Herbalife: Teaming up with Laura Allen fitness instructor and well-being coach

I have had a fantastic meeting this morning with Laura Allen from Norwich to discuss Herbalife. Laura has been working within the fitness industry for 16 years. She currently works at Bannatyne Fitness Club, as a group exercise Instructor and also does one-to-one sessions. She is a great motivater and vast knowledge of health and wellbeing.

I am going to be teaming up with Laura to provide 'relax, pamper & detox parties' using the Herbalife range. Party includes 30 minutes facial, with some amazing new Herbalife Signature Skincare products. Which will Purify (cleanse), Exfoliate, Massage and Moisture. This will leave your skin feeling soften, smoothed and revived. This is a great package for and your friends in the new year after overindulging at Christmas and New year to kick start a new lifestyle change you can actually keep to.

herbalife products in Norwich

Laura Allan also retails the Herbalife shakes and weight-loss range. I would personally recommend Laura for helping anyone lose weight as she has had 16 years in the weight-loss and fitness field. The Herbalife shakes are around 200 calories each, so an ideal meal  replacement for when you are busy and have no time for making a healthy meal. I have personally tried them and think the Herbalife shakes taste great. I find these extremely helpful when I am working as I would have grabbed a sandwich and a snack before, which would have normally been 400 calories. I find one of the Herbalife shakes for breakfast and another one at lunch keeps me full until the end of the day when I have more time to cook a healthy meal. Laura is great at giving you tips and keeping you on track to reach your goals.

Laura also offers mobile personal training, which is ideal for me with my little girl. As I can still keep fit even with Jessica here. As a Mum I find it very hard to find a baby sitter for time for exercise. Laura is great at keeping me on track and a great price too. She weights and measures me every time I see her and always knows the right thing to say when I am having a low day. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who is thinking about booking a personal trainer in Norwich. She makes individual personal training plans for each of her client's needs. I am losing a healthy 1-2 lbs a week with her and making changes to my diet for life. I actually don't really feel like I am on a diet with Laura to be honest.

Laura also runs a FREE 30 minute exercise class at Heartsease High School in Norwich every Wednesday at 7pm called fitclub. More information on Herbalife active on their website or contact Laura direct on facebook for more details.

Herbalife & female personal trainer by Laura Allen in Norwich, Norfolk

Gellux gel nails at the London fashion show 2012

Did you know this year at the London fashion show at Gellux was the chosen brand? I love this product. Gives amazing results lasting up to 3 weeks without chipping or peeling. It sets under a UV or LED light, so you go home with dry nails. It is the most popular treatment in my Norwich based salon. Everyone wants gel nails!



Salon systems are constantly bringing out new colours for the Gellux range. To keep up to date follow me facebook page and I often ask my regular clients which colours to purchase from their latest selection.



Just a few months back they brought out a glitter range. Which is fabulous. Just in time for Christmas.



Check out Gellux being done at the London fashion show on the video below:


Gellux at the London fashion show 2012


Eyelash extensions Norwich

Are you getting married soon or know someone who is? I can do eyelash extension at my Norwich salon for the big day. People often find that on their wedding photos their make-up needs to be slightly more than what they would normally wear, but still feel like themselves for the camera. I can do eyelash extensions as subtle or dramatic as the client requires. On the photo below I have used a J curl which is a very natural curl and a length that this client felt happy with for her big day. The eyelash extensions come in various curls, thickness and lengths. I always do a very detailed consultation prior to your appointment explaining everything clearly and answering any questions. Also give clear after care advice on how to care for your eyelash extensions.

I use a variety of brands for my eyelash extensions depending on what the client requests. For example Marvellash and ah francis

Please feel free to share this blog or inbox me for more info.



Facial treatment

I use Kaeso facial products which are absolutely fabulous and leave you feeling amazing. Have a read of their ethos:

"Kaeso's ethos is to embody naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver effective and luxurious professional products. Kaeso’s unique formulations are made with the finest, natural ingredients to assure the highest quality skin care. The formulation team at Kaeso source proven and effective botanical extracts, they're committed to choosing ingredients that are renowned for their true benefits to the skin. Each product has been carefully designed to meet with Kaeso’s Innocence Criteria; to meet this criteria all products must be free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil."

I concentrate on lots of massage with my facial treatment which stimulates the blood flow to the face encouraging the blood supply to the area bringing oxygen to carry away waste products. Regular facials keep the skin clear of grim and dead skin build up caused by make-up and day to day life style.

I am currently on the look out for some locally produced facial products for my salon in Norwich. My aim is to provide a natural preferably organic alternative for my clients with more sensitive skin. If you know of any local Norfolk cosmetic companies please tell them to get in touch.


Elizabeth Smith

Day off

A typical day off from my beauty salon in Norwich. So I start the day with about 10 cm of bed left as Jessica after she sneaks into my bed at 3am with her bunny, which is fast becoming her favourite comfort toy and very grubby!

The morning is spent doing painting and generally making a mess of my living room. I think she is becoming quite the artist. What do you think?

Finally weights 9kg, so she can go into her next size car seat! Most babies in the UK do this at 9months and she is now 16 months lol.
The afternoon is spent with some of her little friends who we meet at baby yoga when she was 3 months old at Wroxham Barns. We love that place. It's great for her to burn off lots of energy in the softplay area. Finally starting to realise that not every animal is a dog as well lol!

Evening of spaghetti bolognese which has been cooking away in the slow cooker all day.





Hen night pamper party ( hen do )

I spent the afternoon with a lovely group of ladies for their hen do pamper party in Norwich. This is fast becoming the most popular reason for people to host a pamper party. Everyone had their nails done including the little 2 year old girl.




Fireworks in Corpusty - Norfolk

Me and Jessica had a lovely time at the Corpusty's annual fireworks display. Jessica loved it!! So pleased as I was worried the large crowds and loud bangs would be too much for her. Sadly she did fall asleep 10 mins before the end of the show! It never fails to amaze me what babies can help through!

Follow the Corpusty bonfire facebook page


 Fireworks in Corpusty.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions -uneven lash growth

I am really excited to be blogging about this client of mine. She has been seeing me for two ish months now and when she first came to see me had hardly any of her own natural eyelashes on one eyes. It is a really rare case of uneven lash growth. I believe it was from over curling and too much mascara. She wanted semi-permanent eyelashes done for a wedding coming up at the weekend. I advised her to go for express lashes at the time as I could close the gap better with these. Two weeks later I had her booked in for a full set of mink semi-permanent eyelash extensions in my Norwich salon. I called up one of my wonderful wholesalers and ordered in some Y lashes, which are basely split lashes to give volume. I applied 10 Y lashes on one eye and they looked really full by the end of the appointment. 

Now six weeks on her natural eyelashes have had time to recover and I no longer need to use Y lashes. They look absolutely fabulous now and I highly recommend individual eyelash extensions to anyone with uneven and damaged lash growth. My client feels like a changed women :-)




Gorgeous French silver glitter tips in Gellux gel polish

This is very popular at the moment in the salon French tips nails with silver glitter manicure. Also lots of red now that we are getting closer to the festive season. I have 12 different colour glitters, 12 different colours of rock glitter and 12 different colours of the caviar art. If I don't have something you want. Just ask!



Gellux gel polish nails in Norwich

I am getting amazing results with the Gellux gel polish. The photo attached has been on for 3 weeks and not one chip. It's great using a product that I know I will get great results with. Started using the new 'easy off base coat' from Salon Systems this week. It will be interesting to see if it makes much difference when removing the gels. Popular trends in the salon this month seems to be glitter and loads of it!! French manicure with a bit of bling is becoming very popular too. Lots of crystal lines and glitter lines with different colour tips. Everyone is loving the nail art stickers for Christmas and already having to put some designs to one side that people have shot-gunned.

This week has been crazy busy. Two Gellux gel polish pamper parties and even people on the waiting list to get booked in. Really looking forward to both parties. I haven't meet the hosts yet, but they both came through WOM of two regular clients. These parties are becoming really popular.

Manicure Norwich