August holiday in France

We are just back from 8 nights in France. A dream of a holiday, we will definitely be going back more often. We used Le Shuttle (Euro tunnel) and took the car over. It was only £180 return and we used our Tesco points to pay for the train. We booked a lovely little Airbnb Chateau de la Trousse over there, which had an outside heated pool. The Airbnb at Chateau de la Trouse (read more on wiki about the history of the place) was around £450 for all of us for the 8 nights, slightly more than we normally pay, but had the draw of a heated pool and 40 acres of land to explore. It is a truly stunning stately home (castle). Our studio apartment was in the converted stables. Perfect for us as we don't spend a lot of time in the room/ hotel.

Our time in France was spent mostly in the Champagne region, but with a few days visiting Paris and Troyes. My daughter really wanted to go up the Eiffel tower! Which I later discovered was because of her favourite cartoon miraculous is set there! She wasn't bothered about Disneyland, so we gave that a miss.

Troyes is a magical place, built in the 16th century. We parked up and went straight to the tourist information centre where we got a walking tour of the place. Easy to follow triangles on the paths to follow. Every street on the map had beautiful old buildings on it. Amazing place to visit.

Things to think about when driving over to France:

Car kit- warning triangle, yellow jackets, spare headlight bulbs, reflectors on highlights.
Toll roads- We got an emovis tag for the car.
Paris air quality sticker.
Extra car insurance.
Learning French! Sortie is exit! Very important on the motorway.
Turn off speed camera alerts.
Airbnb- Check all reviews and look on Google maps/ trip adviser.
Book on the credit card for extra security.

Have you tried Airbnb? Sign up with my link and you will get up to £34 off your first trip.

Driving onto the train - Le shuttle.
Inside the train!
Lizards everywhere at our Airbnb
La boulangerie
umm... French cheese!
General mangin observation tower
General mangin observation tower
Eiffel tower
Grape vines in Champagne region.
Grape vines in Champagne region.
16th century Troyes
Walking tour - 16th century Troyes
Follow the triangles! Walking tour of 16th century Troyes
16th century Troyes
16th century Troyes
Château de la Trousse
Sunset over Château de la Trousse.


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Review: Party bag supplies for children's birthdays & more

Party bag and cards supplies

by Caps cards and party store ltd

This month I got asked to review a birthday party supply's company. They sent me a great selection which will be perfect for my daughter's next party. They arrived quickly and packaged up nicely in perfect condition.

CAPS do an amazing selection of products. Any party you can think of they look like they cater to it! Hen do, birthdays, baby showers... the lot! They have absolutely hundreds of greeting cards to pick from. I would definitely recommend CAPS for personal or trade purchasing.

My favourite item is the lunch boxes. It's so easy to over/ under cater for birthday parties and you always get that one greedy kid who eats 10 biscuits. This way you can divide everything up fairly and even the slower kids get to eat!! Also the best option if you have gluten-free and allergies to cater for.  Each box has space for the child's name on it.

Gifted supplies in exchange for a review.

kink with lash lift

Which shields should I be using for lash lift?

Which shields should I be using for eyelash lift?

This is a blog post for the beauticians and beauty salon owners. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge. It's how we learn and grow.

Size of shields available

There are loads of shields available on the market. The LVL shields are very pretty with a flower shape around the top! I use the salon system brand products, but not their shields. They are all silicon and need to be disinfected in Barbicide after every use. I wash mine in anti-bacterial soap first to remove the glue and products.  They will discolour over time. Remember to explain this to your client in case they think they are dirty.

The ones I use come in:

Extra small




Extra large

So which shield should I use?

First of all, ask the client how dramatic of a look they would like? Extra small is the biggest lift. Extra large is the smallest lift. The 'average' person is a medium! Don't be fooled though a client with natural lashes of 13mm using extra large shields is a powerful look! However, a client with natural lashes of 7mm using extra large is still lifted, but not as powerful.

Next, look at your client's natural lashes and even measure them if needed! To do this I use a 9mm eyelash extension up against their natural length and compare!

In my opinion a rough guide.

Extra small - to be used with natural lashes of 7mm long.

Small - to be used with natural lashes of 7mm or 8mm long

Medium - to be used with natural lashes of 7mm, 8mm or 9mm long

Large - to be used with natural lashes of 7mm, 8mm, 9mm or10mm long

Extra large - to be used with natural lashes of  7mm, 8mm, 9mm or11mm long

Hopefully, this photo of the Lash lift shields will make it clear, which shield to use. As a guide, I have glued a 9mm eyelash extension to each shield. You can clearly see the 9mm lash hangs over the edge of the extra small and small shields.

pick shield lash lift
This image has 9mm eyelash extension glued onto each shield. The shields are clean, but dyed with tint!


what shield to use lash lift
This image has 9mm eyelash extensions stuck on each shield. The shields are very 'clean' from Barbicide, but stained from tint! Also wet glue.

lash shields


Why have the lashes got a kink at the ends after lash lift?

You have used a shield too small for that client's lashes. Next time use a size up.

Another option is not to apply the perm setting solution all the way up the lash and just do the base and middle. Simply don't put the solution on the tips. You won't get the curled in look though.

kink with lash lift
This image shows an 11mm eyelash extensions stuck to a medium shield. You can clearly see the kink!



Please feel free to comment on this post with your own suggestions. We learn by sharing tips!

sharpening tweezers

How to sharpen your own eyelash or brow tweezers at home

Tweezers not plucking out hairs anymore



After a while I find my tweezers lose their grip and it drives me insane! I'll try and pluck an eyebrow hair out and the hair will just slide between the slates. Then you are left with two options: buy new tweezers or sharpen them. Some companies will do this for you, but I prefer doing it myself to get them perfect! Tweezerman offers this service, but only in the USA. Tweezers not plucking out hairs is a big problem.


volume tweezers not picking up
Beautiful contact area on these volume tweezers. Photo was taken with macro lens. Ideal now for picking up lash fans.
close up of lash fan
Good large contact area to pick fans of lashes with these tweezers!


At my beauty salon, I prepare all my tweezers ready. I grip tweezers onto a sheet of sandpaper and pull the tweezers overs the sandpaper, if you are doing this correctly the tweezers will leave a mark on the sandpaper. The first couple of strokes won't be uniform and look patchy. Personally, I use 220 grit for sharpening my tweezers. After doing this 20 odd times or however many needed you will notice the mark left on sandpaper is more even. Hope this makes sense! Not the easiest to describe in words. I do this under my LED magnifier light. My mag light is 5 x zoom, so great for seeing the grip between the tweezers. If the tweezers aren't gripping the hairs you will notice visible light between the two slates of the tweezers. The aim is to see no light between the slates or any imperfections. Keep checking under the mag light as you sharpen your tweezers every couple of strokes against the paper. Hopefully, the images below will clear up any confusion about what I am trying to explain!

If the tweezers are really awful I would start with roughest grit sandpaper and slowly work down the numbers. So 80 grit, 150 grit, finishing with 220 grit. You will file the metal perfect, but it can sometimes take a while!

tweezers grip
The photo was taken with a macro lens on my phone. You can see these aren't great tweezers as the slates don't evenly match up. However no visible light can be seen between the slates of tweezers. The gap is completely closed meaning they will grip the fine eyebrow hairs and remove them.
awful tweezers grip
No visible light can be seen between the two slates of the tweezers.
tweezers not pluck hairs
These are volume tweezers. This photo is taken with a macro lens on my phone. You can see the contact point isn't at the end of the tweezers with these.


40-80 grit - roughest

100-150 medium

180-220 - finest


After lots of sanding of the tweezers, the result will be stress-free eyebrow shaping or eyelash extensions appointments! Where the tweezers grip the hair every time and remove it from the root or picking up those perfect volume eyelash extensions fans. Tweezers not plucking out the hairs can cause massive stress.


sharpening tweezers
220 grit sandpaper to smooth out imperfections with your tweezers.


tweezers grip sharpening
This photo is taken through my LED magnifier light. For the best results never check without one.
Awful volume tweezers
Absolutely awful. No contact on the tip where it's needed to create lash fan before removing them from the strip.


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Guest blog: Lap Band Removal Procedure - All You Need to Know

Lap Band Removal Procedure - All You Need to Know

Guest blog


Image source


Lap band is one of the most common bariatric surgeries today. It is performed on obese patients who are unable to lose weight in any other way. In short, the band inserted will lead to reducing the size of your stomach, meaning you will have to reduce the amount of the food you eat. Consequently, it will lead to weight loss.

Unfortunately, many patients eventually have the band removed due to complications or inability to lose weight effectively. There is more to be told about this procedure and the following information will help you understand it better.

Reasons why the lap band procedure failed

There are around 10 different reasons why you need to have your lap band removed. You may not be losing the appropriate amount of weight or the lower part of the stomach has slipped through the band. The band may also get infected and the antibiotics don't work. It is also possible for the patient to show symptoms of band intolerance, such as pain, nausea or vomiting. Some patients experience GERD, which is a chronic condition leading to heartburn and damage to the esophagus. Port can also get infected, and if the antibiotics don't help, the removal will be necessary. Lastly, band erosion is also one of the possibilities, making the lap band ineffective, thus it needs to be removed.

The procedure

The lap band removal procedure includes removing the band, the tube and the port from your stomach. The first thing a surgeon needs to do is to cut the capsule that your body has formed around the device. The next step is to remove sutures and potential scar tissues. All the three parts are then removed through the incision. If you went through a laparoscopic procedure when you had your lap-band inserted, then the removal will probably be performed using the same incisions created during the first procedure. In that case, the lap-band removal will only last 10 minutes. In case you initially had open surgery, you'll probably have another open surgery to remove the lap-band.

Image source

Possible complications

There is a somewhat higher risk of complications after a revisional surgery than the initial one. For example, it's possible to experience some inflammatory reactions around your stomach to the lap-band, which will make the removal procedure and the recovery more difficult. As with any surgery, bleeding may also occur, which means you'll need a blood transfusion.  There’s also a chance of a hole in the stomach to occur. If this happens, then it will be necessary to place a drain tube. It needs to be placed next to the hole for as long as the surgeon thinks it is necessary. When the surgeon believes the are is sutured, that’s when the drain tube will be removed. There is also a chance of anesthesia complications, as well as nausea and vomiting after the surgery. If you have constant pain that is getting worse, nausea or vomiting that don't subdue after a few days, a high fever or redness around the incisions, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

Your recovery

The cuts made during the removal will be sore for a few days after the surgery. In the meantime, the stitches will dissolve on their own. You may start feeling hungry more often, which could also lead to gaining some weight. You shouldn't feel too stressed or worried about that. It's better to share your worries with your doctor so that you can come up with appropriate steps together that will help you obtain healthy weight in the end and maintain it.

Depending on the person, most people are able to return to their usual routine within 1 and 4 weeks. Consult with your doctor about when you are safe to do activities like driving or going back to work. Bear in mind that every person recovers at their own speed.

Final words

Like any other surgical procedure, a lap-band removal carries certain risks. However, if you listen to your doctor instructions, there is no need to worry about complications and the procedure itself. After all, it is there to help you get better.

Guest blog -

Mia Johnson

Freelance writer & Fitness Expert

From Sydney, Australia

champagne glasses

Over at Imagine Spa in Blofield- Sparkling Cream Tea Spa Day

Sparkling Cream Tea Spa Day - Just £25 per person!

Available Monday-Thursday for dates up to July 31st 2019

champagne glasses

Catch up with friends, hide from the kids or take some much-needed time out with our fantastic Sparkling Cream Tea Spa Day...

Package includes:

  • Up to 4 hours use of the Spa facilities
  • A Robe, Towel and Slippers for your comfort
  • A Glass of Bubbly on arrival
  • A Delicious Cream Tea

Just £25 per person Monday - Thursday for dates up to and including 31st July 2019.

Kind Regards,


Willow Farm Field Lane, Blofield Heath, Blofield, Norfolk NR13 4RP

imagine spa in norfolk

lash lift with shields on

Guest blog- My personal experience of a lash lift

Eyelash lift treatment

E J Humphries, guest blogger.

Most of us know what this is… eyelash curler

A device known as the ‘eyelash curler’ which clamps tightly to your eyelashes and lifts them for a short while. It’s not that comfortable to use and don’t forget to wipe the mascara off… they can get sticky!

Now, how about a beauty treatment that lifts your eyelashes for up to 6 weeks

without having to use a curler or daily mascara?

Elizabeth Smith Beauty salon in Norwich offers the ‘Eyelash Lift’ treatment. So what does it do and how does it feel?

I tried it out this week and I love the end result.  Please note, I don’t have any eye make-up on in these pictures. Have a look…

before and after lash lift



What happens during the treatment?

I laid down on the very comfortable beauty bed and Elizabeth began the treatment. The eyelashes are set with a perming solution which uses the same chemicals as an eyelash perm. It starts with placing silicon shields above and under the eyes. The aim is not to perm your lashes, just simply lift them.

lash lift with shields on

This is me with the silicon shields on. It feels a little strange to start with, as if your eyes have been glued shut. However, with my eyes closed and fully relaxed, I felt very calm and happy, also knowing that I’m in very good hands with Elizabeth Smith.


So how does it feel afterwards?

Well, I have a 1-year-old son, so for the first time in over a year, I don’t look so dog-tired.

In fact, my eyes feel bright and literally



The treatment may look subtle to some, but to me, I can really notice the difference and I love it.  

This would have taken me a long time to achieve with that eyelash curler!


Where can I get an eyelash lift?

Contact Elizabeth Smith Beauty for an appointment at

For more information, have a look at Elizabeth's blog post on lash lift treatment.

Blog is written by- E J Humphries, guest blogger.


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Beauty salon Norwich

What to look for when picking a beauty salon

Beauty parlour in Norwich

What to look for when picking a beauty parlour .

There are loads of beauty salons in and around Norwich, Norfolk area. I am putting this blog post together to help you choose, which beauty salon is best for you. Its aim is to help you in making an informed decision on where you want to book for you to suit your needs and requirements.

Beauty salon Norwich

Home or salon based beauty parlour

This is down to personal preference. Most home-based beauty salons don’t have a receptionist, so making an appointment isn’t instant on the phone. Also, most of the online booking systems don’t suit home-based salons budgets. However, most salons have a way of booking by email now, which is far easier for most people.

I personally have a purpose-built extension on the side of the house for my treatments. It’s completely separate from the family rooms and private. It’s always best to check this as the last thing you want is a bikini wax in someones front living room with the family dog watching!

Is it in a quiet relaxing room? Don’t be shy in asking questions.


Hygiene in the beauty parlour

Massive point for me. It’s extremely important the last thing you want is to catch an infection from your beauty salon. Sadly training in cross-infection in the beauty salon is poor. I have extended training in this as my previous job was a dental nurse with the main part of the training in that was hygiene. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about policies in place to prevent the passing on of infections from one person to another. Here is my infection control policy.


Specialise - "Jack of all, master of none?"

Some beauty parlours seem to offer every single treatment under the sun! I personally would look for a beauty salon that specializes in the treatment you are after. For example, the Wax Works in Norwich only do waxing and have extended training in this field, so they really are at the top the game for this.

Waxing I recommend - The Wax Works

Spa day I recommend - Imagine in Blofield

Lash lift I recommend … me! Read more about the lash lift on the treatment page.

On this note check their treatment menu, they might not offer what you want. For example, not every beauty salon offers blackhead removal as part of their facial. For most, it’s just a relaxing treatment, but not targeting people's needs.

Read more

max load beauty salon

Is there a weight limit for my beauty couch?

I know this can be a very sensitive subject, overweight customers. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so I want to be able to provide the best treatments for everyone. It can be an extremely sensitive subject and no one wants to embarrass anyone, so I have written this blog to share ideas on the best way of handing this sensitive subject of client's weight in a respectful way and to prevent anyone from getting hurt or equipment broken. Please feel free to comment directly on this post with respectful comments. Any unkind comments won't be approved.

  • Never ask a client their weight in a public area where people can over hear.
  • State your equipment weight load on your info sheet you send all new clients. If you don't send one, then start sending one! I have things like where to park etc, to remove any stress leading up to appointment. This way if someone is extremely over weight it saves the embarrassment of having to ask them and you can possibly come to a solution of using a chair instead of laying down via phone call or email. Sometimes it can be much harder to discuss in person as people can feel embarrassed.
  • Ask in a kind respectful way.

This is the paragraph I have added to my welcome letter:

Sadly I am not equipped for bariatric/ heavy clients (over 25 stone/160Kg and / or with BMI of more than 40). Weight limit sourced from the NHS. My salon couch weight capacity is 125kg/ 19 stone. The chair in my waiting area is tested to 100kg/ 15 stone. This is for your safety as my equipment has a max weight load and I would hate for anyone to get hurt.

Most beauty couches on the market are designed to fold down, but this creates massive limitations. They advertise as having load weight of often 270kg/ 42 stone (on Amazon), however load weight is very different to what these beds will actually take as all the weight is in one area when the clients sits before laying.

beauty couch


The term Bariatric is used to refer to a person weighing over 25 stone (160Kg) and /
or with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 40.

My own salon couch has a weight capacity: 125kg/ 19 stone.

The Habitat chair in my waiting area is actually only 100 kg/ 15 stone.

It's important for this information to be on your risk assessment and to inform new clients, so no client is hurt by failing equipment.

max load beauty salon

Due to the design of these beauty beds I have added some wooden supports underneath mine to increase it's weight load, by reducing the span of the bed without any support.

extra supports beauty couch

As a business owner one of my biggest concerns is the customer not satisfied with the treatment they received,  so any tips on handing this situation with care would be gratefully received.

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